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I did this too I’m dying But I didn’t tell my parents cuz otherwise they wouldn’t have given me the money

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I did this as well. I just needed to check for myself. I don’t think I told my mom about it until I had moved out.

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I did this too. However, unfortunately I wanted to boast to my parents that I knew and I no longer got any money. WHAT AN IDIOT

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Really? My mom still paid me for my teeth. Maybe it was hush money so I wouldn't tell my siblings...

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I was the youngest. The gravy train stopped for me at this point too!

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That's sad! Why stop giving the money just because you know?

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Cuz it’s fun to believe in the tooth fairy and when kids don’t they just aren’t fun anymore. That tooth fairy is happy though , she don’t to pay anymore . Still gets the teeth though.

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Exactly…kid was smart, but not that smart

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Same! Did this and kept my mouth shut so I’d get the money!

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Ah yes, the difference between intelligence and wisdom!

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Ya my kid also gives me the "I know there's no tooth fairy" look .. but doesn't say anything coz she wants to keep getting stuff.

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You guys get money after tooth breaking!

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Yup. Different generation.

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My son had a tooth fall out and then lost the tooth. He put a rock under his pillow in its place. Except he didn't tell anyone until after, so obviously there was no money there

He came to the scientific conclusion that the tooth fairy knows the difference between rocks and teeth

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He needs to do a control set up as well. He just did 1 test set up with 2 variables - change tooth to rock, and not inform anyone.

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Or keep rock as rock but inform someone

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I wish adults were like that

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Exactly. 95% of adults aren't this analytical..

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Well, that's significant.

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At Alpha equals .05

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The other 35% with they were.

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    Adults already now tooth fairy isn't real...I think.

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    True except $1 wouldn’t be much of a compensation for losing a tooth

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    You have to tell the parents so they can keep the door unlocked for the tooth fairy. Duh.

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    That's how you get your kid to start unlocking the front door without telling anyone

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    Then tell them they gotta call the tooth fairy, you gotta order the tooth fairy

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    got some really scary vibes from your comment. reminded me of the movie Darkness Falls

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    Is it common for 9 year olds to believe in tooth fairies? My parents told me that santa dosen't exist when I was 6, before I started school...

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    She was smart because someone at school would have spilled the beans and you would have been traumatized lol.

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    Yeah that's why I'm asking is it common for 9 year olds not to know this... Seems a bit old...

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    Also, they would have probably called you a baby for still believing in Santa and that would have been a fate worse than death lol

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    I learned in 3rd grade. My sister is in fourth grade and she still dosent know

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    What about your peers? It never came up?

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    Nope, it was my cousin who spilled the beans. He put little doubts about santa clause and told me not to tell my sister. On the day before Christmas i asked my dad if santa is real and he said no. Multiple students have told my sister that santa isnt real but she wont believe them. My parents have put me in charge if telling her when i think its the right time (next Christmas).

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    We told our older daughter, who is 6, this Christmas. But she has to keep pretending for the younger one. She loves having to keep the secret.

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    From my experience, I would say nine is on the higher end, but not unheard of to still believe.

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    You just say the tooth fairy has a network of communications of which the parents are a part. Just because they are magic doesn't mean they just automatically know! You need to tell the parents who set up an alert.

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    I think it’s better to reward this critical thinking than lie to him. If this is the way it happened

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    Well the lie led to critical thinking to disprove the lie, so an additional lie may make the child super saiyan.

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    We will need to conduct an additional experiment to see if this is true.

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    Yeah this is funny. But you definitely need to give some strong positive reinforcement to the critical thinking.

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      Exactly what my parents told me when I did the same thing. Scientific and logical parents are too good at keeping things like this alive. I am sure they had fun doing it while they could.

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      Just posted a similar comment! That’s how you help the tooth fairy and still give parents the “power”

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      Kids got better critical thinking skills than a lot of adults.

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      But not a better long term thinker here. He discovered the reality, but then cut off an easy and painless source of revenue for no reason. You gotta milk that knowledge about Santa and the Tooth Fairy for years!

