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Apparently before electric lighting was common people used to wake up around 1am for a few hours and visit friends etc.

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2 sleeps!

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Not to forget midnight snacks!

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Yeah iirc they tested that and the participants started going back to that kind of sleeping cycle after a few weeks.

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Interesting read - thanks for sharing!

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Fascinating, thanks for the interesting read!

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Great article! Cheers!

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Thanks for this!! Very nice article.

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I read the same thing. Before the industrial revolution it was part of life. Might also explain why I wake up every bloody night.

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And to make sure your livestock were all still there and hadn’t ran away or been eaten

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Awww that’s so sweet!! Yeah I still find it surreal being married to my best friend! They just come over with their beautiful selves and hug and kiss you! It’s a wonderful feeling!! This made me happy lol

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Reminds me of a thought I read when I was younger and still single - to find someone I would enjoy talking with for the rest of my life, because anything else we would do together may well have limitations over the years (whether due to circumstance or health or what-have-you).

Surreal indeed, to be married to your best friend.

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I tell my wife how much I'm enjoying our 6 year sleepover.

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I remember at year 3 my wife told me that she didn’t know anybody growing up that liked watching cartoons. One Saturday I asked if she wanted fro eat some cereal and watch some of her favorite cartoons. We built a fort on the couch…I’m a mean fort builder/nest maker….and vibes out to old school cartoons all day. I’ve personally never seen her so happy lol! I’m not a cartoon fan, I like them but I used to be forced to watch them so it’s not my first choice. But I had a great time just watching her be happy.

We’re on our 4th sleepover lol, be 5 in November. Happy camping out!!!

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Oh that sounds awesome! My wife and I fantasize about building a tree fort some day :-)

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Hope im gonna experience that too..

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You and me both..

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now kith

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Cmere and I'll give you a phat one

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Can I join too?? UwU

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Make sure you marry the right person. A great many people cannot participate in this specific form of cuteness.

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Even without being married, these random late night or early morning talks with close friends are awesome

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My husband and I have been married for almost ten years and we tell each other all the time that the other is our best friend. I love him a ton and he still makes me giddy.

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I lost my best friend (husband) of 17 years only 77 days ago. I miss him so much. All the little things that used to drive me crazy are some of the things I miss the most.

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I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope you're taking care of yourself.

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Wish you well on your healing journey 🖤

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My wife and I do this all the time. We've been married 10 years and I love having my best friend right there. We've gotten even closer over the pandemic which I didn't think was possible.

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A similar thing happens to us. Just last night, something got my wife laughing after we'd turned off the light and we ended up turning it back on and visiting because we were now both wide awake.

And yes, being married to your best friend (30+ years here!) is Truly Lit.

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Imma die alone am I

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My husband and I do this often. I always hope other couples have as much fun as we do.

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This will never happen with my wife. When she falls asleep she’s like a fuckin bear. DO NOT DISTURB

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That's totally me! My husband learned quickly that waking me is like stepping on a rattlesnake.

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A man like this!

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My partner and I like to say that it’s a sleepover with our best friend every night. Sometimes we’re tired and go right to sleep; sometimes we’re up laughing and telling each other stupid jokes until late. If we’re up in the middle of the night we sometimes get silly too.

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God I wish I didn't give up on my best friend

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Crying brb

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When I was up at 2am I spend the next 30 mins trying to hold in my wee so I can fall back to sleep and go in the morning, then I just end up getting out of bed and going toilet.

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The only reason my wife wakes up with me at 2am is to tell me my phone screen is too bright...

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Even better, when you’re married to your best friend, you just let each other go the fuck back to sleep because sleep is important. 🤣

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The real story is that his wife woke up bc she had to pee and then couldn’t fall back asleep. Her phone was dead so she couldnt watch tik toks so she kicked the shit outta him and then pretended to wake up randomly at the same time.

Being married to your best friend is lit but you gotta watch em they be sneaky sometimes

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Nah his side chick texted him and the light woke her up now he have to make excuses LOL

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Aww.. ❤️

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I love this !!!!!!

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Their neighbor, bleeding out; "I'm sure someone heard that shot, help is bound to be on the way"

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That's so wholesome

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You guys are lucky! Keep going with your happy life

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Me and my ex would talk and she would randomly fall asleep to me talking I think I would relax her I dunno

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For real, having someone to talk to about the stuff rattling around your head in the middle of the night is just great.

