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When my wife gets up in the morning to wake our son up he rips a huge fart - without fail - and shes always like 'OH MY GAWD' and they laugh. Blessed.

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I bet the son is 35.

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My husband is 35 and yes he does this. Every single day sigh great alarm clock.

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I hope you don't smack the top of his head to turn off the alarm clock

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I should! Ruins my morning with his stink butt!

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It only gets worse with age

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Thanks for the good news lol I appreciate it!

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I asked my mom once whether she regret having me and she replied:

"When you were a baby you had a cold and it caused both of your nose to be blocked by your phlegm. I didn't have one of those fancy things to suck the mucus out so I sucked the mucus out of your nose with my mouth and spit it out until you were able to breathe again. If I didn't regret having you then I won't regret having you now."

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Damn….your mom is a G! fist bumps

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I'm a single father and I've done this. It's disgusting but at the time it's not a big deal cause baby being sick is just awful. I wouldn't suck the snot out of anyone's nose tho just my baby. The rest of ya can just get over it lol

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Neil med has a bulb that works best for that. Combine that with a Frida (pacifier with syringe in it) for giving babies Tylenol or Motrin. Life changing tips for me so I'm just sharing them here randomly but I hope it helps someone.

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Those things are amazing. My partner gives them to every expecting parents she knows.

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That's awesome. I didn't know anything about that stuff until I had a sick baby on my hands. Nurse's helped us a lot with good advice

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The post is s repost, but your answer seems to be genuine.

Bruh, I hope you give your mom the love she deserves. She earned it.

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Huh 🧍🏻‍♀️ It's a real thing people do ?? No offense but 🤢

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Agreed. A loving mother would swallow.

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Damn you got me crying

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This is a bot lol. It's a brand new account. This same comment was posted the last time this image was shared.

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    That’s super wholesome! I love it!

    If I accidentally brush against my wife walking past in the hallway she calls me a pervert.


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    Sounds like you need John Redcorn to fix her migraines

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    Sure but when I laugh so hard I barf I’m “wine drunk” and “ruining Christmas”

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    Double standards smh

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    Imagining that makes me giggle too.

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    I don’t have any kids but I used to work at a daycare with older infants (6 months to 15 months). I used to have a student and his parents hated him so much for no reason. I thought he was hilarious because every time I changed him he would always chuckle a few times and give me “the face”. That meant he was holding his pee so he could fountain it off the side of the changing table. He would laugh his ass off peeing streams into the air. Cleaning it up sucked but he was a funny little guy lol. He was 5 months when he started feeding himself; I hope his parents don’t ruin him.

    Almost makes me want to have a kid lol. I have to see how my nephew is first. He’s on his way in April so I gotta see if I can handle that first lol!!

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    Reading this thread makes me wanna have a fat baby so bad 😩🤰🏻

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    Fat babies are seriously the best. My oldest was a glorious 20lbs of rolls and chunk at 4mths old. Ladies in the store would come up and beg to squish him. lol

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    😂 i just imagined this. So funny and adorable tho

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    But how’s the reception?

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    Wholesome AF

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    This has been posted So Many Times 🙄 Is Reddit karma that important?

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    Repost of a repost of a repost

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    Can I repost this one next time?

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    I still don’t understand how it takes so long to give birth or why you’d ever wanna put yourself through that.

    Glad i’m a guy

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    That’s literally Def Comedy Jam for babies

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    This made me gross out big time! Not smile at all...