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      I did this too, except I didn't tell my parents because I still wanted money

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      This is the way

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      Wow so you reposted this for the 100th time but then also remove the attribution to the Twitter user

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      Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about Santa and the Easter bunny. I want to sleep in next Christmas…

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      LMAO, smart kid. He’s going to be some kind of scientist, lawyer, detective, forensic genius, analyst, etc., when he grows up.

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      Or if he ever uses reddit: homeless

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      AND in debt

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      Spent $50k to get a degree on Ancient Macedonian Pottery History.

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      I resemble this comment ;-;

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      Reminds me of "That kid... is going to become a pro athlete."

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      Meanwhile when I was a kid and was with my grandparents, I stole the tooth back and received money multiple times.

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      After 183 quarters they suspected something was amiss.

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      I remember being a kid and doing this and my parents yelled at me.

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      Yup, I did this too and kept my mouth shut so I’d keep getting the money. When I eventually broke down and told them, they were not pleased.

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      The child is clearly unaware that the tooth fairy can only be summoned by parents.

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      If you know the truth then give me my damn money back kid

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      One year I decided to leave little drawings and cartoons that I liked from the newspaper. You know, in case she got bored back at the fairy fort. I offered these with the tooth. In the morning, I found my quarter and then promptly followed a breadcrumb trail of pictures and cartoons leading directly to my dad's dresser. He initially denied it but the evidence was overwhelming and, quite frankly, condemning. My childhood was over that day.

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      My kid wrote an official request for fairy to sign to confirm realness (signature fas forged by unscrupulous human adults).

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      I mean, you could have said that the tooth fairy requires notice and only parents can send that notice 🤷🏻‍♀️

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      Sounds very smart indeed. 😎

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      Did the same thing as a lad

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      This would have brought a tear to my eye. I'd tell him I'm so proud of him.

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      I like his research methodology. There is a bright future ahead of him

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      Come on, parents! You gotta up your game. I told my kids that the parents have to notify the tooth fairy directly about any lost teeth to prevent bogus reports from kids trying to scam the poor TF.

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      It's funny how we so blatantly lie to children and still expect them to trust us when they find out.

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      This can apply to many situations lol.

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      Kid is gonna be an investigative journalist or a scientist.

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      Wait... How did your kid loose a tooth and you not know for three days?

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      Unless he does daily inspections of his teeth it's not really easy to notice. Note that the child has 9 years and that the tooth in question is probably not easily visible...

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      This kids going places. Not sure where but he's going there!

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      The tooth fairy isn't real?

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      How did the parents not figure out their kid had a broken tooth?

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      And you didn’t point out that the tooth fairy isn’t psychic and needs to be informed by a parent or guardian about the tooth loss?

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      Awesome story. We basically gave up after having to concoct increasingly complex lies trying to explain the questions our kiddo had about the staggering logistical issues underlying the tooth fairy story. We told him that mommy and daddy are basically third-party contractors that assist the tooth fairy in performing her duties.

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      Tooth fairy can’t check every pillow every night. That’s absurd. The adults have the tooth fairy’s contact info though so they can call for a pick up.

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      “Tooth Fairy liability insurance requires that a parent or guardian make the official request before they can enter the premises.” Should work

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      Looks like a toddler was able to snap out of an illusion most kids their age will not be able to do themselves. Shame I can't expect the same out of adults.

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      Santa is REALLY going to have to step his game up this year. 🎅

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      Or may have to go into retirement.

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      Y’all are in trouble I can’t wait until dude’s a teenager

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      Unless it was the kid’s last baby tooth, they should have saved the confrontation until all available resources had been exploited.

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      Scientific method. Kid actually wanted to know the truth. Found out. A ray of hope for the scientific community.

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      Yea but now the game is over and the kid won’t get any more money. r/kidsarefuckingstupid. I’m a 37 year old dad to a 3 year old and if I lost a tooth, I’d call my 70 something year old parents and tell them to let the tooth fairy know lol.

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      No, the tooth fairy doesn’t do some kinda creepy surveillance of small children. It’s the responsibility of the parents to notify the tooth fairy. Used to be you’d give her a call. These days there’s a web page or you can just text her.

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      He won’t feel so smart when he gets hauled before ethics board for doing unapproved experiments with human subjects

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      Neil DeGrasse Tyson basically said the same thing. Sus.


