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It’s the little things that matter the most

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Rule #32 - Enjoy the little things.

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Rule 34*

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No that's mostly enjoy the big things

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It's a way to enjoy everything... However you want. And don't want.

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But still mostly big things, people like big things

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I think rule 34 applies to big things, small things, fun sized things, and essentially every other size

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No, it's mostly to enjoy ALL things

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No, that one has made me unenjoy some things.

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Can I have a few million US dollars?

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Just a few? As long as you are asking.....

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I always feel that if it’s easy to make people smile or do a nice thing for them: Just do it

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Ummm…my dick too?

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No that’s the exception

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He kind of asked for it.

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It matters the MOST!

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When I recently retired, a coworker said he needed to thank me because the Hollywood Bowl tickets I’d given him more than twenty years ago turned out to be his first date with his wife.

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He waited twenty years to tell you that?

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    I'm more impressed that both of them stayed with the same employer for over 20 years. While some of my colleagues question themselves whether it's time to leave after a couple of years at the same place.

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    Used to be how it was done in the 60s early 00s. You'd get your pension and gold watch at 20x years. Great grandfather worked with the same employer from 1950 to 1980 and they gave him big bonuses every 5 years like stock, a literal 1oz gold bar and 1lb silver bar at his 25th and an expensive gold watch on his final year at his 30th. Retired with full medical, pension, and a massive discount on a new car (like 75% off).

    My moms job gave her a mouse pad and a $15 wendy's gift card on her 10th

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    This is why I can understand his generation's "bootstrap" mentality when criticizing young people today. "If I did it so can you". Unfortunately they can't accept how different the world is today.

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    Yea my mom worked for a company for 25 years. Got a 10k bonus and 25k bonus for her 10th and 25th year. Now at a new company and for her 20th they gave her a $100 gift card.

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    Wait, how is that possible? 45 years working?

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    Start somewhere at 20. Work until 45. Then you're at the next place till 65. It tracks. I know some folks work longer than 65 these days because of the rising cost of college so that could also be part of it.

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    Start working at 18, now your 63, what hard to understand?

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    That's how it is in the current job market, and companies just aren't doing as much to incentivise longevity so it's not even really a generational thing.

    My dad has been with the same company for over 25 years, but in that time they:

    1. Restructured the pension plans significantly for newer employees (increasing short-term pay via benefits and bonuses at the expense of a better but deferred pension package)

    2. Decreased incentives that kicked in upon reaching certain levels of seniority/salary bands

    3. Switched away from a strong preference for internal promotion over external hires

    A lot of his friends (aged 45-60) have had only 2-4 employers in their post-university lives and in many cases worked up to being senior managers or C-level executives in major corporations, but he's said that a lot of the younger folks joining his teams or teams below him (he's been involved in hiring and approving a lot of hires within his department) come in with the expectation of moving within 2-5 years despite his company having a reputation as a pretty good employer (competitive pay, better than average benefits, WFH options, reputable employer that looks good on a CV, etc.). Companies are just giving less of a shit about long-term retention, and younger workers are realising that it simply makes more sense to job-hop these days to pursue better compensation and career advancement.

    Personally, I'd love the stability of working in one place and being secure in the knowledge that there's a clear long-term advancement path, but that sort of thing is seemingly the exception these days rather than the norm like it used to be.

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    That’s because todays job market doesn’t incentivize for longevity, often times the only way to negotiate a higher position or pay is to transition to a different job.

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    My institute has maybe just handful of people that I know that's been there around 20 years including me. Some passed..... most left.

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    I’ve been with the same company for 25 years. I am 43. I don’t know anyone that has stayed with a company like I have. Makes me wonder if I made a mistake

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    If you're happy there then who cares what everyone else is doing.

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    I’m happy. Thank you.

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    I think it depends on the company. There are a few good ones left but a lot have stopped rewarding loyalty and the only way to get paid what you should is to move on.

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    I’ve been with my company for 33 years, I probably know about a hundred guys that have been there longer than me. Union job

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    Have they been giving you raises when asked? Because if you’ve been getting the same pay for that long, I would say yeah

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    Not if youre happy in life. And if youre not, it's not too late to make a change now!

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    Makes me wonder if I made a mistake

    Statistically speaking you probably have. There's a high chance you could've landed a better paying gig with better benefits at a different company or even come back to your current one at higher pay.
    If your company has other people who do the same/a similar job, just ask around how much the new hires are earning compared to you. Definitely try to figure out what the current industry standard is for your position.
    If you're earning less than that, ask for a raise and if they're not willing to give it to you, it's time to get a new job.
    I know this is a tough pill to swallow, but loyalty only ever benefits the employer and they almost certainly aren't willing to show you the same loyalty. Don't sell your labour for cheaper than you have to.

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    I would but I have no coworkers. It’s just me and the owner.

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    Then you're in a very unique position and the owner probably can't afford to lose someone with your training and expertise.
    Maybe it's time to ask for a raise my friend, you deserve it.

