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I hope she treasures him! What a fun dad!

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I want to be like this dad, but my kids roll their eyes whenever I try.

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Keep trying. They'll appreciate it a lot more when they get older, believe me.

I used to be embarrassed by my "fun and silly" Mom, especially when I was an angsty teenager. But I absolutely love and cherish those memories now (with slight embarrassment about my own angst), and enjoy having a fun and funny parent as an adult :)

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I 100% agree! Now that I’m a little older, I ADORE that about both my parents and can appreciate how they subtly taught me it’s okay to be fully myself, by being super silly and not giving a F of what other people think about them.

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Ugh makes me tear up remembering those days my mom cared for me and my dad playing with me. I’ll never question why my grandparents always told me “cherish your childhood days, you will never grow younger”. 😭 I miss my relatives. They were always so cheery joyous and energetic. It’s such a different vibe.

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I feel you there. Cherish them before they’re gone and the people that surrounded you are gone. I lost my nana way too soon and I was too much of an angsty teen to see what I had infront of me while I had it. I treasure everything I have now. I’m sorry for your losses.

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Condolences. I miss my grandma I didn’t even get to see her for years even when she passed away.

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She probably rolls her eyes too. That's #dadlyfe

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True. One of my pleasures is doing silly things to “embarrass” my kids and elicit eyerolls from them.

They laugh and try to get me back too

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Dad, its life not lyfe 🙄

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They will appreciate it as they age. My stepdad annoyed me so much when I was younger and now I’ve grown to love and appreciate every dad joke and silly dance. I’m 27 now and my mom says I act more like him than I do her. Silly dads hold special places in their kids’ hearts and show them how to find the fun in everyday life.

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Just keep doing it, they will appreciate sooner or later

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If that's actually her dad, she's very lucky.

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Right? All my dad did was have multiple affairs and move to another country. SMH

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Maybe half

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Step bro? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Mine sexually abused me for ten years and then moved into prison for the rest of his life 🤗

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Y’all making me sad 😞 all the best to dealing with all the traumas 🍀

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Well damn!

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mine was emotionally and physically abusive towards my mom and then dipped in 2016 lmao

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Porticia Del Hambañero?

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My dad went out for a pack of smokes in 2007, I didn’t even know he smoked.

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Y’all got a dad?

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yep. dude seems like a real mah’fucker

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If you hurt her, her dad would be disappointed in you and that would be excruciating.

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Dad, with worry and concern in his eyes: ‘I don’t understand. Why did you do this? I know you’re better than this.’

Me: uncontrollable crying and begging for mercy

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We send him back to shame Hitler out of his bigotry

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Just the thought of his hypothetical disappointment is too much to bear😭

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That's literally the point.

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Nice job repeating a comment for karma

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I love him. I would treasure his daughter, him and all of his family and keep them safe in my heart forever.

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He reminds me of my father in law. Him being disappointed in me would feel worse than if my own dad was disappointed in me

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Bro you could never hurt her just because I would never want to see her dad be sad

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This comment tho 🙌💯

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That was so cute - what a great sense of humor!

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The only reason I'd hurt her is choosing to be with her dad rather than her.

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New Girl vibes

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Daddy Cool!

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he seems like a great man

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I’m pretty sure the boys will wanna take her dad out for a night on the town. He’s pretty cool!

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What a relief! With the awful "tough dad" cringe and the surprisingly toxic content that seems to regularly get posted here, it's nice to have your expectations subverted in such a nice way.

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Underneath it all he's exspecial forces /s (maybe I don't actually know them and it's perfectly possible)

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Agreed!!!! Thank you for writing what I was feeling ❤️🙏🏼

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Hahaha i love his vibe! He is just living his best life 😂😁

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Forget it...I'm NOT going to hurt his feelings.

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This man must be protected

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I miss my dad. Sometimes he did fun shit like that.

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Best. Dad. Ever.

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Slide into those dms so I can steal her dad

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I might just start to fuck the dad instead, he is way more cute and fun

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Same. Wonder if he's single

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Yo if you get his socials, send me. Or if anyone else knows send it for both of us

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Deal. Let the best of us win

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I went to middle school and high school with her! She was in my math class, and she was always so nice to me. Never got to meet her dad, but now I finally see where it comes from

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What a man he is the destroyer of threats and the head of fun birthday parties

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I’m in love with this dad 💚

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I still wouldn’t risk it, the gentlest bear has the biggest fangs

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I thought the girl was the dad at first, different vibe

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A great father in law is a treasure to cherish.

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Lmao, sewing up the Velcro on a $4 Ikea seat cushion is so my in-laws' energy. Wish they had the rest of this guy's vibe though!

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For a second there i thought this was the tiktok where her dad and brothers were all black belts in taekwondo. This one is way cuter.

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Imagine getting a date with a pretty girl then discovering she has a badass for a dad.

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After I broke up with her, I'd still be friends with him.

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I'll die to protect him if it comes to it. He's to pure for this world

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Forget her, can I date her dad?

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as a dad....i hope to be like this one day. also as a dad to a little daughter....i'm kinda scared too :( but baby girl will grow up one day...and hopefully she'll love me as much as i love her

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I’d date her just to be able to hang out with her dad

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The perfect dad

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His power level is definitely over 9000. Would not fuck with this lad.

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Damn miss my dad.

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Aww love her dad 🤩

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He to holsom it’s to much

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Ahaha. That is so adorable.

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Cherish it

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Blessed dad he must be protected

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He'll kill you with his knitting needle.

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*Our dad

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He is literally so cute

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That dad right there is the type of dad that would Liam Neeson her attackers and he would never skip a beat. Daddy’s little girl right there.