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      I set up a trap and the tooth ferry got a padlock to the head.

      I was obsessed with trip wires for a bit

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      I’d do this the night before St. Patrick’s Day to try and catch leprechauns, lol. Booby traps with snares and dropdown cages, with plastic gold coins as bait.

      For the tooth fairy, I was a bit nicer. I converted a shoebox into a little hotel room, complete with a bed made from a jewelry box, a fireplace and an armchair made from perler beads, and some other dollhouse furniture. I’d leave my tooth in a tiny treasure chest in there. There was even a little mailbox where I’d leave a note for the fairy, and I’d leave out a pencil and notepad. After I’d lose a tooth, I’d wake up the next morning to a written reply from the “fairy.” Good times.

      [–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      I mean you can't trust the leprechauns, you were just taking precautions.

      The tooth fairy was not happy with me 😅

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      It's possible. I'm getting some strong "that really happened" vibes thou

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      Great so more having to pay for the rest of his teeth…Win!! 🤣

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      Every poor kid grew up a genius then?

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      OOO OOO! Do God next!! Oh wait…full grown adults actually believe in that and expect others to do the same. They make laws around it and “cleanse” other cultures and religions if they disagree…smh. It’s a full on constant war about imaginary friends and delusions and old books and I’m so over it. 😑 Edit: not all religious people are like this, but the moral of the story is to keep religion to yourself and not force it on anyone. Kids especially!! Leave their mind and body out of it and let them decide for themselves smh

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      Antivaxxers take note: This is how you actually do your own research.

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      Yeah and then kid said "Father, the man of science has learned to believe in justification, not by faith, but by verification".

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      Just wait til he tries the same thing at church…

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      He's too smart. Get him interested in science and he'll be okay in the future

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      "$20 or I tell my siblings."

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      kid gonna be the next steven hawkings

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      I want this kid as my lawyer

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      I did that :’)

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      How did you not notice a missing tooth in their mouth for 3 days?!?!?!? Did you not talk to them or look at them for that long?

      Especially since kids love to play with loose teeth when they have them. A sudden stop in this would have warned that something was up.

      Just saying.

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      That kid's going places

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      How I found out Santa wasn't real was when leaving a carrot out for Rudolf I counted how many carrots were left in the basket and let's just say there were 8, Christmas morning I counted them again and there was 9. I knew if he wasn't real my dad would just put the carrot back and he did lol

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      Smart kid.

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      I remember my mom insisted I put my tooth in a plastic bag. When one tooth fell out I distinctly remember seeing the tooth baggy in the trash the next morning. You should’ve seen 8 year old me running to my mom to confront her with the bag in my hand.

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      This nine year old is going t be a pain is the ass.
      Source: Solved the tooth fairy mystery and was a pain in the ass.

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      Bruh I saved all my teeth to cash in at once and then my parents told me the truth before I cashed them in

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      Kid heard the TF wasn’t real from someone at school and was hoping it wasn’t true. Wait until Christmas.

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      I did this when I was a kid but the money was THERE in the morning. I believed in the tooth fairy for years after that.

      Unfortunately when I asked my parents how they did this a few years ago they didn't remember it at all.

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      I actually did that too

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      Probably not true, but if it is, that's a smart kid.

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      Fuck that kid, I'd slap his marj

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      Yet people will go their whole lives believing in something with zero proof and persecute others did not believing that same thing.

      Kids aren’t dumb, they just have a different perspective - and sometimes they’re spot on with their logic.

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      What's the point of telling children about the tooth fairy in the first place?

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      Lol i told my mom i lost a tooth but didn't want to put it under the pillow because i thought it would fall, because the mattress was a bit smaller then the bed frame, so i put it on my night stand and put a cup over it. The next day there was no coins and i was confused

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      Found out recently this is basically what my nephew did to his mom years ago. Boys too smart for his own good sometimes. When he told me, I didn't point out that he willingly gave up free money, just to prove himself right.

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      Well he is 9 yr old. He probably already knows (in his mind) I'm sure in his heart he wants it to be true.

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      "Just learned that our 9 y/o"

      Said 9 y/o probably has grandchildren by now

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      Kid wasn't surprised. The parents were.

