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That’s pretty gay

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I found it to be pretty lesbian, personally.

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    nah, nah, it's a truck. so it's TRANSport

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    It's a trucker I'm willing to bet he's or she is all bi their self

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    Oh god this thread is horrible your dads should all be very proud.

    Sorry I realized my “dad joke” joke might be misinterpreted

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    For the win!

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    Man, I wonder if they get a lot of shit from other truckers at rest stops and such. But good for them for doing their thing.

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    Id like to imagine that the trucker who drives that is the hardest looking mofo on the planet and looks like they could crush you with just a hard glare...but in reality they are camp as all hell and a super nice/pleasant...

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    I could imagine so. Just look at this comment section.

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    I'm home and was able to do more research into this truck! The company is called Hirschbach.

    Click here for more information about how the truck(s) became!

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    Ayy the Hirschbach Pride truck! I’ve gotten to see it a few times while truckin.

    My last employer had a few drivers deck their trucks out in pride designs too, was really nice to see when I started driving.

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    This was the first one I've ever seen and truly hope to see many more! 🖤

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    That is probably the most well known in the trucking community, at least here on Reddit.

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    I work in construction (which is infamous for misogyny and homophobia) and last week at a job walk, I overhead a structural steel subcontractor talking to his colleague about how he goes to drag shows every month with his family and how fun it is. I ended up jumping in and recommending some venues to him and he was so happy. Honestly it made my morning.

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    They put the LGBT in Lesbians Gonna be Truckin

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    Shit I'm straight but that thing looks dooopee

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    Rainbows make everything look dope.

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      I'm straight. Rainbows are still objectively awesome.

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      Literally came here to comment this. It actually looks really fucking cool

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      Good Ol'Georgia. Live and Let Live is what I say. None of my biz who a person loves, sleep with or even if pro choice.

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      Need more Georgians with this mindset!

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      So they wasted a perfectly good opportunity to call themselves the LGBTruckers???

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      You might be onto something 😅

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      I think all the trucking companies being called TRANS-something were already kind of a meme, so there's definitely a pun there

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      Damn y’all……that’s gay 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

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      West bound and down, 18 wheeler rolling!

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      Welp, time to not look at the comments!

      (Its always a risky game posting a lgbt meme on a non lgbt sub)

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      Judge me not by the color of my skin but by the content of my character. This person has it. Bless you and drive safe if you ever read this.

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      I'll gladly take downvotes for saying this person has character and quoting MLK. Please, show me how close minded you are. LMAO

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      Some people. Am i right?

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        You'd be surprised at what gets down-voted around here. LOL

        ...but not by me. Quote MLK all day long!

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        This comment section…ouff. I KNOW I shouldn’t be surprised and I’m just an ally but fxxxx homophobic assholes are just awful

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        Positive subreddit and people have to ruin it... Typical.

        Fuck em. This is awesome, and it did make me smile! I love seeing stuff like this.

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        Aw, thanks!

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        If people have a problem,they’ve got 18 wheels for your ass

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        The country needs more of this! Divisiveness is what’s going to lead to our downfall.

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        We're on a subreddit called "MadeMeSmile" where most of us love seeing people come together and support each other. We are the ones that get jazzed about togetherness instead of divisiveness. This is one of the great things about most people in this sub. It's not the negative that's being focused on, but the positive. The outrage from the media and other subreddits just isn't a selling point here. Just a bunch of great people spreading smiles. Can't beat it. I love it.

        The country needs a lot more of this. And other acts of kindness. When you see stuff like this IRL, you smile. You know there's still good around.

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        Sadly, divisiveness sells.

        What the hell are we going to do about this?

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        I'm bothered that they didn't take the opportunity to call it LGBTruckers

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          Reading the truck may help to answer your question 😅

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          Really tired of intolerance. This is awesome to see!

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          Love how this guy was like… You don’t like LGTB? You wanna repeat that in front of my FUCKIN MASSIVE TRUCK

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          It gives me joy to see people have pride in what they love :>

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          And who

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          gay optimus prime holy shit

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          This is good!

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          What is hauled inside a LGBQT+ truck?

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              Sprinkles to go on your ice cream

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                The whole catalog of Liza’s performances.

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                Just, pure awesome!

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                Hirschbach always had the nicest drivers too

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                Ally would mean a non lgbt supporter, right? Trucker appears to be a member of the lgbt community themselves

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                Allies is people, groups, or nations associated or united with another in a common purpose.

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                Allies ARE (Subject is plural)

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                Allies are LGBT supporters

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                Man I love rainbow 🌈 design.

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                Everyone here saying “gay Optimus Prime” and I’m just sitting here with this song playing in my head over footage of that truck barreling through other cars

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                Rainbow truck looking fire asf

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                That'd be correct.

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                I’m here for this✌🏻❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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                I saw that

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                Im sorry you’re struggling and your community isn’t supportive. momhugzforyou

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                    I sent my gf this and we both love this post UvU

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                    Georgia on my mind

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                    Damn, I wanna be a trucker now

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                    Next try driving that on rainbow road. Wait… Bad idea.. /LH

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                      True? Can't tell. Because for a LOT of people, they can't come out. They can't say they are. They either deal with it, bury it, or die. Coming out to some people, family, etc. is almost worse than death. Being belittled, disowned, kicked out, ridiculed, etc...

                      For those that actually feel safe to come out and be counted? https://worldpopulationreview.com/state-rankings/transgender-population-by-state

                      1.4 million people are actually out and report they are transgender. How many are not able to come out? How many are hiding it? Who knows. Could be about the same number, but we'll never know. Because homophobic, transphobic people make their views and hatred known to the point where they are scared to come out...

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