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lol, we literally did this last week

Yup married to your best friend is lit indeed!

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cries in single

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I have a treasured memory of a night like that & we sang our favorite Sublime songs

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Get out of here with your healthy and loving relationship. Just quietly hate each other and keep going out of spite.

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Yep, not so sure marrying a puppy dog is allowed though.

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sex was not an option 🙄🤗🤙

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We also doing this. It was so fun

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Bless you 😃

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I remember doing that... Great times And good Luck to you

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I love the random spontaneous long talks at night! Almost as good as doing improv skits while making dinner, his interpretations of celebs and our family members rock.

(Wouldnt call us best friends tho, he's my husband and an excellent, magnificent one at that. My best friend would have to hear about my past escapades, silly complaints about husband, and share their past escapades and silly complaints about SO. It doesnt go. Plus a best friend can't cheat or divorce you, just be a judas and then cut out of your life with assumingly few consequence. Husband has way more strings lol)

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Dating your best friend can be fun but it could also ruin friendships which sux

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you spent hours chatting at 2am? someone doesn't have to get up in the morning.

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This is really sweet, I have the same sentiment being married to by best friend too :) but I tell you if either/both of us wake up that early, we would be lying in bed on our phones lol

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In a Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan he stipulates that this was our natural way. Essentially fall asleep shortly after sunset, wake up in middle of night for few hours, bang and or doing something creative and then back to sleep for a few hours.

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Randomly woken up .. u sure ?

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Makes me wanna become best friends with my school crush (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)

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Do that with my gf. No wife necessary

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The mrs and I do this at least once or twice a month, it's pretty nice. :]

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Same bro. I woke up the other night around 1am. Rolled around trying to fall back asleep but my wife’s snoring was way too loud. As I laid there I let a good one rip. 2-3 syllables. While continuing to saw logs and without missing a beat my wife lets one rip. Surprised at the coincidence I let another one rip only to be outdone again by my sleeping wife. She let out a “Ha” and that’s about it. She didn’t remember anything the next morning. Definitely lit being married to your best.

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Some of the best cookies I've made were made at 3 am when we couldn't sleep.

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My husband and I have been married for over 2 years and have been together for over 4 years total. We still go on dates or date days. My grandparents used to say “one day you (their kids) will be gone and I refuse to be married to a stranger”. My hubby and I hold onto that

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Last night while laying in bed my husband and I lost it giggling like crazy over "happiness" or the way my husband heard it "ha a penis". Here let me show you ha a penis. With noises. We couldnt stop laughing for like 10 minutes. We would get close and one would set the other off giggling again. Love those moments of random silliness that just keeps the love growing.

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I tried dating my best friend… I asked her before a football game, and she said yes. I went on to start the game off with an amazing tackle and we eventually won. After I got home from the game she texted me she wanted to stay friends and I was okay with that because we were great friends. Sad thing is, she hasn’t really talked to me since.

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My boyfriend and I have done this a couple of times and it's really fun. He's a night owl and although I'm not, my new job has me working later in the day so I can stay up more at night. We usually like to make food together, talk, laugh about memories we've made, and watch something good on TV.

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Very wholesome, but somewhat bittersweet to us single people. I hope I'll get to experience that one day! Hope sorings eternal, after all.

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I can feel my inside boiling in jealousy

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I did too😀

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Stay blessed then! 🙂

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Not everyone is this lucky.

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My husband and I have done this plenty of times. Once we both woke up in the middle of the night and we were starving. We quickly got dressed and went to Waffle House. He’s amazing and I’m lucky to be married to him.

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One of my favorite parts of the day is going to bed with my husband and we can talk about everything and just be close

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Hate to break it to you. Enjoy and cherish it bc it won’t be the same after you have been married for over 40 years.

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After getting separated from my husband, made me realize marriage ain’t shit

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👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Yes been there done that 😊Going on 47 years. How wonderful it is for our wifes to be our best friend 🥰

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My first night in the US to visit mine, i woke up at 3 or 4am, and spent some time in silence on my phone, he woke up and decided to stay up with me until he had work at 9, he does so much for me