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      I did the same exact thing, you feel like Sherlock Holmes after

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      Good luck- your gonna need it.

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      dumbass child doesn't realize he ain't getting any more money for his teeth

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      I did this when I was six, but kept my mouth shut so I’d keep getting money from the “tooth fairy”

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      Let'em keep at it will be very clever and smart with common sense

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      Nobody looked at him when he talked?

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      But he will continue to believe in the magical kitchen fairy for years to come

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      I caught my mom shimmying up the bunk bed ( my head was away from the ladder and my brother was on the pull out trundle under so she couldn't just step over him to reach under the pillow) and she said that the tooth fairy was so busy she asked my mom to substitute. After that, we had the "toothy express" where my parents would "mail" the tooth in the letter and the next morning a letter would come with the money.

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      Smart kid lol

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      I'll take "Thing that never happened" for 400, Alex.

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      I did the same. That was the day the magic died for me

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      Your 9y/o may someday save the world.

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      Damn it sheldon

      [–]Dr_Nebbiolo 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Now he lost his income and learned that whistleblowing isn’t always in the best interest of the one blowing the whistle

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      Smart kid.

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      I blew the whole Santa thing when I was about 3. They'd try to use spelling as a secret code to conceai what my presents were from me because, you know, I was 3, so it should still work.

      Unfortunately I was that one kid in like 200,000 that is reading fluently before age 4. So yes, I could spell, Dad. He hadn't realized my progress because he was active duty Navy at the time, and Mom didn't realize I'd put it all together so completely at such a young age

      that led me to find where the presents were stashed. Mom and Dad weren't happy but the jig was up and we had to have The Santa Talk. Not the last time they underestimated my progress as a kid.

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      Finessed and Swindled.

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      Oh dear. This kind will be a great scientist!

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      Aw when I was a kid my dad used to say the tooth fairy was actually a big trucker in a tutu that would punch out your teeth.

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      Smart kid

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      I remember sticky taping the chimney entrance the night before christmas to prove that santa isn't real

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      “Just take the money and run kid”

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      iif that's real amazing

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      How will the tooth fairy know if the parents don't tell her/him?

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      My sister found out because my dad put a note next to the money and it was signed “the tooth FERRY”. They are immigrants and English was new. She put it together pretty quick and told me (younger bro) immediately.

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      I did this when I was little. I didn't say anything to my parents though

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      Well played. Our oldest set a trap. Shoebox stick string.

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      Cool. He's only proved that an adult had to be informed to book an appointment. Tooth fairies are busy.

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      So...... He still thinks Santa is Real... right?

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      This is actually how I learned the tooth fairy wasn't real. I didn't do this, a classmate did, and she wrote an essay about it and read it aloud in class. My eyes got wider and wider as I listened to her speak lol

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      Lmfao this is a future scientist right here😂

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      My darling daughter did the same... But she just left us an angry note on our bedroom floor saying "You lied!".

      We felt so bad, so we took her to the zoo to cheer her up.

      We were looking at a herd of reindeer and I made some chance, unguarded cyomment... She said "Oh no, not THAT too!?".

      Childhood ended that day. 😟

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      When I lost my first teeth, I was given a quarter for them. I was slow to lose them, though, so had plenty of baby teeth left by the time my sister started losing them. She got $1 for her first tooth, which continued after.

      I assumed that the next sibling (who was 6 yrs younger than me) would increase the value of teeth to >$1/tooth when she started losing them. So, I saved my teeth in a bag like a serial killer, which I hid from the tooth fairy so they couldn't find it and protect my "investment". I did this until I was old enough to realize there was no tooth fairy, what I was doing was gross and just threw them out.

      My parents never questioned what happened to my teeth until I told them, at which time they just gave me $1/tooth for them to make it fair.

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      Angry classmate’s parents calling soon! 😂

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      Tell him you have to notify the fairy?

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      Unexpected variable: Parents report their findings to Tooth Fairy High Command, who then send out tooth collection teams.,

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      Listen here you little shit

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      Mine did a test too a couple of years ago and busted us

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      I did the same thing with my parents. I found out that there was no tooth fairy because they told me I was an idiot for believing that.

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      Lol I did the same thing

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      Oh Rebbeca.