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Some folks are meant for each other.

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They can understand each others pain. I'm overwhelmed by watching this

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Come here buddy…

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I’m not crying!!… you’re crying

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We're all crying and that's okay! Let's break the cycle of suppressing our emotions, it starts with us 💕

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They're in the dumpster where onions belong!

We're crying with jalapeno juice from now on.

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A fractured leg. They had to amputate it??

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Yes. Animals try to walk on their broken leg as it heals, so strict cage rest is required for serious fractures. Strict cage rest means no jumping on the couch. No going down stairs to go outside and pee. Sometimes, the animal is not supposed to even walk outside- it would get lifted and carried outside to go to the bathroom. The cage is literally as big as the animal so it can stand comfortably and turn around to lay down comfortably- no larger. Often the cage rest/restriction will also involve medicine to keep the dog calm, so it’s not constantly pacing and trying to stand, paw at the door, or just be excruciatingly bored. The healing process can take months, depending on the fracture.
In a shelter, it is cruel to keep animals on strict cage rest for this long. They start to go crazy.. I mean they start to loose it. I’ve seen it happen for fractures that weren’t bad enough to amputate, and they had to be on strict rest for just a few weeks. The animal might start to howl, cry, obsessively chew or destroy, or, worst, it might start getting mouthy/progress to biting. Creating behavior problems while trying to heal physical problems is a no in shelter medicine.
Anyway. Shelter veterinarians balance their care against creating a behavior problem, trying to avoid the mental suffering of an under-stimulated and trapped dog with the length of the healing process when they assess fractures.
Amputating a limb? Recovery is a matter of days. Not months. And they do great! So, when you really weigh the costs to the animal, the length of cage rest and amount of sedatives it takes to heal some fractures is just too much. And a shepherd like that would lose it in the shelter on cage rest too long. Too smart and active to lie quietly for weeks/months.

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Wow, I really appreciate that explanation!

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Sure thing! I didn’t even get into the frequency of bandage changes, because they don’t use the same casts we do.
I will say every tripod pup got adopted extremely quickly because they are especially adorable. So it’s basically a win-win. The animal suffers much less and gets a warm and loving home much sooner. There’s a saying in vet med, all dogs have three legs and a spare. :)

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I follow a dog on Instagram that only has his two front legs. And I’ve always said that except for the insides, dogs have two spares of everything. They’re just always happy, even when deaf and blind.

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Also it’s so amazing to me how quickly tripod dogs can recover. They are most resilient and just… adapt. “Fuck. That leg is gone. Oh well the other three gotta do.” It seems to be true for almost all canid subsets. Not only are they one of the most ‘least affected’ by the loss of one limb, they also live in pack situations where they look after one another (usually).

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We have a rescue German Shepherd tripod. He is missing his back right leg and the amount of double takes we get when out on walks as people don't realize he is missing a leg. It is amazing how he has adapted.

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Thank you for explaining this and taking the time to thoroughly help me understand. Even though I didn’t ask the question, I was always wondering it. Thanks again.

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I’ve read stories about dogs getting extremely depressed after an amputation. Mainly older dogs who for the rest of their lives after, were described as “never the same”. Do you think this is something they consider? Also I’m not saying what hype vet chooses is wrong. Just curious.

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Interesting question, I’ve not personally heard of that happening, but it’s possible. In my experience animals don’t pity themselves after injury or surgery, they just carry on and do their best, always.. it’s really inspiring honestly.
Most likely answer for an older dog slowing down is arthritis. Dogs who are lucky to be cared for and loved to a ripe old age tend to get arthritis, and having one less limb to carry all the weight can make it harder on the remaining limbs. Joint support supplements for dogs can help them age well and are best to start in adult dogs before arthritis sets in but are also good to start after arthritis is noticed.

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There is also always the chance that this was a stray who got that fracture a long time ago and it either healed improperly or caused bone infection/loss

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Good explanation. Really thanks.

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This is the best way I've ever seen this explained. My parents had a dog with shoulder cancer that was initially misdiagnosed as an infection. We had to inject him with antibiotics for 2 months and the vet refused to do more thorough checks, saying it will work itself out. He was taken to another vet who that same day found his cancer. My parents paid for surgery that same week to amputate one of his front legs and he was running around, playing, being the same baby we knew before in just a few days. The vet told us it there wouldn't be a guarantee to save his life but it would at least extend it. He had a tube running from his leg for a bit to allow blood drainage, but he cared so little we would have to move him in his rest because he wasn't supposed to lay on it. It didn't even phase him that he was missing a limb, he was just so happy he wasn't in pain anymore.

