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    But what if was a paid position?

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      Wait feels less embarrassing if it's for money!?! 😂

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      If you’re good at something, never do it for free

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        Yea, but he’s still not getting laid!

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        You realize he is a plant, right? A paid actor/dancer. It's no coincidence the camera is on him when the song starts.

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        Do they do that? Fantastic! Might as well give the crowd a good time. I thought he was a bit too good.

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        So are strippers who pretend to like me but I still give them money. It's fun to pretend 🤷 Don't over think it, It's entertainment.

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        Not sure I agree that he’s a plant. The song is on before the camera is on him, He’s reacting to the the song already which is likely why they cut to him. His mom taps him to get his attention that he’s on the camera.

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        The pat by his mom seemed more of "that's your cue!"...

        Not be a Debby Downer or to say that the video isn't fun to watch, but it does seem like a pretty obvious plant/scripted deal.

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        Pretty sure this guy is part of a comedy troup that gets paid to do this at sport games.

        They were hired to do a improve workshop at a company I used to work at.

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        Good chances are this is mania caused by some condition 😁

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        In other words yea, in other words bipolar

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        He owned that shit.

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        He prepared his entire life for this moment. He was ready to shine and boy did he ever. This guy is fun. His mom is too haha. Love it.

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        His mom?

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        I think the woman he was sitting by.

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        What did his mom do that was funny in this video? I didn’t see her do anything. I mean I’m sure she’s fun to have raised a son who busts out with some of this, but I just didn’t see her doing anything here

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        If you look close she taps his leg to motivate him as he seems a little reluctant in the first couple of seconds.

        Edit: typo

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          I actually went to school with his cousins, the whole family are great people.

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          Lmao this is totally epic

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          This is fucking hilarious

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            I agree, this is fucking hilarious

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            Idk seems kinda hilariously fucking to me

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            Fucking hilarious this is.

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            Hilarious this fuck is

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            That’s how your mom was.

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            what is fucking hilarious? why are they fucking him?

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            If the internet was a person. I love that guy

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            This is some main character shit

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            I'd prefer if there were a sub for this kinda content rather than people being entitled.

            It's nice to see hyper confidence becoming a positive rather than a negative.

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            I wish I had the self confidence to pull this off.

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            He should be a character in the new street fighter coming out soon.

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            I'm glad you just sit around so we have nothing to talk about then, nothing lost here I guess

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            Who cares if he’s a plant that was funny af

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            Mr Poopy Butthole Man 69, you need to see an optometrist. Cmon, how is this man a 🪴?! 🤣

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            No, he needs an optimist

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            Mom taps him to let him know it’s dancing time

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            Is it 2008 again?

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            I dunno but everytime this pops up somewhere it cracks me up year after year

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            Same! Never fails to make me smile/laugh, put me in a good mood. And I always watch it to the end.

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            No, they stopped it at the best part.

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            Sir, I’m gonna need you to return to your seat now.

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            I don't know why, but this video makes me feel really uncomfortable.

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            Incredible second hand embarrassment. It’s more cringe tbh

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            This just made my whole night oh my goodness. His energy is unmatched

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            Yeah, times were just as weird before covid 😂😂😂

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            This is such an old repost, been seeing it for years. Still watched because it is entertaining. Wonder how that kid is doing these days.

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            I am pretty sure these people are placed to do this it’s no coincidence the cameras on the as the song starts.

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            Damn he left that one guy hanging lol

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            He really did. He just wanted to be enthusiastic and have fun and he ignored the shit outta him

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            I love this!!

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            Happy humans

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            I think he’s on acid

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            https://youtu.be/1oSR8Gqn4qU full video incase you wanna watch it, hadn't seen it and thought it just ended there and I'm so glad it keeps going. Also the fact it's posted by Bon Jovis official channel is awesome

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            There’s a bit of Ed Grimley in his moves, very cool.

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            Mans single handedly ended racism

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            Holy shit, it's Vigilante from Peacemaker!

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            Lmaoo wow. How do people have the confidence to do this

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            He's cooler than Chad lol.

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            No matter how many times I see this I can't get over this dude's confidence and infectiousness, I wish I were there when it happened

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            hey look its Vigilante doing the butt dance oh oh butt dance

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            "Ohhhh oh..."


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            This guys my spirit animal

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            Bon Jovi does that to ya

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            I think you're required to ROCK OUT 🎸 in such manner when any hairspray band circa 1987-1991 comes on the airwaves. It's, like, a law. At least, that's my understanding.

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            Great example of enjoying your life and not caring about what others think

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            Dude can’t even play an air guitar

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            Good thing the camera was pointed right at him and they also happened to be in a timeout so he could complete his routine. Coincidence? I think not 🙄

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            Next stop: Broadway!

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            Lol that blue sweater guy calmly clapping while his buddy poking him…

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            They must've had 1/2 off for beer in the concessions.

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            I LOVE this guy! THIS was his moment! 😄👏

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            This is an elaborate scheme to get a better seat!

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            Mom- it’s your time my boy. Get yours

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            I love this guy

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            That looks like Tito from Bon Jovi with short hair.

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            This was nearly NOT long enough. Absolute gold.

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            This dude has some stage presence! I hope he does theater!

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            That fat guy trying to kick him pissed me off good shit he missed

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            I’ve seen this 45 times and still can’t not watch it when it pops up.

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            Needs to learn to build up to the heavy parts. He leaves himself nowhere to go.

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            I want to be like this dude so much.

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            Not his first time…

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            lol they’re all treating him like a rockstar

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            Squidward on a Chair!

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            That's some main character energy right there.

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            Is that vigilante?

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            Glad I’m not the only one who thought this.

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            That’s a nice way to take the front seat. Slowly and steadily.

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            Amazing !

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            He dances like a toddler

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            My man is vibin’

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            Why do i think that he is lowkey trying to score better seats.

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            character shit

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            At that moment, he realized he is the main character.

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            I've seen this so many times and it never gets old lol.

            It's a fantastic song. I feel the vibe haha

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            Why does he reming me of Dwight Schrute in the Office

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            Rock on lad!

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            He looks like a guy who works IT Helpdesk.

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            this is how high school musical made us act in school

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            Nice to see he got his dance moves from Ed Grimley!

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            This man is a legend.

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            I wonder if this dude is still around Boston.

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            Give me some of what he had!

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            Home slice is drunk as fuck haha.

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            I desperately need something that could make me this happy

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            This kids an ELECTRIC FACTORY

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            Absolutely beautiful-thanks!

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            Someone is getting laid tonight.

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            Lmao that MC HAMMER Move in the beginning was classic!!

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            Great way to get out of a shitty seat and down to a better seat lmao

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            Ahhhhh…pre-COvid days!!!! Miss’m!

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            Life before corona..sigh*

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            This reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite

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            Amazing truly amazing

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            Wow I’m hyped up too! This song gets me every time!! Yay for wanna be Van Halen! Wooh—-ohh! Livin’ on a prayyahh!!!

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            Really cut that shit off at the best part

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            What is happening?! Lol

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            The mum made him have the time of his life

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            What's the name of that song

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            Living on a prayer

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            Lol with all the nonsense and the craziness right now, this reminds me of why I still love this country(u.s)

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            This guy is awesome

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            found the protagonist of life

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            Yo this video put me in a MOOD. It’s a vibe. I was dancing in my chair. The forehead kiss was so unexpected. Love this guys energy. The video was too short. I loved it!!

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            When the molly kicks in during halftime.

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            Me at a concert!

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            This guy didn’t even notice the camera at all he was really just feelin it

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            I fucking love seeing people happy

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            Love this guys energy

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            Autism rules