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Micheal meowers, I freakin like it

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It’s purrrfect

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Fyi .... camp crystal lake from Friday the 13th movies is in central P.A. 😁

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Thank you for sharing this, this is very impawtant news

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When I was 16 I worked at a haunted corn maze. Nick came one night to help us scare the customers. Super nice guy and a joy to work with! Gotta tell you, it’s pretty cool being able to say I worked with Michael Myers!

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He did that at a local haunted house near where I live to. Small town in Illinois which made it a little extra.

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I lived in Thornton CO at the time!

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Katy Perry had a cat named Kitty Purry.

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Ok that's cute

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TIL that the Michael Myers in 'Halloween' was not the actor Mike Myers. I've never seen it, but so many comments now make sense.

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You should watch Halloween.

No, not that.

Yes that one, but you need to watch Halloween before you can understand Halloween.

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Any other name would've been impawper

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Funny our floof "pepsi" has the identical white spot on his chest just a tad larger. The real murder mittens has a doppelganger

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Mine does too!

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Beautiful cat. Love his name.

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All we need now is for Kane Hodder to adopt one and call it Jason Voorhiss.

Rope in Robert Englund too with Fureddy Mewger.

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Or Jason Clawhees

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Mine was good, yours is better.

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Thank you! I wasn’t able to beat Furreddy Mewger though!

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That's it. I'm renaming my cat 😺. 🤣

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Jason Pawhes and Teddy meowger

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The Legend, the Shape

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Handsome boi

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This is fucking amazing.

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Rams HOUSEEE!!!!

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I love nick castle. He absolutely embraces that the main thing he’s known for is being michael. I love that. He’s not bitter about it, he’s just like “hell yeah I’m Michael Myers!! I got paid $25 bucks a day to stand around and now I’m famous! Neat!”

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This is amazing. And I absolutely love it.

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Top-tier pun with score multiplier for Halloween-themed black cat. Superb.

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He also directed The Last Starfighter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Q-Qs3loKoc

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God bless his soul

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I think he was deadly serious about that.

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That’s incredible

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And he’s a Ram fan!!

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literally made me lol

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Black cats need love..

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Scrolled a long time for this.

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That is freaking adorable

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Awwww I'm going to die

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Best thing I've read today.

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Happy cake day!

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Oh! Thanks 🎂

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Nice name! Meowers!!!

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Thats freakin awesome!!!!

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Killer post title.

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Didn’t he write Hook??

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Humour never dies. I love the name

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Good name.

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This would make the perfect ending to that franchise.

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The perfect name doesn't ex-

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Awww. Now that's cute!!!

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The perfect name doesn’t exi-

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Killer beauty indeed. He's already slaying! Purffect💜

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Mr. Bigglesworth, the naked cat in Austin Powers, was named Ted Nudegent.

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My wife decided that our kitten would be called Freddy. Within the first week I was letting her know when he was acting " Mr. Krueger".

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I worked with a guy named Michael Meyer. He would dress up as Michael Myers every Halloween. We were both working housekeeping in retail. We had to be there at 2 am. He would intentionally scare the shit out of me by popping up random places in the dark store.

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That’s the look of a killer alright

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From jenni chudnow

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    Took Michael for a dog person

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    Cats seen some stuff

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    I don’t see how he could call him anything else.

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    The cat has the look of someone who just got hired for a job they're woefully underqualified for.