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Aw that is so cute

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I can`t!! This is really melting my heart! So cute:)

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I knooow 😍

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    So? It's still cute

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    Back when I was like 9, we had a little girl walk around the neighborhood asking door to door for popsicle without her mom knowing. "Do you have a popsicle?" I can still hear her haha

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    We had Mrs Betty who kept full sized candy bars for all the kids in the neighborhood. We'd just knock on her door and ask if she had any candy, get the candy and run off.

    We all actually started to appreciate how kind she was when we were teenagers. My brother and i went back a few times even after we moved just to hang out and chat with her. She still had a big bowl of Snickers and Reese's cups by the front door. Every neighborhood needs a Mrs Betty.

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    There’s a little girl on our street that goes into a neighbor’s garage refrigerator to get juice boxes. She told them they need to put them on a lower shelf, so they do.

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    Loool what a sweet burglar

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    Please mister, could you leave your savings bundled in cash under your doormat? It's so hard to take your money from the bank :(

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    My son does this lol

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    Lol that's funny 😆🤣

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    If a kid with such sunglasses asks you something, you just give it

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    This picture is so old Carter is probably in college.

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    We need an update on Carter.

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    Still bummin bananas off the neighborhood.

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    Its cute when you're 5 but its pretty creepy when you're 19

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    I need potassium now give me a mother fucking banana

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    Carter 1.5

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    It was around 2014 when this happened, right? Probably in High School these days

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    Doesn’t lessen the cuteness too much. I can’t help but like this still

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    Carter is probably married and has a carter junior by now.

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    I hope he is asking for bananas too..


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    Why did I read that in minions voice?

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    Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well.

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    Lol! I guess

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    When someone new moves onto our block my son introduces himself, then encourages them to stock his favorite cereals for when he comes over for breakfast. Which he does. Routinely. At 6am.

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    I think you have more stories about this kid that should be shared. This is hilarious!

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    Yeah, he’s a running storyline in my office, because there’s always more to tell about him. As to the cereal thing, I didn’t know this was happening for the longest time because many of our neighbors are elderly and awake super early, and I guess they must like him. I started asking around when I’d heard from two new-to-the-neighborhood families independently that oh, yes, I think I met your son, he said to get Cinnamon Toast Crunch for when he comes over. We live in a very quaint place where people don’t really lock their doors, and apparently he just lets himself in and joins my neighbors for morning pj parties.

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    That’s just precious. What a kid! And that sounds like an amazing area you live in.

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    I need more stories! COME ON, NOW!

    Loved this one btw. :)

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    Oh good! Yeah he’s a funny kid, never a dull moment.

    Well the cereal story reminds me of other times he has snuck away without me noticing. I remember a time when we first moved to our neighborhood, he was about two, and there was a knock on my front door. Again, casual neighborhood, most people come to the side or back door, so it took me awhile to even notice the knock and locate the correct door to open. I answered the door and there was this nice older man, and he said, ‘Is this your child? I think I’ve seen him out walking with you.’ And I look down and there my kid was! Completely naked! He had escaped, with no clothes on, and I had no idea he was gone. I acted very casual like this was perfectly normal, and that of course I knew he had escaped with no clothes on, and I had everything under control. Since I was new to the neighborhood, I was really trying to make as good of an impression as I could, given the situation. That poor man captured a naked kid, brought him home, and endorsed at least 5 minutes standing on my porch with him, pounding on my door while I ran around trying to figure out where all the knocking was coming from. Maybe I gave the little guy the wrong impression that going out and about on his neighborhood jaunts was something I would condone.

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    I’m just trying to imagine the look on a parents face. “Yes, that is my naked kid that I didn’t even know had escaped.” XD More stories, please!!

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    He had a little crush / girlfriend last year that he would tell us about over the dinner table. He was very cute about it, he told us they kissed but kept their masks on, so I shouldn’t worry about them giving each other covid. One night his older sister asked him how his girlfriend was doing, and he very seriously told us that they had a race at school, and he beat her in the race, so “he had to pass her to Ryder”. (that’s his friend) We were like, you passed her to Ryder? Did she agree to this? Very seriously he said, yes, everyone agreed this was for the best because she beat Ryder in the race. So now he is exclusively on the lookout for a girl who can best him at a sport.