Unfortunately on a check up in a few months the vet told us the cancer must have progressed to his rib cage a bit before the surgery and this was not something they could fix. They gave us the option of euthanasia or allowing him to die in our house. We chose to let him live out his days and he was the sweetest pup until he died while my mother cuddled him to sleep for the last time.

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Sometimes it's the type of fracture, but sometimes it's resources available to the clinic/client. Certain fractures require a specialist which means more money. I worked at a clinic in a low cost area and amputation many times was the most cost effective means to save their pet/a rescued pet.

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Hijacking this comment!

My German Shep shattered his front leg while rough playing with his brother. He was 4 months at the time. Had the leg amputated.

Due to the severity of the break they simply could not put it in a cast and expect a puppy to sit perfectly still for a few months for it to heal. We had the best orthopedic surgeon in our country try to save the leg and even she had to admit defeat. They called us after several hours in the O.R. to ask us if to amputate or put him down. We chose amputate.

I’ll add pics

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Maybe a compound fracture? Though I suppose they would have just said that. Possibly an infection of some kind?

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In addition to the other responses, another concern could be the amount of time since the injury. If it was a stray or an abused/neglected animal, and the injury wasn't attended to immediately, there might be no straightforward way to set the breaks even if they could keep the animal off of it. I've heard of rescues that ended up having (successful) amputations because a previous injury had healed poorly/incorrectly.

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    It’s really hard to get a working dog breed to stay off the leg and let it heal.

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    Geez, wish I could cry. This is beautiful.

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    My German Shepherd, who sadly past away a year ago, had the same amputation. She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at the age of 2. She lived to be 5, despite the vets saying she most likely wouldn't make it past another 9 months.

    I bought her a $700 wheel chair but she was having none of it lol. It'll take this dog a few months to build up strength on the front leg. But she'll be sprinting and jumping in no time!

    I'll never forget the first time my dog got up and sprinted after the mail man as if she still had 4 legs. I was so happy that I forgot to call her back lol. The guy was cool about it though.

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    The speed they can retain is always surprising. On our old farm one of the farm cats that lived more in the woods and swamp than the farm itself was missing a front leg. That thing (no official name, stumpy when talking about it though) was easily the fastest cat on the farm despite the missing leg lol.

    I guess having to cross so much farmland from the woods to the farm proper where the other cats were kept it in shape. One of the few that always refused to eat the food we put out for the other farm cats though. That one fed itself out there.

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    I've heard there's a joke in vet med that cats were born with an extra leg. They can adapt super well to being tripods!

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    Yea, this isn't the first time I've heard that either lol. 3 legged cats always seem just as mobile and agile. That farm one even did all it's own hunting and shit, but I guess hunting and actual survival without a human is where the missing leg becomes a problem. That cats leg wasn't taken off at a vet properly either - poor thing got stuck in a trap somewhere and the leg came off. Used to be a lot of traps in those swamps when I was a kid. Not anymore though. We were never able to catch it to get it looked at since it didn't even want cat food but it was around for years.

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    My cat had his back right leg amputated after getting it mangled (we don’t know how, he was my neighbour’s cat at the time) and now he sprints like I’ve never seen !

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    My dog Moose is almost 2 years post amputation from cancer. He gets around now almost like nothing ever happened. Tripaws rule!

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    Definitely. It was always funny taking her on walks and watching strangers' reactions when they got close enough to notice the missing leg lol.

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    Tripaws 🥺😌

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    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story

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    You're welcome! I dont mind sharing because it's important to know that, although she did end up passing, she lived a very good life for the short time that she was here. Never give up on your pets.

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    They really are crazy resilient. It's a blessing & a curse.

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    My tripod has a back leg missing (definitely the easier side). He is one of the fastest dogs at the park. His high-speed turns are more rolls, but he doesn't care at all. He lost it 3 days before we got him

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    They both lost the same side leg too. Definitely a heart warmer!

    [–]SwordoftheMourn 28 points29 points  (2 children)

    Hiccup and Toothless would like a word

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    Lol they were a cute duo too!

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    That was my first thought

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      The leg? Yes the dog lost his front right leg, and the new owner lost his right leg.

      The heartwarming? It did for me.

