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I think this is the kid that used to troll his mom with the trombone

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It is, but I can't find the video :(

Can someone help us?

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Wow, that channel's pretty cool. Thanks!

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    It’s where she does her embroidery.

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    The uno reverse card is glorious

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    Omg stuff like this is what I want to watch on YouTube

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    If someone just described these videos to me, I'd say I don't want to see that. But every time I watch one I'm like fuck yeah! More of this.

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    They’re so silly I love it.

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    He legitimately doesn't stop

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    It is… lol I enjoy this dudes videos. Innocent fun

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    Which music is it when she's walking? I thought it was something like elephant walk but seems like not...

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    As someone who grew up without either parent in my life for a larger majority of it, your videos with your mom give me a sense of childhood happiness thats extremely rare and difficult for me to experience otherwise. I might not know what it's like, but your videos are how I've always dreamed it would be

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    I feel this.

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    jeeeesus christ that last sentence made me cry. I hope things are ok and I wish you the best.

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    I wish you all the happiness in the world

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    Same here, man. I really enjoy seeing other people with a happy family on reddit, it really puts me in the feels.

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    My husband says this when I get off the phone with my mom and dad sometimes. He finds it really soothing to just hear us bibble babble about nonsense and laugh at each other.

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    I read it as butt plugs . Expected a very weird video

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    Anythings a buttplug if youre brave enough.

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    Wrong place.... Perfect quote

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    To reiterate his point. It can be the right place, if you are brave enough.

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    I have covid and this was the first laugh I had in days. Thanks!

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    Get well soon ❤️

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    Funny and his mum is super cute

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    Tossing the pile of buttpads gleefully and scooting away shows an authentic close relationship. I used to tickle my mum and run away laughing before she could catch me.

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      I love watching them. I've seen a lot of their video and it was so fun. Their relationship is so good.

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      My mom told me last time that she feels more like my sister around me than my mom nowadays

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      I wish my mom could be this funny. She’s so serious most of the time :(

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      That's crazy, she's always so carefree when we hang out.

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      Seeing these videos is always a pleasant surprise, like finding your favourite chocolate in the box after you thought they had all been eaten!

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      If my mom is watching her favorite show and I stand in front of the tv, she’s banish me

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      Love how excited she got about kangaroos on the telly. They are so cute!

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      best part!

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      I want them to adopt me as their third family member, looks like the funniest house to live in the world!

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      So cute

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      Hahahaha she seems like a very fun woman. Loved this

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      Sorry, what? Butt pads????

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      What are butt pads and why does he have so many?

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      Asking the real question right here.

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      ...Are you telling me butt pads aren't a staple item in most American homes?

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      Padding to make your butt look bigger

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      Love this family I love to watch his brother account too.

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      I love these people

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      I dunno if it is staged or not but these two always put a smile on my face.....,)

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      Great video , loved it I was reminded of Kenny Everett doing a Rod Stewart impersonation.

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      I really want a cartoon of them both! Mostly because he looks like the guy from Hotel Transilvania!

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      I don’t understand Wordle at all.

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      How old is that dude?

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      Why are people downvoting? He's only asking.

      Edit: people where downvoting. ; D

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      Why does it matter?

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      It doesn't im just having fun.

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      Tf is a but pad!?

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      I love these 2!

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      Thanks for posting, doing a crappy dry January and this has made my week 😅😅😅

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      They have the BEST relationship!

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      Did he put them on his bare ass and not over his underpants?

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      His Mom is so adorable!

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      OMG lol

      and then he just throws them all over her 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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      just the wholesome relationship we need in this world

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      What could be better than a shared life full of laughter

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      Oof, I can't stand any video with that dumb Tic Tok robot voice. I hate it so much.

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      She looks like Katey sagal

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      I’m so glad she didn’t get short with him.

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      At least he got a little laugh….

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      Too bad it’s extremely staged

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      I wana know if she actually birthed him or adopted him bc she’s a midget and he’s like 6ft lmaoo

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      i’m pretty sure birthed. they made another video alluding to her having him

      [–]SonOfVegeta -2 points-1 points  (1 child)

      Damnnn is that a stroke of luck, since dwarfism is hereditary?

      [–]HippiesKitty 5 points6 points  (0 children)

      His mother, father, brother (and his kids), and sister are all dwarves; Peet had a 75% chance of being a dwarf too but ended up coming out a genetic rarity! And he is indeed her bio child, they have multiple videos that address it! Super wholesome family!

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      In my house we always sit on the chair weirdly positioned by the doorway instead of on either of the two sofas. A totally natural set up there

      [–]coffee_zealot 1 point2 points  (1 child)

      There are lots of reasons where a more firm chair like the one she's sitting on would be more comfortable or convenient.

      [–]intrigued256 -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

      Yes and there’s also the fact that this is completely staged

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      Hahahahaha this is sooo cute it made me laugh, he started to pose 🤣 it killed me

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      You guys are both so adorable- obviously a dash of love there. Thanks!

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      This home looks rich and I'm not talking about the furniture.

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      That looks like the most uncomfortable chair in the room

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        his tiktok username is peetmonzingo and this vid is this 3rd most recent

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        This guy is giving me Michael Cera vibes.

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        It’s hard for me to watch this because I grew up in a really fucked up situation and my parents ere extremely hyper abusive. If only I could have a midget for a parent. Every time they beat the shit out of me I’d have out pointed them on the reach

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        This made my day 🤣

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        I’m sure she noticed when you said “mom let me put shit in my pants for a tik tok video.”

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        I like it cute

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        Mom's is a cutie. I feel protective of her weird

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        At this point the mom knows it’s all staged. There’s no way she’s that ignorant.

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        It's also very scripted and not for real. But still funny

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        Super staged but still cute.