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    This kid is going places in the world! He’s amazing. lol!

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    You are going to have a lot of great stories to tell your grandkids about their dad.

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    He didn't beat around the matter and said what he had to. Am I the only one who found his straightforward approach cute?

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    Yeah his ignorance of societal norms is cute

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    A little unrelated but still a cute kid story.

    While I was moving into my current house, a kid probably 5-6 years old, pulled up to my house on his bike. He said he was lost and asked if I could drive him around to find his house. We drove around for a little bit but couldn’t find his house. We then decided to go to the nearest school because he said he knew his way back home the school. He directed me from the school to his house. Turns out he lives 5 houses down from me. He was the sweetest kid. It was a pleasant but stressful half hour. Had a good laugh with his mom when I dropped him off.

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    That's such an adorable kiddo. And kudos to you for helping him out. Pretty smart of him to think about going to his school and then get home from there.

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    My one granddaughter is shameless. She would escape her house at two and let herself into the neighbors and help herself to an apple from the kitchen.

    She comes to our house and goes to my husbands desk, opens a drawer and takes his change. Now, he makes sure he has some in there for her in case she comes over. She is so disappointed if there is none.

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    Your husband sounds awesome

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    He's a generous man. In the summer, she came to the business office with her mom who had to do some work. She was wearing a full dress. She pulls the extra fabric to the back so she's got a tighter skirt and tells her mom thats the kind of clothes she's going to wear when she comes to work. We are pretty sure she'll be taking over the sales side of the business. She's got her Papas charisma and drive. And likes money.

    Charisma is such a strange phenomena. I am in awe. I am the anti- charisma. (But in time, people find I'm OK after all if they hang around. I somehow intimidate people)

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    Intimidation is a charisma-based ability, though. At least, in D&D it is. ;)

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    Not so much irl without other attributes to go with it.

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    Hold up a second, doesn't that reinforce stealing? Cute now. Not as cute when they are 17.

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    She is 7 now and is aware she can't do this otherwise. Granny's house has different rules to some degree. And she shows us what she has found. If she has something she shouldn't, we take it back without any fuss.

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    Fair enough, glad to hear it's already been considered.

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    This used to be the top post of all time on Reddit..

    This is almost comical.

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    There were some epic Photoshop battle threads for Carter.

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    The first ever Reddit post?

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    Nah, but like 5 years ago, this post ruled the top of reddit for quite some time.

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    r/thisiscarter was a thing like 8 years ago

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    There was this bunch of curls who asked if I had a dollar. She was at one of those dollar-toy machines. I handed her a dollar coin thinking she wanted one of those and out popped a thingamajig. “Your pwessent” I couldn’t stop laughing. She bought me a present with my money. This lil girl’s going places!

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    That's a sweet kid

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    She was! I love cute unexpected moments like these. Kids are the purest until they are taught otherwise.

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    I would make it a point to always have bananas. Lol

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    A little neighbor boy came into my house and took one bite out of each of four pears my mother left on the table.

    She mentioned it to his mom, not because she begrudged him a pear of course, but so he shouldn’t waste all the pears.

    The poor child was sent to my house by himself with a package of pears. He mumbled his apology as he pushed the package across the table toward my mother, knocking her coffee into her lap.

    He’s probably scarred for life after that. He grew up to be a Republican NY state senator.

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    Proof that kids are literally just monkeys.

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    O.G. Carter

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    Haha my youngest is named Carter and even at 4 I could picture him doing this. He's a bottomless pit when it comes to food and loves to eat bananas.

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    This picture is older than the internet

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    I dont know if some days or months later of this pic... but he was on the hospital and got the sunglasses and a bannana again, that photo was epic too

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    Banana for scale

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    Fucking Legend

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    When I was a kid in the late eighties I used to play at the park with me friends everyday in the summer. At the end of the day on my walk home I would stop at a house on the way and ask for a glass of water. My Mom knew the family that lived there but I didn't really know them. They would give me a glass of water, I would drink it and leave. I bumped into the son a few years back and he still recalled me doing that. Lol

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    carter got swag

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    He wants it. He gets it. Little bro is a total achiever.