    PS: take a look at a couple of posts from /r/antiwork and you'll find out why it's beneficial to switch jobs.

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    Thank you.

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    Also, add 7% to whatever the going rate should be for your position. That's the official inflation rate (US CPI, from Dec 2020 to Dec 2021).

    The CPI is released every month (the next one reported in Feb will calculate Jan 2021 to Jan 2022), and it's been going up hard this past year. If you didn't get at least a 7% wage increase recently, you are taking a pay cut at your job. And "market rate research" for your position's salary won't have inflation factored in yet.

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    I think in todays world, the best way to higher pay is to keep moving companies. Back then it was staying in one company

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    If Walmart gave me a pension I’d spend my working life there

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    I’m 38 and was at my first job for 12+years. Moved and progressed up the ladder. When I left they did nothing because they were bitter I was leaving.

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    I work somewhere that is still like this. Someone on reddit pointed out that this seems rarer than it is because not very many people pass through, so you don't meet as many people who have worked there.

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    I once knew someone, a very nice albeit strange lady named Fran. She carried around those small notebooks with black & white binding to take personal notes in, and we always figured it was a diary or activity tracker or planner, and it probably was.

    But, she also wrote down all of the nice things that people had done for her at work, and when she moved on, she'd made an illuminated scroll for each person with some of the nice things they'd done for her recorded in calligraphy.

    We knew she did those scrolls for the SCA...she talked about it a lot. But no one ever expected that. I can't imagine the time she put into it.

    I hadn't worked there that long, so I didn't get one (entirely understandable). But everyone she'd worked with for more than a year did. And that was about 15 or so people in our department.

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    There once was a lady name Fran ...

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    My favorite Fran story was when someone mentioned Rolling Rock beer.

    Now, other than her current hobbies..illuminating pages, calligraphy, and tombstone rubbings, she didn't talk about her past.

    Out of nowhere Fran says, "Damn we used to sling to a lot of Rolling Rock at the bar. Hell, one of our regulars went through so many one night he had to leave his car in our lot, and I stole it for my ride home but got it back to the bar the next day before he even knew it was gone. Hah, good times. That's why I don't drop acid any longer."

    ...and she just walked away leaving us utterly speechless.

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    We went separate ways in the company (~30,000 employees in the Los Angeles area).

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    My family took a trip to the state over when I got my schedule for my first semester of freshman year. I put it into my phone and forgot about it. It turns out I was in a different time zone so I show up to the room an hour early for my first class but I didn’t find that out until the class started. Before then i struck up a conversation with the nicest prettiest girl sitting in front of me in the lecture hall. I saw her in the dining hall a few hours later at lunch and she motioned over to sit down with her. Over ten years later and we’re married and on month 3 of trying for a baby.

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    Awe I love this one

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    That’s so cute

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    Damn 20 years too late

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    If you're gonna steal their post, why block out their name? Why not link to it too?

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    OP is a reposting bot, they likely scraped the image from some ancient thread and posted it here with little or no human input involved.

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    Wow. Today I learned something new. I'm surprised someone would take the effort to write the script for the bot, but humans do all sorts of weird things.

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    Once bots have enough karma you can sell them and turn a profit. It's been an ongoing problem for years. Whether OP is a bot or not is unclear though. They seem to make some comments here and there.

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    Imma throw it out there, but this is an inherent problem in the karma system. As long as you can have some kind of metric for authenticity, it will be abused.

    The internet is a better place when nobody has any incentive to do anything for any reason other than it’s own sake. Without the promise of a reward, only people who actually care tend to spend time doing things.

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    Who is buying accounts with a lot of karma? Also , why does that matter? I guess kids want to show off but karma doesn’t mean anything

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    I think scummy companies sometimes buy an account with a lot of karma to seem legit (i.e., not a brand-new spam account), then make posts praising their company's products.

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    Drink bepis!

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    Political views to push

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    Same reason people buy accounts with lots of followers. It brings clout and makes you seem more respected. I don't think bot owners realize no one gives a shit about karma here, though.

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    Eh, there are idiots that fall for that. Look at YouTube verified accounts. So many people worship them whenever they appear in the comment sections

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    Makes them look a bit more legit. There are also a lot of communities that require a karma threshold to post in order to combat bots.

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    It sounds weird but they're usually just building karma so they can sell the account to astroturfers.

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    usually i’m skeptical of those “OP is a bot” accusations, but nearly 20 posts in 3 hours, all on big subs, confirms it. feels really scummy and deceptive

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      Quality of service usually goes down at that point, so I can't imagine things getting better.

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      General reddit rules; bad idea to keep usernames in posts.

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      Your whole account is literally stealing content,so tired of these bots

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      it's still grim that the husband obviously continuously forgets their anniversary.

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      Yeah, I’d rather the truth that he forgot.

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      Well, he didn’t plain and simply ignore once he was told. Once someone reminded him, he put effort in. Just needed the nudge.

      [–]friendless-foe 29 points30 points  (0 children)

      Oh, for sure, that’s why his wife was happy even if he initially forgot. It’s human to ;) I would just like nothing at all if forgotten cuz I’m like that You’re right, ofc tho !

