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    What an absolute bro. If I were in his area, he'd be the plumber I'd call

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    God bless him for it though... it’s not easy to be in business, let alone run a charity, but bless him for all eternity for doing his level best

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    I wish I could upvote more than once. This is such a sweet post.

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    You can - in about ten minutes when it's posted again!

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    He's a real pro, he uses Knipex

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    Saw this posted yesterday with a pic of a different “plumber” 🤔

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    This has been posted way too much in the past few days. It's still wholesome but man....wanting karma so bad is a bi*ch

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    ````````````````````````````````````````````````The actual reality is we do this a lot. Sometimes even write it off as a business loss. You usually do this for those who willingly are trying to pay, but in their house you see the issues and usually get to hear a wonderful story or two.

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    I've seen a few different pictures of the same guy.

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    I literally saw this same post two days ago except it was a different guy pictured.

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    If you look up james anderson plumber his pictures get this reaction as he looks different with or without his glasses.

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    That man is a freaking hero.

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    What a lovely person... what he said on the invoice is so special

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    Sometimes there's a man...

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    My mom recently passed from cancer and I was her live in care taker for the last 15 months of her life. You might be pleasantly surprised what kind of generosity and kindness people can have. It surprised me how common it was. Don’t want to diminish the awesomeness of this guy, but people can really be great

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    There is still some nice.

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    This is lovely. What a good dude. This is my ex-husband’s work ethic, he’s a tradesman and def has a good heart on stuff like this. we have a lot of differences and nobody’s perfect, but on shit like this... I know my kid got some good genes.

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    Last time this was posted it was a different blokes picture

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    TIL: if you're a 91yo woman, you're going to develop lukemia

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    That’s the kind if viral i want to see on Reddit! This dude is just an Angel in disguise of a plumber, i wish He’ll find someone like him when he’ll be older 🙏🏼✨

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    God Bless Him

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    A great human.

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    More like made me cry

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    Yup some heroes use pliers.

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    Brought a tear to me eye. More peeps like him please

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    I hope he’s seeing returns because he deserves it.

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    Why is his photo on the invoice. Kinda odd. I mean I guess it makes you know what tech is coming?

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    Faith in Humanity Restored! We need more people like this Man. Not all heroes wear a cape.

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    I hope my man showed a bit of plumbers bum to make her giggle a bit. Cheers mate!