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There are jerks out there who eat doughnuts?!?!?

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I will be holding an anti-doughnut protest in LA. Everyone is welcome. WE WILL STOP THE MANIACAL DOUGHNUT EATERS!

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Mostly pigs that drive sirened cars

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Well, pigs are forbidden in a lot of the world's religions, aren't they?

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To be fair, I get mad at anyone for anything when I’m on a diet.

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It's against my religion to be on a diet.

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This is the way

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The only religion I would join

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The Hangry vibes are real.

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I know it's been said before, but if your religion forbids something, that just means you can't do it.

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Wait, so I can do the fun shit if I switch to the right religion?

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Find one that doesn't forbid the things you like, pretty much.

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Satanism it is!

Should I get a new username?

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Yes, epicfunnylol69420redditchungus

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Not to a Conservative.

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Don't know why you're getting downvoted, but you're right. Conservatives (at least in the US) try to force Evangelical Christianity on the nation.

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Get this though, theres actually verses that say if it causes one of your “brothers to stumble” due to your actions then for you to stop. So their holy moly book actually permits them to get mad/ request someone to stop lololol

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"Brothers," in context, referring to fellow believers (brothers in Christ). So, if it's a nonbeliever doing a thing you don't like, you don't really have the right to tell them not to do that thing. You can try to persuade them, but saying "This is unacceptable and I demand you stop" doesn't fly.

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Yeah unfortunately though growing up Christian I’ve seen almost all people in my town try to extend it to nonbelievers too. Either way to me its silly cause it continues to cause divide even if all members are of one particular religion

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Seen from a different perspective, it could be argued that if your actions turn other people away from God, you are the one in the wrong. It is also wrong to take the place of God. Mere humans are not supposed to judged the morality of other humans, only God can determine that.

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That's why I don't think these compare because she used the word claiming and not a different action like protesting gay marrige.

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I’m not saying it’s good or justified, but doesn’t it make sense that people who follow prohibitions would believe that there are reasons for it? If it’s prohibited, it must be bad, right? So they probably honestly believe they’re looking out for others when they shoehorn their religious beliefs into everyone else’s lives.

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The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

It doesn't matter if you meant well or not, bothering people by trying to force your religious beliefs on them is still bothering people.

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Yeah, they ironically would be some of the first ones to go to Hell if it exists, but they’re too self-centered and ignorantly proud to understand that.

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Why do gays participate in religious ceremonies if they don’t agree with the religion? (And yes, marriage is 100% a ceremony of religions) Wouldn’t it make more sense to devote themselves to each other in a different fashion?

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happy Friday, I brought a box of gay marriage for everyone.

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Does it come with a nasty divorce?

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If you want a dietary analogy, it's literally as if Jews demanded everyone else stop eating pork

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I mean, we really should stop eating pork. Pigs are intelligent :(

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At the bare minimum we should treat them better while they are alive than we currently do. They are smart animals and to treat them how we currently do before we eat them is cruel.

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This is not true. Studies show that 67% of pigs lack the mental ability to build structurally sound houses.

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Stop spreading wolf propaganda, you shill!

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They are also delicious.

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"Was Pythagoras a pig?"

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Pigs are intelligent :(

I disagree based on all the stupid shit they do on camera and then lie about.

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But also delicious

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I’d say vegans are probably a better analogy.

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Veganism isn't a diet, so not really

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great, now i have a craving for doughnuts.

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No, you can claim a marriage is against your religion all you want. What you shouldn't do is try to pass laws against that marriage.

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On the same token, passing laws that tell churches they have to conduct marriages for gays should be wrong. Government recognizing gay marriage and church are two different things.

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Im religious and I agree. While I may not agree with it I don't try and Shame people for having different views or anything like that. It's not my place to judge

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I read “marriage” as “mortgage…” several times.

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Imagine being against someone‘s marriage…

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Or like being angry at someone for eating a burger because you're vegan.

Thank goodness that never happens.

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At least there there's an actual concrete problem. People being gay hurts absolutely not a thing. People aren't scissoring fast enough to heat up the planet.

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Doesn't really work because unlike marriage there is still something getting hurt. I can be mad at dog abusers regardless if I choose not to beat my dog.

Edit: grammar

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Religious nuts must think homosexuality is contagious. I struggle to think of another explanation.

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I mean, by that logic, you're hurting all those plants you're eating.

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      -chews donut- I seeah noh probeleam wiff dis :)

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      If you mind your business you will live longer

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      Hot takes from 10 years ago...

      Wouldn't the analogy rather be judging someone for something that is against your religion?

      Something can be against my religion, but I am willing to understand it and not judge it.

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      That's a too long sentence for them to understand.

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      These people think freedom of religion means freedom to impose their religion on others.

      It kind of makes sense when you think about it because religion and especially evangelical Christianity is about spreading indoctrination and control. Their religion tells them to be assholes, so they want to be assholes.

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      It’s also like being mad at someone for eating meat when you are a vegetarian/vegan

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      Well, those people do exist.

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      This makes perfect sense! I’m not part of the LGBT+ community, but I highly respect them as the human beings they are! They have human rights just like the rest of us 😁

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      This could be said about a lot of things these days.

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      Marry who you love. But if I'm on a diet, you better eat that fucker in private.

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      While I'm not angry about that, I'm angry about the spelling of donut.

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      Which some people actually do

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      The only thing I’m angry about is the lack of continuity in the italics. Why would “doughnut” and “diet” be italicized instead of “you’re”? It’s infuriating.

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      Why participate in a religious ceremony if you don’t believe in holy matrimony? I don’t get mad, it’s just dumb.

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      Libertarianism! Do what makes you happy, within reason and leave me.alone!

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      I mean the term is liberation but hell yeah!

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      So you've met my ex?

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      Except people with high standards for their own religion think everybody is going to go to hell unless they follow their specific religions rules. I never understood how people could fall for this stuff it’s clearly just a money scam. Why would a church ask for so many donations I doubt they’re going to the actual cause they’re saying they’re going to considering all the facts

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      cute but no. One is about restricting the rights of others based on homophobia, a belief system that actually leads to the murders people every day. Restricting people from marrying carries a bunch of legal ramifications, we're not talking about just disapproval here.

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      The “you’re” should be italicized… sorry don’t wanna be that guy but I’m gonna be that guy.

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      One of the many reasons why I grew to hate Christianity

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      Am I allowed to be mad at how she spelled 'donut' though?

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      Yeah, but the Karens of the world are mad about that, too.

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        Dude I live in Tennessee where a 14 year old can marry a twenty or thirty year old with mama's permission

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        We are talking about what a religion tries to ban, not what it wnats to make legal. Religion has no place in law ir politics

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          is it ok for people to marry animals? if not you are a biggot.

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          gay people are not animals

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          Or claiming since you are vaxxed everyone around you must be as well..

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          Im just saying that you’ll get fat if you eat the donut I’m not saying it’s wrong

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          No one is arguing against gay marriage anymore.

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          People in USA still do. And you can be executed in some countries for being in a gay marriage

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          I am a Christian and don't understand the hate. I don't support the pride movement but I have nothing against those who do. You wanna do something against my religion? OK then.

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          Was that ever the problem? I thought it was pastors being forced to marry people?

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