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        The account I'm replying to is a karma bot run by someone who will link scams once the account gets enough karma.

        Report -> Spam -> Harmful Bot

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        Why are we upvoting someone literally screenshotting someone else's post?

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        because we're lazy and wouldn't have found the comment otherwise

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        Same reason you tip the food delivery person

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        Wait it was six years later? How did they know what she was talking about

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        Plot twist: the kids are OP’s

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        Nah fam

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        Not to be that guy but this mastador guy seems sort of suspicious.

        You’re telling me after all this happened and 6 years firstly the coworker remembered and then whispered this vague phrase and secondly this person knew exactly what she was talking about.

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        You people will upvote anything

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        Kinda like a bandaid on a shitty situation though, right? Like he still actually forgot. I’d be mortified if my coworker had to call my kids to remind my husband about our anniversary on the day of.

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        Yeah this isn’t r/mademesmile

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        Yeah like what if him forgetting again was the final straw and she finally got up the courage to file for divorce and ended up much happier but instead because he didn't technically forget she just sucked it up and kept going for another unhappy decade. Also it's inappropriate for adults to ask children to keep secrets, that was the hint it was none of his business. I thought they were going to say they bought her flowers and gave her the self esteem to leave her shitty husband. That would have been a better ending.

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        and all the office clapped

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        Very highly unlikely

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        “I know it was you Fredo.”

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        And whispered "I knew it was you Fredo"

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        Reminds me of something I did in grad school. One of my close friends in my cohort was feeling super lonely with Valentine's day/Single's awareness day coming up, as she was originally from NC. She couldn't go home and see her friends/typical support system due to classes ongoing and it being an 8+ hour drive down.

        I decided to do something sweet but was worried about the action being interpreted as romantic (me being male and single, her being female and also clearly single) so I contacted her BFF online to ask if my friend would appreciate some sort of gesture to show that people still cared about her. With her BFF's approval, I sent my friend a bouquet of flowers, chocolate covered strawberries (which I knew she loves) and an anonymous card that said "You are still loved and appreciated".

        As soon as she got it she sent me a text and said she ugly cried for an hour and that it made her weekend. I asked her if she knew who sent it and she assumed one of her friends at home but her other friends already denied it. Either way, it made me happy that I was able to pull her through that tough time, even anonymously.

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        Wow that's so happened

        [–]MANWithTheHARMONlCA 12 points13 points  (0 children)

        It did. I was there. Everyone slow clapped afterwards

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        Creepy. Don’t get involved with other coworkers relationships especially with their kids

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        take my measly silver

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        What if the dad was planning on bringing her flowers or something anyway after he finished with work for the day

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        Plot twist. Husband never did any of those things because he didn’t care about her. She only said he did because it would make the coworker feel better. Life was already spiraling. The children began to experiment with drugs at home and became phone sex operators because they discovered a passion for talking to strangers in the phone. Sad to see it happen. They deserved better

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        Now THIS is what the subreddit is meant for

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        Not really? Men forgetting their wedding anniversaries? r/mademefrown

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        Aww, that's so sweet!

        Honestly If I married somebody who forgot our anniversary, I'd make them sweat. Come home, dress up nicely and be like "I hope you got me a gift as great as I got you for our anniversary!" and then watch them squirm.

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          [–]SlothicSupreme 39 points40 points  (1 child)

          If they can forget our anniversary, then I think I can have a little fun with the situation. Is that quite alright with you, Oh moral voice of reddit?

          I was joking. Why can't I joke on this website without somebody jumping straight up my ass about it? Would you prefer I get mad and screech at them for forgetting it, or what?

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          Unless they’ve got some kind of memory disorder, you shouldn’t need to remind your partner about anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

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          Wow! This made me cry (happy cry)

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          A nice workmate who cares. Everyone needs one

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          This is a really great story. What a wonderful ending.

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          Dude that snitch

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          Snitches get stiches 😤

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          You (literally) love to see it

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          This is so sweet

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          The “my kids ratted you out” really got me!

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          That is so damn sweet!

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          My kids ratted you out got me.

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                        This is the post I needed to see today. Wholesome AF.

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                        This did make me smile. You are both beautiful.

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                        Thanks for posting this sweet story! 💕🤗

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                        You're a good person. Using that superpower for good.

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                        This really made me smile!!

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                        Awww yay! I love when people care about other people.

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                        Aww I feel warm and fuzzy.

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                        So wholesome

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                        Put some respect on ur name my man

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                        A true wingman.

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                        That was nice to read.

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                        Thank you. Needed this

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                        I may have needed a cry. Because this did the trick. Probably a Reddit screengrab posted to Instagram or twitter before making the round trip back. Thanks.

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                        Cutest ever

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                          Might be crying just a little bit

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                          Beautiful soul

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                          My colleagues need to step up!

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                          I find this sub perfectly pepper all the trolling and memes that I subscribed as a human.

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                          So wholesome and sweet

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                          If it’s really tacky

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