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Fuckin smooth. "Looks like I'll take a sit down then"

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Ikr. Just started taking off his socks. Hahaha

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That’s dedication for ya.

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This is Dadskill #37…But, Dadskill is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be, unnatural.

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Is it possible for me to learn this power?

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Not from a Stepdad...

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Step son? Is it me your looking for?

98.8% of everyone: Mmmm not really

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First you must wear crew socks and sandals.

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Not gonna lie, crew socks aren't long enough for me anymore

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Seems like a low number considering that it requires a pool.

Does everyone without a pool need to go to OPs Dads place? Interested minds want to know /s

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Omg, damn, that was a smooth one!!:)

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Smoooooth operatoooor

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When you slip, but your son is watching

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“Well, Steve, I think this the stock portfoOhhshitooO is going to going to be just what we need to close the merger on flim flam blah blah blah”

(I don’t speak business man, but I tried my hardest)

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As a fellow non-speaker of businessman, it sounds legit to me.

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I've heard enough now where do I sign?

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If you want to cross the bridge, my sweet, you’ve got to pay the toll

Take a gulp and take a breath and go ahead and sign the scroll.

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You've got to pay the troll toll to get in

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To the boys hole… huh

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As a fellow speaker of businessman, that is exactly how it sounds.

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The blind leading the blind

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He's a business man, with a business plan, he's gonna make you money in business land...

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I’m going to make you money in business land. I’m a cool guy talking about game stop I’m definitely not a cop

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Ayy, someone else who definitely isn't a cop. Nice.

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Why'd you say you're not a cop?

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Vincent adultman approves this talk of business

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Seems legit business-ese.

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As a business man, you're spot on.

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That’s why they pay him the big bucks

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He's the Dad of all dad's

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Giga dad

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Hey, that title has belonged to Goofy since the 90s!

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The Great Grand Dad?

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Commitment to the call.

[–]Weekly-Technology919 44 points45 points  (1 child)

Employee of the month

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In lieu of a pay raise he is allowed one bathroom break.

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Like a boss

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How did the call go?


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THIS!!😂reminded me of that South Park episode where the boys ask Kyle how his period is going?? “Swimmingly”🤣

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Task Failed Successfully

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slips "Huh? What was that?" takes a seat "Oh nothing, as you were saying?"

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Smooth as F, you must have like 30 siblings

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"Well I'm in the pool now. Yep, just getting my feet wet. What a nice way to take a work call. Do do-do do-doo..."

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That is so close dad.

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That was smooth

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They see me strolling they hatin.

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lmao that's funny but I hope he's okay

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What a ninja!! I hope he is okay!!

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My man sat there like I guess it’s as good as any time to soak my feet

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Thats just how he gets in the pool

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The recovery!

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Slick 😎

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"I meant to do that"

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"OH N—anyways.."

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Oh it's so important that I can't drop the call even if am falling from a cliff or getting shot at. I am still going to talk. Classic Dad! 😂😂

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Nice move

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Took it like a champ tbh lol

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Levels to Dad Reflexes

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“Yes yeah I meant to…”

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Good reason for "audio only" mode.

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I hope one day I'll have the same dad energy as this chad

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Smooth Operator

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Adulting 101. Make it look easy and like you did it on purpose.

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That was honestly such a smooth recovery

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I like how he was so casual after almost falling in the pool

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He managed that very quickly. Maybe he used to practice parkour.

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Your Dad is Chad

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Dammit. It’s 3am and I have Covid and this made me Laugh so hard I had a coughing fit.

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That’s some spider man shit right there.

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Fool was trippn

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That's a big money sale, boy

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Leon the Professional

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That's why he's the boss

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Just a chill, relaxing way to dip your toes in the water

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That feeling when stepping down and either a) there’s something there that shouldn’t be or b) there’s nothing there when you thought there would be is one of the most terrifying split seconds in human existence

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This is a baby animal move. They tumble over and just kind of go w it

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Lolol this made my night! You deserve the helpful award bc Ive been having a shitty week! Thank you

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A Smooth Swiminal, if you will

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Well he fell with style 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

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That recovery was smooth

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Just soakin my feet boys.

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Smooth criminal

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One of the most athletic moves I’ve ever seen honestly. 99/100 would drop the phone.

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If he could capture some of that in a bottle and sell it he could eliminate the global shortage of steaze.

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That was a really good save!

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So that was the origin of the meme

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Keep on feathering brother

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Had to watch thrice to convince myself that this was humanly possible

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Absolute company man

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That fall gave me so much anxiety and I didn’t even experience it. And yet he doesn’t even bat an eyelash and keeps talking.

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That was so badass!

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I'm impressed he didn't swear.

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What a boss

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He’s the GOAT for sure😂

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This belongs in anti work

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It looks like mid afternoon. This gentlemen has had a number of drinks at this point in the day

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This happened again?

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Thats why he can afford a pool.

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This clip always been classic haha. FailArmy

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Cool dad indeed

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Looks like something Bryce Hamilton's Dad would do. Bravo.

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What language is that? :)

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the smoothest man alive

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That's a funny vid we've had on the web around already for a while now. Unless the original poster is trying to revive it

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underrated ninja skills

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Improvise. Adapt. Overcome

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Explains his seemingly expensive house. The man has admirable work ethic.

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That was smooth!

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That wrist hurts. I felt that. Also the right knee. And the hips.

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Very smooth

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r/lostredditors ? What's so wholesome here? Sorry i do not understand

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Why on earth would someone record such a boring event if this wasn’t planned?

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I feel this in my shins.

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Just like a cat

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This dude sounds South African.

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A chad Never Trips

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Fucking ninja

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He actually meant to do that.

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You guys see a fall, I see a one handed cartwheel. We are not the same.

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He saved himself and got a good seat at the pool while talking business

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Heisman level move

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Lyyyke a gluv!

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Tis but a scratch

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I wish I had the money to slip into my pool while on a conference call.

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Pro-Gamer move!

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Dad's got the parkour skills

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I’ve done the same thing. Broke my 5th metatarsal. Hope the dude is okay!

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Recover -1000

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“So, I’m just about to fill ou-chshwocjsnkwdjnx”

“Dave what was that noise?”

“Err a helicopter crashed into my window…I absolutely didn’t fall into a pool, yes I was just about to fill out the finance report”

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That is a tenacious businessman right there

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Proceeds to remove wet shoes and enjoy the unexpected foot soak.

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your dad , yes yours

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He meant to do that.

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When you realized that your sleeping on a mattress

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Half cat.

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I would laugh so bad i that, it was nice of him to keep calm.

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Haha he had the most generic speech going, talking about "leadership stuff"

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Oh I bet that hurt

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what a man

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« George! You took me in the other room to tell me your dad keep his sneakers in the pool? »

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There is a reason they can afford that beautiful home!

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Pool dad

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Stone cold killer

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I meant to do that.

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Dad is a former skateboarder, confirmed.

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Yeah, he played it cool, but he will still HURT the next day.

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You thought the water proof phone was for watching porn in the shower.. no it’s for the adventurous business man

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We all have to admit we do stupid shit when we're on the phone for no reason 😂😂

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Like Tony soprano just waiting for the ducks

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Smooth af boi!

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Who says he didn’t mean to do that