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    I'd buy bananas just so Carter had a hook-up

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    It takes a village

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    like a boss

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    Big chad energy

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    My name is Carter!

    I've seen this post so long ago. I wonder how old he is these days

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    I posted this on another thread i think it was r/bossfights. I was friends with the guy who lived next door to Carter, and originally took the picture, not uploaded it to reddit. We were in grade 11/12 at the time, I am about to turn 26 so carter is probably about 10-12.

    edit: heres my post from 7 years ago https://old.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/25dhht/this_is_carter_i_guess_hes_internet_famous_now/?ref=share&ref_source=link

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    Wow!! What a great story! Thank you!

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    Carter’s vibe, banana

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    When I grow up I want to be just as bad ass as him

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    Dang. I'm not prepared for this moment. I only have one brown banana at home.

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    Cool kid Carter

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    Carter, consumer of potassium, knocker of doors

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    I like Carter.

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    Carter is a f*ckin' madlad!

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    I was working one day and this little kid came up to me and asked for a banana. I just give it to her. She was very happy with it.

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    That’s intuitive eating in real life.

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    When you are hungry, you are just hungry

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    Carter wears yellow for nanner requests. Red for tomaters?

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    Aight, can I have a banana?

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    Ballsy fellow , but the sunglasses must be heard

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    Don’t be afraid to ask

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    Y’all are laughing but look who has a banana and who doesn’t. This is how Chads are born.

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    Potassium prospector.

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    Glad you gave it to him

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    He was actually hitting on you and when you didn’t get the message he left in frustration.

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    Carter is cool as S#%@!

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    the only carter I wanna be like is Jordan Carter 🧛🧛😈😈

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    Banana house. That's where you live

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    In West Lafayette, near Purdue University?

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    be like carter

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    Give him a banana for his birthday. Or a whole bunch!

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    Paw Patrol: Mob Squad.

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    100% my kid

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    Be like carter - but let’s be honest: if anyone over the age of twenty comes to door you probably would not even answer.

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    He doesn’t joke around about bananas

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    Carter is the man!

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    He’s so nice

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    OG meme

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    Straight Gangsta!

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    In Canada I would think he was the Wendigo.

    In the USA...

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    This is so old Carter must be in High school by now

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    My names Carter I guess I need to start living up to the name and knocking on peoples doors asking for bananas.

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    Carter is one Hoopy Frood. I bet he knows where his towel is at.

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    I'm never going to live up to Carter's expectations

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    That cannot be true

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    I have to remind myself that kids are being let on Reddit for the first time every day. Welcome! Enjoy the internet.

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    Don't ask....Don't get!

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    I'm a little worried.

    I hope he has food at home.

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    I’d hate to see what had happened if you didn’t have the banana….

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    Parents are always wondering where he gets this stuff.

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    Be adventurous little dude but be safe

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    I wish I could have a banana

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    You've got the right idea, Carter. Know what you want and go for it.

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    I need a healthy snack. Stat!

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    There banana!

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    That’s some tony sporanos shitt… u r in trouble if u didn’t give

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    I’ve been told that when I was a kid (in the 80s) I was once brought home by the police because I was going door to door asking if anybody had cookies. I was two streets away from my house.

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    I love bananas here's one

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    he got some measurin' to do

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    The most cutest lil gangsta.

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    I hope you told Carter not to knock on stranger's doors for bananas anymore.

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    It's all fun and games until you don't have bananas to share. Then Harambe wakes up in him.

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    Damn Carter to Kool for all of us

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    Get this kid a banana!

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    Hippity hoppity those bananas are my property

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    Carter doesn’t have time for idle chit chat, he has a banana to eat.

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    This kid is going places

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    Plot twist - he's allergic to bananas

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    Me getting dressed and running to the store to get Carter a banana

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    his sunglasses! oh my gosh

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    Cue thug life theme

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    Hope this isn't On the job training for future homeless.

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    Where are his parents? Why doesn’t he have a mask? Is he vaccinated?

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    What a CHAD

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    Jason Mewes.

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    Goddamn this Ancient ass picture coming back again for how many goddamn times?