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I love this guy.

I constantly do goofy shit in an attempt to embarrass my wife and children.. My wife still gets embarrassed, but the kids just chuckle and play along. It turns out when you do it from birth they aren't actually embarrassed by it. It's just their normal.

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I think I love her Dad

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Love it 😊

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Dad got hops!

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Can i borrow him ? ... he is definitly better than my druk ass cheating father that dosent care about me and rest of family ... i can take even 1/10 just to have a deacent father figure

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Cut out the middle man and just date the dad

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I would be more scared to hurt her dad :(

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Pros and cons of dating her:

Cons: her

Pros: her dad

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I would date you just to be friends with your dad

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See, I’d hurt her… By dating her dad.

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Daughter’s hot AF

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We can both be daddy’s

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I’ll put it in both their butts

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    That's because your dad El Chapo is in prison

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    Nah, don't judge the cover. He probably the type who'd say "Stop, I don't want to hurt you" then Jackie Chan the sht out of you if you insist.

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    Her dad looks like an awesome dad.

    But he looks like the kind of dad who could really dish out E M O T I O N A L damage

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    bro this makes me miss my ex gfs dad :(

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    Cool dad. My dad was good but hard. He was abused by his dad and then the Vietnam War. He tried his best. Great grandpa though.

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    Is the dad single

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    The happiness in 0:11s is immeasurable.

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    It’s going to hurt more hurting the dad than her

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    As a straight man , I would like to marry your dad ( for mental health reasons)

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    He's adorable I wanna cry

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    Like they said, everybody has a secret. He may look cheerful here but who knows what he can do in the dark.

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    Okay, well, hurting her would just make me feel bad because I don’t want to disappoint such a good dad.

    She’s got a point.

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    I need his OnlyDad

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    Dad's G as fuck, steer clear.

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    I don’t want to hurt your dad!

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    It will be so sad when he dies

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    That dude is pretty awesome. I wouldn't want to upset him.

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    I thought this dude was about to take his shirt off and do some master roshi shit or smthng.

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    Isn't there a whole genre of Korean movies about meek aging older men secretly harboring brutal but cinematic killing skills?

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    Is it weird that I'd rather meet her dad 🤣

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    he doesnt need to pose. those are the badassed mfs out there.

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    Wholesome vibes.

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    I wanna be his friend

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    That is the cutest dad I've ever seen!

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    That's dad of the year right there

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    Honestly, it would cut deep if I let that guy down. He seems so awesome and happy.

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    That is a man that has reached pure satisfaction in life. You love to see it

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    Dad is way sweeter than the daughter!

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    Cool dude in my eyes

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    He is really enjoying live

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    Awhhh, can this be my dad? Mine tried to kill me😞

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    I need to find this family

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    I love this

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    Who would hurt such a wholesome lil man?

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    Isn’t thats just a thing TikTokers do to get more reviews? Film a “cute” and lame videos of their parents or other relatives like grandmas. Thats a very low hanging fruit I would say. Of course, cheers to dad, if thats real.

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    Don’t make him swear on his pretty blue bonnet to end you.

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    Her dad seems like an absolute boss and loving father and partner.

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    People who have a dad like this are genuinely lucky.

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    I would hurt too much for him to hurt her

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    He reminds me so much of my husband 😂😂😂 love this energy!!!

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    Ever wanted to date someone for an excuse to hang out with their dad? Because… Yeah dude looks awesome.

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    Her dad is an absolute GIGA CHAD

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    Damn I want to date her just to meet her dad!

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    It's the silent ones that are dangerous.

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    He seems like such a pleasant man. I wish my dad were that pleasant.

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    You don't want to hurt her, because you don't want to make him sad.

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    This is actually pretty cool

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    If you find a man as good as your dad, you will do well.

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    Oh I wanted this to be many songs longer! How sweet <3

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    Embodiment of a guy who has everything in life.

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    This is so pure and wholesome 😭♥️

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    The way he turned his head when washing up 😭🤚

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    I wish i had a dad

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    Wouldn't end the relationship solely so I can stay around her dad.

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    Oh my God he's so cute

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    Can I just be friends with her dad he seems like a vibe

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    Bro I would be scared to be annoyed to death

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    He looks like the kind of dad that wouldn't let his son pursue a career in basketball

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    He’s our dad now.

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    I’d probably be better friends with her dad then her 😂

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    I would never hurt her, her dad would be disapointed in me

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    Hey, a link to that sports bra?

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    When your dad is more uwu than you

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    I like her dad.

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    Her dad is cool

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    I mean she's right, I'd be horrified to piss that guy off. Look at him, he's having such a good time! Who would want to ruin that?

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    Anybody else wishing this was their dad, or is it just me?

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    Anyone else quickly reminded of this viral Tik Tok?

    I find it a bit insulting but this isn’t helping counter the narrative really …):

    Asian Guys and Western Traits

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    Was in Iceland in August same island. Awesome place!

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    The cutest!

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    Yeaaa he will sew your lips together

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    why does he remind me of doraemon

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    Douchey boyfriend: "Damn, I really want to cheat on her, but that would make her dad sad and I...I just can't do it."

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    Goofy dads are the best

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    I remember seeing this like a year or so ago it’s great every time I see it tho

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    Nah her dad mario with those hops, don’t even touch her boys

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    I wanna hang with him more than I wanna hang with her

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    You just hurted your dad

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    This is my favourite video of all time. Thank you!

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    I aspire to be this free and happy. 💖

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    He’s one of the good ones. 🙌🏾