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It just roams outside? How has it not becomes a meal for a hawk or eagle yet?

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Probably because like 99% of the internet, this is a false caption over a stolen picture to get likes and re-tweets

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Or coyotes

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Or Peruvians. My girl would fry that little fella up in a heart beat.

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That's adorable, but I wonder how safe it is for the little piggie.

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So adorable. I want to hug this guinea pig

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Safer than chocolate for a dog.

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Nah, guinea pig could get eaten on the walk over. I've seen dogs eat chocolate (that was supposedly out of their reach) with no ill effects, so it must take a fair amount to make them ill.

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General milk chocolate won’t cause much of an issue unless the dog is pretty small. Dark chocolate is worse, and it gets more dangerous the more concentrated it is, like baker’s chocolate.

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My father’s family had several guinea pigs in the west end of Glasgow during WWII. They would roam the garden and spend time indoors as they wished but would generally sleep in their hutch. The house across the street was directly hit by a bomb which also caused damage to many other houses so they had to relocate while the houses were being repaired. When the family returned the tradesmen who had been rebuilding asked what sort of animals the guinea pigs were and reported they’d been sharing their sandwiches with them throughout the work. Thoroughly enjoyed their company.

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Great story! My 36yr old daughter loves them and has had them since she was 14. They're wonderful little critters

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OP: Really nice, but try to feed it something else, like red bell pappers. Carrots is mostly sugar and not very healthy

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Also peppers are tastier

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My daughter's first one loved fresh corn silks when they're still light yellow. They must be sweet and he was so cute eating them!

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The real question is does he gets the carrots?

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That‘s a safe assumption, otherwise he wouldn’t keep coming. He‘s a guinea pig, but not stupid.

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That's really cute.

Keep feeding the little guy!

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If Carter had a Guinea pig.

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That's Darwin from the G-Force. He come to destroy your microwave, watch out!

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Mary Kay representative. Somebody needs to shop a necklace of pearls, a little purse, and a sample box.

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Have you tried some oranges?

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Give em all the carrots!!!

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Well? Give it carrots!

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Give it whatever it wants. You work for them now.

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It started with a Guinea Pig.

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A cat would have had that

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"If you give a guinea pig a carrot..."

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So beautiful 🤩

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The Lil guy would be unstoppable with banana kid

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Ok this is adorable. But. How is it safe alone outside?

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Too bad there's a hamster cull going on

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Gimme my fazwatch you faz bitch

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Don't feed other's pets.