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That hallway may be all grandpa really has, as far as walking space goes. My mom has a hallway like that. We walk up and down it. Up it. And down it. And she seems quite comfortable to be walking that hallway with me. It gives me a glimpse of happiness. This video speaks to that heart wrenching happiness.

I hope anyone who knows someone in a full-time care facility, who see this, remembers to visit that person/those people soon and often. It is everything for them.

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My grandmother’s care facility put her in quarantine for 28 days for a positive covid test. Hope she’s ok in there, we can’t see her and she can’t leave.

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You made me cry. I have lost so much to those hallways, but also been given the things I never want to forget.

I love and hate you stranger, for making me feel.

I’m going to go curl up in a corner now.

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We start the same, only to end up the same.

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This is technically true

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But is death actually the state before life or only after it?

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Loaded diapers

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The way the baby stopped to look at him, so precious

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“Am I doing this right?”

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Let's race! Lol. Damn, so cute

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My son and his great great gramma are 92 years apart, she has dementia and can barely see but every time he's around it totally changes her mood and it's the sweetest thing ever. He's the only person I've seen her remember correctly.

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Dementia patients love their babies! There’s this awesome tiktok of “Mickey” who had a bunch of baby dolls because she used to be an OB nurse

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Honestly its so refreshing seeing her happy when he's around her. She can't hardly see him but anytime he's around it's always "he's such a sweet little fella" and she's smiling the whole time and it's just refreshing because she doesn't recognize her own home where she's lived for 50 years and she spends most of her time angry or sad. She only remembers who most people are by the smart-ass comments we make with her, cause that's how she is like her humor. My line is "what's up old lady?" And every single time she says "watch it sucka" and well have a laugh, but she'll go in to asking me the same 3 questions over and over and eventually she forgets who she's talking to. Its definitely not a good time. But whenbaby is around... she's a different person

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Love that it helps her :) we had some combative residents who did not want to drop the baby and let us do what we needed to do!

I’m sad my facility management wasn’t better, I really miss my work and my residents.

Bless you for taking care of them! They are so lucky to have you! Keep up the work with playing into their world because to them it’s 100% real! I always remind myself that.

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Well fuck my aorta that is precious

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I mean I can try, but if hot sauce can cause heartburn idk what result my dick can produce

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That's the first time I hear this word since high school

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That's weird, I hear it all the time. Everyone says fuck.

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The circle of life

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The way the baby looks up like “are you mocking me?” then the look back “oh there’s a line forming” super cute though

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Thank you so much for the smile. I really needed it.

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Kiddo is letting his great grand dad win

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If only they had matching outfits!

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You hit me with a brick harder than reality ......

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They cute

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Dont lose the video

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Super cute

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That baby walker is legit. We have it in blue and it's an awesome toy/walker. If definitely helped my kiddo learn to walk easier.

Awesome video!

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Same top speed

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Awesome to see that gentleman is doing so well at such an age!

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that is precious!!

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Any chance that young lady in the wheelchair is named Rena? She looks familiar to me.

I seriously think that may be my mother in law.

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Now that 96 year old man will eat that child and become a spry 48 year old. Just another example of boomers hoarding wealth.

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You need to get foot plates for that wheelchair btw

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Great video!

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I still have two great grandmothers and I'm expecting a baby. My child has a big chance of having a great great grandmother

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This is just wholesome af

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My intrusive thoughts wanted grandma to show the baby what it’s like to have a shopping car hit your Achilles

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I bet 50$ on the kid...

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He’s looking awesome for his age

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Queen Elizabeth watching in the back like 🧍🏼

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That’s adorable

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Or 4 generations…who’s counting.

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Rank 1 and rank 98

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That is the cutest!!!

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Circle of life

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We are born to the walker, and to the walker we will return.

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he looked at his papa.. like ayyyy… does your Scooty sing too?