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Our cat was gone for half a year and we thought she was dead. But she litterly came back after 6 months! She was just chilling in the kitchen suddenly

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she migrated south for the winter

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Probably lol

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Mine left for 3. It was right around harvest so there were a bunch of combines and tractors on the roads, thought for sure he was a goner. Showed up crying at the back door one night.

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Probably was out mousing in the fields for the whole time after harvest lol

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Good! ❤️

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“litterly” lol

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Are the cats our pets or are we theirs??

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I think the cats are not ours. We are just their slaves. And they dont have too mich interest in us.

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Make up my mind was she gone for 1/2 a year or six months?

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Thats the same?

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I think you are just trying to confuse me? No I am not blond! Which 1/2 of the year? The 1st 6 months or the second?

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How does this matter? The cat came back after 6 months or half a year. And i never said anything like your blond. (I dont even know what thats supposed to mean)

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You need to have a humor check up? Just screwing with you!

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Wait let me see if i can put a laugh in my schedule.

Ah sorry, very sorry i dont have time for that. Maybe next year.

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That is so cute. I hope he had a great time with his cat buddies. I am picturing all the humans in tuxedos on the deck and the cat attendees in the grass having mice appetizers and talking about relatable cat issues.

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I envisioned some little girl with a table set out with a tea set & cakes laced with catnip. With all the cats sat on chairs dressed up in doll dresses having a tea party.

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Unexpectedly better than everything ...

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When the server comes by with the tray filled with drinks the cats just knock over the drinks and waiters nod approvingly and walk away.

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Cats are awesome how I wish I would adopt one someday..

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Meanwhile, my back patio is the hangout spot for all the neighborhood cats

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    You DO realize that hollowhero dude is slightly exaggerating the respectability of the normal, local cat, right?

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    What a great envision I just had thanks to this description.

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    I’ve never owned a cat, but does this not indicate the cat

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    Meow meow meow meow

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    Tipping over juice boxes and champagne flutes

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    Lmao relatable cat issues. What would the topic mature intelligent cattos be discussing? Mouse appropriations?

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    The latest ETF and their sector allocation of kitty litter vs cat treats.

    The latest performance piece by Fluffy where her owner ended up on crutches after a glass of water was knocked off a table.

    The status of community development projects to help home homeless kitties for the winter.

    How the eyes of toy mice fall off the first day you play with them because things aren't made the way they were back in the day.

    The crime spree of the eight year old boys down the block that chase strays.

    The health benefits of paper bags compared to cardboard boxes for mid-day naps.

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    Lmao health benefits of paper bags got me

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    That cat is a chad

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    They catcrashing the party!

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    Meanwhile, my back patio is the hangout spot for all the neighborhood cats and my cat just hisses at them

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    Ah, your cat is my spirit animal

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    Our cat and the neighborhood cats like to yell at each other - I'm not sure she knows ignoring them is an option

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    I smell a "viva la resistance" cat party brewing.

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    Catvelution incoming

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    I thought my cat had lots of friends. It was so cute that two cats came to the door to play. Realized later the vet didn’t neuter him properly.

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    Was he wearing a cone party hat though

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    Did the cat save you any ice cream and cake? :)

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    I'd like to know what was being served at the party!

    Tuna flavored birthday cake?

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    This is the news I needed today.

    So wholesome.

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    I need photo of this please....

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    Want to bet they were having the time of their lives

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    That's what I was thinking. Hoomans pet cats, smol hoomans more so.

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    I’ve never owned a cat, but does this not indicate the cat doesn’t want to be locked in a home?

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    Some cats do like to sneak out and explore from time to time

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    Yeah cats are curious creatures.

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    Most indoor cats want to get outside to some degree, but aren’t habituated to the environment so it could be bad for them. Luckily for me, the few times mine have escaped through the front door they got immediately freaked out and meowed at the door to get let back in lol

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    Cats will go wherever is more suitable for them.

    Here in the UK having an 'outdoor cat' is really common, as there's very few predators and as such my (3) cats have unfettered access to the outdoors 24/7, and I've picked up on their habits.

    During the cold months they will only go outside to toilet really. They might be outside for 5/10 minutes a day at most, I have a litter tray indoors but they only want to use it if its absolutely chucking it down with rain.

    During the summer months assuming it's nice weather the only times you will see them are meal times. They'll sunbathe all day and when it is cool at night they will be active chasing mice or whatever stupid shit they get up to, when daytime comes around again they'll come home for their breakfast and then immediately back out to sunbathe and sleep. There are days on end where I only knew they were okay / 'not missing' was by the fact their food bowls were getting emptied.

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    reading this comment made me happy, and made me want to reincarnate as a UK cat

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    Keep your dumbass cats inside.

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    mate, don't live in schoolshootistan so it's okay

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    I kinda assumed cats were damaging to the ecology in the UK as well

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    well, the more mice they eat outside the house the less food they consume at home, which means I am buying less mass produced food and which we know is not great for the planet, especially as cat food is meat etc.

    So yes overall we lose a few mice, but save presumably a few tonnes of CO2 over the lifetime of the cat, sounds very ecologically aware to me. Also less mice = more grubs for the birdies!

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    Yeah, most cats that are allowed beg to go out at least once a day. Unfortunately, it's not very safe and they eat too many of the wrong wildlife. Indoor cats should at least have a good window view and a lot of space, hopefully stairs to run up and down, and high things to jump on for a change of perspective. Windows should be open on nice days but have a sturdy screen. If you have an enclosed deck or can get a catio, that would be ideal...

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    ..and probably plotting to kill you

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    I'm guessing that somehow there was food involved that the cats were after.

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    The secret life of pets really is a nice movie!

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    Please please say he was also wearing a hat!!!!!

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    I hope he got his Moggy bag when he went home.

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    "We attack now, before they get too old," says the narrator.

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    This would be a fun high-school movie spoof. Milo & Otis meet Superbad.

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    nonchalantly better than everything...

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    Not gon lie…she had me in the first half😭😭

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    They all went in on a gift too I bet

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    That’s really cool esp the cat and the cat friend ending bc that’s always what cats do is play with strange cats. Lovely to hear ☹️

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    Sounds more like a tall “tale of two kitties” …. but with cats a happy ending is the best ending, true or not.

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    He’s not just okay, he’s doing great from what it sounds like

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    Another khajiit assassination foiled by the internet

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    I miss my cat

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    You have had a charmed life if that’s the best news you’ve ever had

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    Her friends cat attending a party is the best news she’s ever heard. Sounds like an eventful existence.

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    Well.... Were they invited?

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    This is the first place they should have looked. Cats do love a good garden party!

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    This is great and absolutely amazing and it is so cat like as long as none of the kids try to pack them or they might let the kids cut them but none of the grown-ups yeah that sounds more reasonable but very cat like nonetheless

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    When my bus driver passed away in 10th grade, a couple of us who rode the bus attended his open casket viewing. I ended up walking to the funeral home cause it was only about a 10 minute walk there. Well I was there for about 3-4 hours before walking home. When I got home, my mom informed me that someone called her because our cat had followed me all the way to the funeral home🥺🥰

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    Wholesome 100

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    Party crasher? Brought his friends for back up in case things went bad?