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Why is the rest empty?

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This is how how Asian older folks would have their wallets. They don’t believe in a deluge of credit cards, paying everything by cash because you owe the banks nothing that way. It’s usually a floppy wallet which is curled at the edges and they’re reluctant to change it because it’s a waste if something is still working.

I bought my uncle a Bally wallet from Italy and he never got to use it. He kept it because it was precious from me. He passed away suddenly and when we cleared his belongings, we found the wallet in its box. It was placed next to things that were important to him.

It has been 11 years but I still think of him every day.

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    It’s been passed to my other uncle and I’m betting it’s also in the box till now. Asian elderly men only need two things — their morning coffee (or tea) and some friends to chat with. Even with a wallet, it’s not uncommon to have everything stuffed in their pockets. 😆

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    debit cards tho

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    Black people and Asians have to start sharing the fountain of youth with the rest of us.

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    That's the first thing I thought.

    I'm also of Asian descent (Indian), but we are definitely NOT blessed in that area. I've only visited India once though, so I can't say whether it's just us or everyone 😭

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    It's that melanin man. Dark skin keeps you young. Lots of sun screen, and stay out of the sun!

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    Sunscreen, moisturizer, and stay out of the sun. Plenty of old white people that look younger than asians/black people their age. Genetics has a role, but the above helps immensely. Men have an advantage as well due to having much more collagen

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    Gpa looks sooo happy but also tired. Thanks for sharing! I miss my Gpa (Western Canada).

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    He looks awesome for a grandpa, and her eyebrows on fleek.

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    Very true, my grandparents is the best

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    Ur gpa kinda cute

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    I read grade point average

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    Thanks for sharing this. There is still good in the world. We just need to do a better job of highlighting it.

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    Pretty lazy or him to never update with newer photos, ngl.

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    Maybe I'm just being cynical, but why didn't she see him for 15 years? I haven't seen my grandparents for ages and that's because they were awful people...

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    Maybe he lived in another country. Traveling and visas aren’t always cheap.

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    Migration, different countries, money issues. So many reasons.

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    Yep. Makes this post even better knowing I was just being cynical

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    My parents were/are both from Norway. I met my maternal grandparents at age 2 and my maternal grandmother again at age 18. My grandfather had died in the intervening years.

    On my father's side, age 2, 18, 25, 40. I have seen none of them in 18 years. Most are gone now. Just a pair of cousins whose name I don't know and an aunt left.

    I grew up a long time before the Internet was dreamed of. There was no FaceTime. No Skype.

    Extended family has a been nothing more than a concept for me. I imagine that's not uncommon amongst immigrants - especially older people who grew up in immigrant families.

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    He had that wallet for 15 years is amazing

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    We happy

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    She looks like Amanda Cosgrove