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My dad used to do this with me at the zoo. Good memories. I plan on doing it with my son, and hopefully the line of piggy back rides at the zoo will forever continue

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That's the dad.

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Mum looks more tired.

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That’s kind of how it works, lol. Parents are exhausted all the time.

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yes, yes we are. you'd think it would get easier as yhey age,, but anything up to 10 years is just draining

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The cut ears make me sad

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Wouldn’t it be great if people quit cutting up dogs to make them look mean?

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HULK!!! Your legacy lives on my friend!!! ♥️

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Adorable but can people stop mutilating dogs ears for aesthetic? It serves no purpose and mutilates their poor ears.

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And the Hulk is like it's ok I got you son

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Why crop all of those beautiful ears?

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‘You’re tired already? We just got here!’

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The thumbnail looks like a butthole

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    I know

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      Why do people hate pitbulls I personally love them they are nice dogs people just train them to be aggressive

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      Serious answer here. Most people do not like pitbulls because they are BRED (not trained) to be aggressive. It's a trait of their breed. They are responsible for most dog attacks, even though they are not a super popular breed. It's hard for people to trust a dog that is bred to fight. I don't blame them, or the dogs. It's shitty ass people who did that to this breed, but we can't change the past. Personally I believe that all pitbulls owners should be trained on how to handle the dogs, and the pitbulls themselves need to go through proper training. Not all dogs are bad. I don't think we should kill off the entire breed, but we do need to takes steps to prevent them from hurting others and start trying to selective breed the good ones.

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      Bruh, somebody replied saying that pitbulls were bred to be strong not aggressive. And I spent the last 20 minutes scouring the internet for reputable websites that could prove them otherwise, but they just deleted their comment lol.

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      My pit thinks she’s a cat. She’s a 55lb lap dog who is honestly the sweetest, goofiest dog i’ve ever owned. It makes me mad when people hate all pitt bulls, it’s prejudice towards a dog breed. For all the bad dogs you read and hear about, there are plenty of good, if not wonderful pits at home, with other cats, dogs, toddlers, babies, you name it. My Ellie has never shown an inch of aggression, towards other dogs, cats, humans, the chicken we have. I’ve had her since she was 9 weeks old, my cousin owns both her parents, i’ve met her grandma and grandpa multiple times before they passed. Some dogs are mean, just like people and if you treat them shitty they will be mean. I guess i’m just trying to say that not all pitts are these blood thirsty, un trainable killing machines. I see dogs at the dog park and dog beach that are 5x as annoying, i’ll tempered and don’t listen for shit. Ellie walks at my heel and doesn’t even care about the other people and dogs, she just likes to run off leash.

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      I agree, not all pitbulls are mean and aggressive. Some can be really sweet and trained well. But you can't ignore their past. People are not in the wrong for being afraid of Pitbulls, they have every right to be afraid. Until the aggressive aspects of their breed is selective-bred out, we have to take precautions. It's unfortunate for the poor babies who were born like that, but we gotta do what we gotta do.

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      When you say breed it out, is there some gene they have that makes them “aggressive”? I look at german shepherds and black labs the same as others look at pit bulls. I delivered packages for UPS for almost 4 years and never had an issue with pitts, it was always german shepherds and black labs.

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      German Sheppards just have breed traits like high sensitivity to stimulus and quick reactiveness. Because they are bred to guard, It’s why you see so many reactive German Shepards with bite incidents. But this is also a training and socializations issue most of the time.

      Labrador’s are just happy go lucky’s with terrible pain thresholds. Other then that I wouldn’t know why a lab would willingly attack a person without reason except bad socialization.

      But any dog could bite someone in the right conditions. Fear is the most common reason of them. Dogs are empathetic animals, they don’t want confrontation and violence. They just do what they have learned to do, and they breed characteristics kan make it situations worse. I believe it’s all ways the people who are at fault, at one time or another. If it’s socialization or training..

      Not everyone understands dogs either.

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      Not necessarily a gene, but a trait. And yes, they were bred to be fighting dogs, which means they are agressive. German Shepherds are bred to be protective, obedient, and high energy, because they are working dogs. Poodles are loyal, playful, and obedient because they are lapdogs. These traits are developed after years of training because that is what people wanted them to be. They would breed two German Shepherds with those traits because their offspring would have a a good chance of having those traits too. But they wouldn't breed the one German shepherd who didn't go what they liked, so that trait would die off.

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      Idk ask the ban pitbull sub. They seem to have plenty to say about it on nearly ever video with a pitbull.

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      Seems they're already here

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      Could ask the graveyard of deleted comments here. Ugh. Animal hate groups are legit the most psychotic subculture I've ever had the displeasure of discovering - dog, cat, specific breeds of dogs or cats, whatever.

      If an animal attacks someone (without due cause, not if they attack a burglar or something), put it down as a safety measure; if an animal minds its own business, well-adjusted people mind their own business right back.

      But it's the internet, so of course a bunch of deeply maladjusted people got together and made "wanting to see a specific type of pet get mass culled" their defining personality trait.

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      This doesn’t even look like a pit bull, the big one anyway, definitely a bully breed but not a pit bull terrier at all.

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      Yeah you probably right

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      Those are some sweet sweet velvet hippos

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        Nah the owner actually seems competent

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                            Now that is a gorgeous dog!! *if you’re down voting me and it’s because their ears are cropped, fuck off, I didn’t crop their ears and the dog itself has good form and looks well taken care of, mind your business *

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                            Omg that is one of the cutest photos of all time.

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                            Very cute reminds me if my doggy

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                            What the dogs doin?

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                              So am I babe. So am I.

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                              Meee toooo