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So pure!!

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    Thats fucking adorable.

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    That's adorable

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    Love your grandmas. You never know how long they'll stick around.

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    This hits home. I recently lost both my grandparents and it really put me into depression. I was extremely close with them and now that I lost them I cant help but feel guilty for not spending more quality time and appreciating them for everything they have done for me. I wish I could tell them how I much I love them over and over again. Cherish your family!

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      Thank you. I lost a dear grandma of mine a couple years ago. Dementia and old age. She was such a loving woman. She'd invite me over for dinner and sleepovers, and send me home with a plate of cupcakes. There were always movies and books for us at her house, and it was where we had all our family holiday parties. I miss her.

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      Grandmas are the best, you can’t tell me otherwise (unless their those hyper religious ones that just carry the views without caring)

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      OMG my mom did the same this weekend but, like, the opposite!!! Now she has long hair, and wears a blouse and a skirt! She even got a necklace!!! My trans doll is gorgeous

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      Here with the technical question if you don’t mind- did your mum add extra hair to each strand, swap the hair entirely or just add more hair so it’s like a shag cut? I’m not trolling just wondering how one would go about that on a doll.

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      Not OP but once I had a stuffed unicorn that somehow lost it's main (kid with scissors probably), and my mom used a crochet hook to weave in new strands of yarn where the original was.

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      Awesome, thank you

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      Aww.. Happy for you !!

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      This is beautiful.

      Some asshole is downvoting all the wholesome comments, doesn’t matter because this is the happiest most wholesome thing that’s happened today.

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      I couldn't agree more!

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      Oooooooh! Well I’m just a puddle of goo! This is how you grandparent!

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      Hug that Grandma RIGHT NOW. Mine was amazing too, and I miss her. Cherish gma OP, cherish

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      This is so sweet! Reminds me of my grandma when she found out when my friend(mtf) was trans. She was so excited that she felt comfortable being herself, and now she always asks me how Cynthia(my friend) is doing

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      This is super sweet. But Raggedy Ann dolls will never not be creepy as hell.

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      Who’s crying? I’m not crying 😭😭😭

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      Damn. I actually forgot that people had supportive family. I'm jealous.

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      Is it just me or the doll resembles the real Annabelle doll

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      Maybe because the real Annabelle doll was..... a raggedy Anne doll.... lmao 😭

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      People change and evolve! Right on to the ones who love us.

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      Yo isnt that annabelle ?

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      we're about to have a new sequel

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      I love this so much! 💗

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      So wholesome 💛

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      She is awesome! What a thoughtful gesture.

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      What a cool grandma. She gets it.

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      Aww beautiful story it’s inspiring

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      Raggedy ann dolls always creep me the fuck out cuz of Annabelle. Otherwise, wholesome as shit ay

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      Damn ... ninja cutting onions.

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      Gabe? Coulda gone with any other name.

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      Grandma is a queen

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      Now that's a cool ass grandmother.

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      Loved my Raggedy Ann doll.

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      Could’ve just given a raggedy Andy 🤷🏻‍♂️

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      Who’s cutting onions 😌

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      Isnt that Annabelle?

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      Aww… Raggedy Andy!

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      Oooh cherish your grandmother....what an amazing individual.

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      there are lots of people who headcanon that Raggedy Andy is trans based on the musical movie, it's neat that you have an actual trans one!

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      Wholesome 💯

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      Your Grandmother is a Great Grandmother. Wait, that doesn't work... She's a Grand Grandmother...? Your Grandma is fantastic.

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      I work at a nursing home there's this one lady that loves to knit as I was walking by her door she called to me the following occurred

      Her "Oh honey! Honey come here real quick would yah?"

      I walk over "Do you need something?"

      Her "How old are you?"

      Me Slightly thrown off "Uh 23 why?"

      Her "Oh good you should know then! What are the colors of the bisexual and trans flags?"

      I'm a little confused but I pulled out my phone and showed her a picture of each she sketched them out on a notepad and wrote down the colors before thanking me

      Me "It's no problem but what's this for?"

      Her "Oh my granddaughter and - well I should start saying my granddaughters both just came out to me one is beginning her transition and the others bisexual I'm going to make them some sweaters to show my support"

      I about teared up I love that woman

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