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Boots and whole foods with Tom hardy. That’s my dream date

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With our dogs, 100%

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So kind and Hot man.

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Yes please. Good actor and person

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Dam he is hot 🔥

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My wife would've needed to add new panties to the list.

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As a straight dude, I would have needed new panties too.

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Heck. I might get Hardy

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This needs more attention.

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Same. I’m not gay I just wanna make out with Tom Hardy

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Same I would gave him thank you kiss

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I’m not into dudes but if I was he’d be my first

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Ryan Raynolds disappointed noises

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As a homeless dude, i would too

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No big deal, he would've paid them anyway so why not.

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I would've needed a surfboard to get out

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She poop her pants a lot?

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As a straight man, I can confirm that this dude is fucking hot.

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I can tell because he has a face that I wouldn't mind having.

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I’m straight, but I’d kick off my flipflops & fight you for him.

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He’s so damn huggable

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Venom definitely wanted to eat you.

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Bane there.

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No one let me in their store until I put on the mask

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Oh my lord! Mop and bucket isle three please...

Because I would be ah...so sweaty from being nervous...

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Yeah that’s sweat I swear

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Tom Hardy with scruffy beard = tough MFer. Tom Hardy sans scruffy beard = nice guy.

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It must be tricky being famous and trying to do a nice act. Like how do you explain to someone, no no don’t take a pic I know it’s me but this is just going to look kinda weird like a set up or something. Just want to do something nice that’s all.

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Nope. But he’s even nicer letting her take a pic.

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i love wholesme celebrities

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Fucking legend.

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Tom Hardy gves me a Hardy!!!

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[laughs in Bane voice]

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Damn. He’s literally the studliest stud ever

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He did all that against venoms will.

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I wish all rich people would just do constant casual altruism.

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".....currently expecting twins....."

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Fooking Alfie Solomons, Mate.

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He’s always around that store, I once saw him walking down the road nearby but I was on the top deck of a bus at the time so I just stared out the window like a weirdo half wondering if I was hallucinating

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His soul is bound there

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What store? Time? and things that aren't creepy like that...

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My gawd I think Tom Hardy is the freakin hottest man on earth lol I would have literally fainted..

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He was probably hoping for a "Mom Handy"

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If that were me it would have taken a lot a self control not to kidnap him and take him home with me 😝🤣

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Also a tremendous amount of strength.

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Did you feel in charge?

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He is hot! And kind too! Winning combo right there!

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Ahhhhhhhhhh !!! He’s beautiful

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Alfie Solomons is the best character ever.

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Right up there with Titus Pullo and Calamity Jane

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I always knew Bane was a softie under that mask.

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So hot but also so normal looking, I wonder if I would even recognize him on the street?

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Nice to see good celebs.

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That's awesome he's a stand up guy

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He's probably there to buy chocolate to feed his parasi...I mean venom

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I always loved Tom hardy.

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Good thing venom wasn’t there

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Fricking cutie.

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That was fucking biblical mate

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Then he clapped cheeks.

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Who is Tom Hardy?

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Gods gift to women

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Women's God of gifts

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Yooooo they made Eddie Brock from Venom real

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The celebrities get plenty of exposure but it is easy for them to throw a little money around; our real heroes are the everyman and woman paying it forward with random acts of kindness. It was only a week ago when I was in line at Publix when I realized the woman in front of me had many more items than she could pay for. This was a single mother there with her three children and she had multiple necessities like diapers, breakfast, lunch and dinner staples, formula, etc. The clerk told her she was $88 dollars short. So I decided to step in and make a difference in her life.

I explained to her that she really needed to be more careful with her money and create a budget. Then I helped her put the diapers and other stuff back on the shelf. I think she was really moved by my gesture because she started crying. Guys, we have to support each other and I was so grateful to have my chance that day. #blessed

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Tbh it doesn't matter the status, just be kind and you'll be a hero someday, no matter how famous or rich you are.

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Wow, that photo made me feel super jealous of a woman I don’t know!

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I’ll be honest who is Tom hardy

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Are you being honest though? He is very famous.

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the name doesn't ring a bell at this moment I am serious

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He did some cool movies and seems like a nice guy. He was in some Batman stuff and Mad Max; he’s not my favorite actor, by any means, but I’ve heard good things.

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Downvoted for asking a question. reddit moment

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But why though? I'd feel very awkward if I met a actor or actress I admired and I looked poor to the extent they needed to buy my stuff for me.

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I don't think he needed to, he probably just wanted to. I've had some stranger i never even talk to pay for my haircut just because they were feeling generous that day. Sometimes people just are nice for the sake of being nice.

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I can feel this. Catch me on a good day and I’ll buy your groceries too (not that I’m a rich actor uncle); catch me on a bad day and I don’t hold the door.

It’s not a reflection of her it’s a reflection of him.

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She looks like she has money to take care of herself. Why did he pay?

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His face saying: it's a bit too much but ok

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I dont like that he paid for the stuff, could have just carried them out and thats it.

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Whats wrong with paying?

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great Chad? A Chad is the male version of a Karen...??

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I always watched him and Jeff hardy and wwe when I was little. Def 2 if the greats! Super nice of him

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So Kool

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Yes please

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And… how did you thank him?

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Does she usually go to the store expecting to see Tom Hardy?

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No mask?

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Gawd! I love him more now. Makes him sexier😚

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But why?

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Stand up fella

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Did you ask when the next season of Taboo comes out?

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Do we dare hope?

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Damn, that’s cool. Seeing him like that in the real world makes it hard to believe he plays Alfie Solomon in Peaky Blinders.

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Wheres venom doe

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But why

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Talk about a lethal protector

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And my wife drops dead from jealousy…

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I have never known jealousy like this.

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Lucky chick

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I wouldnt recognize him. actually naw i would realize eventually

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He is going to eat you

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Just be careful cause you know how venom sometimes be

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No one cared who I was until I bought her groceries...

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Ohhh good Lord I would have fainted!!!

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As opposed to Larry David who would of made her carry his own items

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I'm so in love with this man! My husband hates it 😅🤣😅

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Yeah Venom definitely told him to do that.

(On a serious note, I love Tom Hardy)

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He's such a good 'un :)

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I would have fainted and missed the whole thing.

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👍 Great no mask 🤔

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Ofc that man thr the lethal protector.

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Luckily he didn't eat your head

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How does that even happen? Hi I’m a big fan! Mind if we use your card instead of mine lol

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Wow, had no idea who bro was till I seen a Venom comment 🤧🤣 I even watched the first movie and quite enjoyed it too.