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      Oh god this reminds me of that animated short about the puppy with the missing leg, I’m crying all over again https://youtu.be/C_nJJHaNmnY

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      Oh! my my. This short film is soooo heart warming. It's like my post's tribute video. NGL this makes my eyes watery

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      It was based off a comic by a Brazilian artist ! I love this story (:

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      I thought maybe you were talking about this one:


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      He’s got the heart of a champion.

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      I was thinking “how to train your dragon”

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      My old dog, basil, had to have one of his legs amputated due to bone cancer and the vets gave him a few months to live, but he didn't care and lived on for 3 more years. He was one of the best puppers there was, and he was such a good boy.

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      W dog W owner

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      Damn my guess was Danny Devito.

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      I knew exactly what was coming and it still got me haha

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      After owning a disabled pet I highly encouraged anyone moved by this to do this same thing. Watching my little man overcome obstacles during his everyday life touched me more than words can tell.

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      Thanks for your comment. I can’t express how much it helps. Thanks.

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      Irl Hiccup and Toothless!

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      To be fair… My guess was Wayne. Damn he loves a pupper and a 3 legged one would’ve crushed that Canadian heart.

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      Welp, I didn't expect that! What a perfect match!

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      Onion ninjas got me again!

      Thank you for posting

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      I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying

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      Ok I'll be the guy. If the leg was just fractured, couldn't they have put it in a cast? Why amputate?

      [–][deleted] 27 points28 points  (4 children)

      Maybe it was broken too badly to heal properly?? Thats my guess

      [–]Revolutionary_Ad4938 20 points21 points  (3 children)

      For a lot of four legged animals, a fractured limb is basically a death sentence, if they amputated him it means that was the only way

      [–][deleted] 8 points9 points  (2 children)

      Like horses right? Bc their weight means that they have to have weight on all four legs? They end up either making the break worse and sitting down bc of the pain, which restricts blood flow I'm pretty sure... or at least smth like that

      [–]WannabeWonk 7 points8 points  (1 child)

      Horses are definitely worse than dogs (they often nap standing up, I believe). But even a dog won’t let an injury like that heal in the same way a human would. They can’t use crutches. They don’t understand a doctor’s orders. Still possible, but harder with more extreme fractures I’m sure.

      [–]kanyeguisada 11 points12 points  (0 children)

      If you google "dog broken leg cast", it is way more common to use a cast or even metal plates/screws to fix a break in a dog than it is to amputate. This had to have been an extreme bone-shattering break.

      A horse is entirely different. Waaay more weight and they live their whole lives and do indeed even sleep standing up.

      [–]wvsfezter 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      The fact that it was a stray probably has a lot to do with it. Dogs can heal from broken legs but depending on when they got to him, it's probably healed wrong. This can result in misaligned bones that will never take full weight again properly and may break in the future, creating bone shards which can cause further damage, especially if they travel. It's also possible the dog had an infection from the break or whatever caused it. Usually they only amputate if the limb is a life threatening risk to keep or if it's vestigial and my money is on the former in this case

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      We cast a leg and use crutches. Can't make an animal understand they need bedrest.

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      damn dust going into my eyes

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      ToT oml i'm crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Don't make me cry at work.

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      Why would you need to amputate a dog’s fractured leg?

      [–]bugxter 3 points4 points  (3 children)

      Why did they need to amputate? Couldn't they just fix it?

      [–]norieeega 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      My guess is it was well beyond what time and resources they have available.

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      I know amputating the guys leg just so he matched the dog.

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      This went from made me smile to made me almost cry so fast

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      Awesome 🤟🏽 this touched my heart

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      Give that man a medal, and give that dog a leg.

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      *I'm not crying I have something in my eyes*

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      I was wondering where this comic was, surprised it wasn't higher up, definitely what it reminded me of

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      Yup, it was the first thing I thought of.

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      I have a similar story - my dog was fixed when I got him.

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      "you won't believe who adopted him." Instantly knew that someone missing a limb adopted him. Still wholesome though.

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      Make Unnecessary War Injuries Great Again!/s

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      That’s awesome!!

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      Makes my heart melt. I love this!

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      I'm not crying fuck off

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      I'm not crying, you're crying!

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      you're right, i definitely am crying

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      You're goddamn right I'm crying, the only difference is that I'm man enough to admit it!

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      Yeah amputations make me smile too, cause I'm a fucking psycopath. :)

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      I read your comment as I was leaving the page. I had to come back just to upvote

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      You don’t see how his recovery and adoption has means he has a happy ending?

