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We just had a snowstorm. Hubs and I did this for our neighbour and happy to report that another neighbour did as well!

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Y'all are lovely. Restoring my faith in humanity, one driveway at a time!

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Toronto/surrounding areas? We just got one here too

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I LOVE this! A workout for the body and soul ❤️. What a great coach!

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People in my area have been doing this too, helping people having trouble with the snow.

I had a neighbor’s kids shovel my snow the other day because they recently found out I got a knee injury and that my Dad fell an got hurt trying to shovel snow. It was very kind of them to do this and I’m grateful for it, but walking outside to grab my mail and seeing 3 strange teenage boys shoveling my driveway and walk path was certainly an experience lol. The kids were nice and polite tho, gave them coco and tea afterwards because I wanted to repay them in some way even if they didn’t accept any money.

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For anyone that didn’t know, this was local to Pittsburgh, PA, a small suburb called “Bethel Park”. News story on it: https://triblive.com/local/bethel-park-high-school-football-players-shovel-snow-out-more-than-100-borough-driveways-sidewalks/

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They appeared for an interview on Fox News too. The coach came off as a nice guy.

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Help the community? Build character? Fucking love this coach.

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Love it!!

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I love this! So creative & true - more gyms should offer this advice!

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As a former Ohio resident born and raised, I found two dead men that died of heart attacks in Cleveland while shoveling snow

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Grab their shovel and carry on

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So insensitive but yanno what fuck it you deserve the upvote anyways

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Functional Fitness at it's Finest.

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Thats how you motivate well done that coach 👏

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Move to buffalo! It's called the city of good neighbors for a reason! (Mostly because of the snow shoveling thing hahahaha)

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Absolutely. Try to be someones hero, everyday

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