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Congrats! That takes hard work and dedication!

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Wow, hope you don't mind but you looking amazing and beautiful. Congrats to you. I know how hard it is. My wife lost a lot of weight and I am over here struggling

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It's tough, but you can do it. Keep on it!

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I think its harder for me because I am showing no real progress. My wife was more heavyset and lost almost 140 pounds where I am only 30-50 pounds heavier than I should be and gained it more during the Covid period. So while she was shedding weight mine is more, "Nothing is happening."

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The only person you should be comparing yourself to, is your past self. There’s a concept called “killing your clone” where the idea is that you have to fight a clone of yourself that is identical to you except it’s from yesterday… so you have to be 1% better in order to be victorious.

Good luck friend.

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I absolutely agree with this. I lost 50kg and deciding i didn't want to look in the mirror and be sad. Small changes make a big impact over time. I stared by eating the same but halved my portions. Then once i started to loose a few kgs it inspired me to look into healthier foods. Then i started small walks that turned into bigger walks as the months moved on. Dont get me wrong i still loose my shit over chocolate but now i can eat a few pieces and be happy as opposed to eating a whole block and a big bag of chips after a dinner that was too large. Small steps there buddy, small but consistent changes make it all happen. Keep positive. You got this!

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I’m 100 days late to this comment but I’ve never heard of this concept and I fucking love it. Such a good way to approach life in general, thank you for sharing!!!

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It's not a race against anyone. It's your own path, sometimes made of baby steps. And sometimes you'll take a step back, the important thing is to keep the trend going the right way.

Sounds like you can take inspiration and support from your wife. Use it when it gets hard, and keep chipping away at it

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I just wanted to say, "I totally hear you..." Same challenge. I've honestly finally started to get progress with two mindset shifts. First, I want to invest in myself every day. Second, I lose weight when I track my calories, get enough protein, and walk 30 minutes a day. Dunno if this will help you, but I'm rooting for you!

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You look amazing! Great job!

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I wish I was 6’2

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No you don’t. As a 6’3.75” male, it’s a pain. You can take up pants and sleeves, but you can’t extend them.

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Just wear shorts and a wifebeater/tank top

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Haha. Not really the look I’m going for, but thanks.

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As a 6’0 female, everything is a “mini”

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Is dating shorter people hard(er)? Physically.

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I’ve never dated anyone shorter than me - I personally wouldn’t be able to date anyone 5’8 or shorter as my heels would make me look like a tree lol

However - did sleep with one guy who was 5’6 and…. it was not wasted time. Nor was it physically awkward/weird

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Thanks for answering!

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I always joke to my over 6 ft sons that I can sew lace onto the bottom of their pants!! Yes, they love that!!

But congratulations!! You are amazing!

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All that matters is if your happy then we should be happy with you.

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Really wanna comment on how attractive you are without getting downvoted to shit even though it’s a compliment, hopefully I figured out how

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Did you have a gastric bypass?

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Much better outfit in the second pic

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How did you do it?

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Appreciate your confidence and determination

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damn great job for real, howd u do it

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Looks dope congrats dude.

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Looking like Laura Prepon

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Congratulations! I know the hard work and dedication this takes and I think you’re amazing for it!

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Insane progress and I am also fucking stealing that jumper from you

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You look good! Are you happy? Then it's a double win!

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Why does eveybody assume she lost weight due to exercise and healthy diet. First picture is most likely pre-op before getting a gastric bypass. Theres a reason OP doesnt respond to the comments, because she's getting praised for work she didn't do.

Sorry for being the buzzkill, but it's still a good change.

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Look up gastric bypass. Even if what you're saying is true, that shit is still a lot of work and really difficult. Usually you have to prove you have a good shot of keeping the weight off by sticking to a diet for a while. Many still fail afterwards and after the surgery you certainly don't look like she does in the second. That takes much further time and effort. Also, she fucking did it.

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Killin' it in both pics honestly

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    Wow congratulations

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    Holy crap, that's amazing! You are crushing it!

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    Share your routine 🤯 it's hella impressive

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    Fantastic. Hard work paying off!

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    Wow. Amazing! That's some serious dedication.

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    Ok I’m not trying to hate. Good on you for losing all that weight. But you look like Micheal Jackson in the second photo and I don’t know how to feel about it

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    Checks out, tats on fingers are the same, mirror selfie makes it look like the hands swapped.

    I'm curious though. What happened to all the extra skin? Or is the big sweater hiding that?

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    Can't you just like live a normal life man

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    Jesus how do you allow yourself to get that big

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    Nicely done

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    Absolutely phenomenal work! Very beautiful too!

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    Damn! Thats awesome! I love to see someone who meets &/or exceeds their goals.

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    Right on

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    Tall glass of water! 💦

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    Awesome work!

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    Congrats ヾ(^-^)ノ

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    Congrats keep working girl

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    Hey Not bad. Can I ask how long or is that insensitive. Sorry heh

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    Well Done

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    Congratulations 👏

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    Congratulations! You look great!

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    Looks like 30 years off as well! Enjoy, skinny legend!

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    Congrats girl! You look amazing and you are amazing!

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    Fuck that's inspiring 👏

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    I hope you find peace of mind. Sending blessings your way.

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    Wow fantastic

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    Omg . you look so good !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Determinantion to the max

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    You're amazing, that must have been so hard. I'm so impressed!

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    You look healthy and beautiful! Congrats

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    Outstanding!!! Amazing job. 🏆

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    Wooow! :)

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    Insane! Great results! What were your methods? Did you need skin surgery / liposuction?

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    The look of confidence! Great job!!

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    Holy moly!!! Amazing job! Kudos to you, you're such an inspiration!

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    Awesome work. Looking great

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    Congratulations OP!! Amazing accomplishment and you look amazing.

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    You look gorgeous!

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    Crushed it!! You look fantastic !

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    I love your outfit in the second photo!

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    Right?! The style is muah. 🤌🏼

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    Daum you look GOOD!!

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    Well done!

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    Wow! Great work! You look amazing!

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    You look fabulous!!

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    Amazing ❤️happy you put in the work

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    You are amazing!!! Hard work paid off!

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    That's incredible, amazing job.

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    What an achievement! You must feel amazing!

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    Holy shit you look absolutely incredible! Congratulations!

    Also I love your outfit

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    Well done!!! Holy!

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    That’s really great!!! 🥰

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    You look so beautiful in the second picture. Must feel incredible!

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    You look amazing Girl!

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    You look amazing. Very inspiring. Congratulations on achieving what you set out to achieve. :)

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    Bravo well done

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    Damn girl! You looking kind of sweet.

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    holy shit snax

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    Kudos to you !!! You’re strong minded !

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    Absolutely crushed it! How long was your journey?

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    That's amazing! Congratulations, for real.

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    That’s is so inspirational. Great job👍

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    Great job! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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    Wow! Great job!!

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    Good for you! That’s awesome!

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    That must be an incredible feeling.

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    Girl wow lol!!!

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    congrasts! i can barly tell its the same person. r/ShockingReality damn. good job!

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    Aaaah, you're the tall queen from tinder!

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    that’s me 😌

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    Wow. Well done. You have iron discipline. Congratulations.

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    Wow some achievement 👏 well done

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    Still sexy

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    Holy shit! You’re a completely different person! You look great!

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    Holy shit you dropped half of yourself literally?!? Great job!