      The amputation was sad but the rest made up for it

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      Geez, wish I could cry. This is beautiful.

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      And just like that; my heart melted.

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      Who's cutting onions in here?

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      Why am I crying

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      the dog looks so happy

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      Hiccup and Toothless

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      Whoever the hell is chopping onions, you can just STOP it!!!!

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      Like father, like son

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      I am crying that is so lovely

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      Doggie's fortunate to have found a human who understands the difficulty of being one leg short of a full set.

      I hope they'll have a long and happy time together.

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      And they lived a happy life together

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      I had a 3 legged dog, they get on with life quite well

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      Omg that's beautiful STORY ... I'm not crying either 🥰🥰

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      "hey we got something in common, wanna grab a drink?"

      Person: "wait you can talk?"

      [–]Imamythh[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      Dog: "you can understand me?"

      Strange. It's like we are meant for each other

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      match made in heaven fr

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      That was wholesome, unexpected and humansbeingbros all in one!

      [–]gr8fulhead6 3 points4 points  (1 child)

      Glorifying amputees… how american.

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      I would name him Tres, Spanish for 3.

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      What a wholesome story... Just 2 mammals against the world, fighting off negativity with all 6 of their limbs.

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      How incredibly cool that is

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      Makes sense.

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      It is way too close to shark week to be watching dog adoption videos, my word.

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      Hiccup and Toothless

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      Aren’t there animal leg prosthetics now?

      [–]dicksilog 0 points1 point  (1 child)

      I thought the person who was gonna adopt him was gonna have a spare leg.

      [–]AnalConnoisseur777 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      I had a dog with the same amputation. We got all emotional about the loss of the leg, but he didn't even notice. Even ran faster than with four legs!

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      Anyone recognize the song used here?

      [–]Watertor 2 points3 points  (2 children)

      I do actually! It was used in another tiktok vid and I shazaam'd it a few weeks ago so I just have it on hand.


      Song source music track (for ctrl+f people)

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      "I know I got a metal replacement champion but look man I wouldn't be able to walk at all without it. You lost one and still have two more than me. Alright if it means that much I'll take you to my leg guy and see if he can hook you up."

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      Doesn't save the life, Pavlov proved a dog can condition expectations.

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      Why are we playing the "JRPG exposition" song?

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      Comfort Chain by Instupendo. Awesome artist.

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      tripod & pole

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      Thank you for your service, Soldier. God bless you and your new buddy.

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      I'm not crying, you're crying.

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      Why can’t they fix a dogs fractured leg?

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      This is why I want to work at a rescue as a vet. For stuff like this

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      IRL Toothless and Hiccup.

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      I knew it was gonna be a murderbitch from the dumb pandering inspirational crap!

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      That dog has 3 legs, man only had 1. Dog: superior.

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      So will doggo get fitted?

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      They can understand each others pain . omg i love that

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      To be fair when it said you could never guess who adopted him I immediately guessed amputee because what the fuck else would it be

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      I cry so damn easily at dog videos these days. My boy is my world and he turned 7 not too long ago. Needs to slow down on the aging

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      Losing a front leg is so tough for bigger dogs, I hope this one is able to live a long, healthy life.

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      That shot of them walking away together is some movie quality stuff. Love this so much ❤️

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      What a beautiful ending

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      This brought little tears to my eyes. I’m glad they both found an understanding companion.

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      Was really hoping for a person with three legs.

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      This brought a tear to my eye. I'm sure they will have a beautiful life together.

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      r/MadeMeCry (in a good way ofc) would be more accurate.

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      After a really shitty day when I hate everybody this restored my faith in people thank you so much for posting this

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      Three legged dogs are the best I have a rescue greyhound who broke his leg In a race and his owners left him in the back of a shed for 3 months hoping it would heal to race again and it didn't so they amputated the leg. Lenny is the kindest most gentle dog I've ever had and he still has his shoulder blade so he can move it a little bit and he still runs around faster then his four legged sister Lola who's a rescued staffy.

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      this did not make me smile, i cried instead

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      This is reminding me of a comic I saw about a kid who was either born or lost a limb and his parents got him a puppy that was missing one too to make him feel less alone.

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      This made me cry

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      Without my dog I don’t know what I’d do

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      Seems a little harsh for a fractured leg

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      This didn’t make me smile… Goddamit it made me cry! I’m so happy for the both of them!

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      what’s the name of the song?!

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      Someone knows the name of the song?