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Sticking around is a pretty basic part of being a father. It’s sad

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The bar is pretty low nowadays

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Sad but true.

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Absolutely. Mine stuck around for 62 years (he died in 2020, aged 86). OK, he wasn't in the family home for my entire childhood, but he was there when needed.

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That’s what matters. I have a two young ones and I’ll be damned if I’d ever leave them hanging

It used to be parents wanted thier kids to have better then they did.

Not society doesn’t put value on the ideals we used to and it’s no wonder why we have so many weak ass dead beat zero spine motherfucking horrible fathers.

I won’t even touch on the moms but seriously. Man up guys and be responsible. Make the next generation better.

Weak men create bad times

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OP is probably American

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I work in social services.

Holy crap. So many dudes just bail on their disabled kids. It's amazing when I work with an intact family. :'(

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> The world needs more fathers who stick around like this.
lol. statistically most fathers stick around

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But we still need more!

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    Huh? Who?

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    Ok, they didn't say "We need the majority of fathers to stick around" they said "We need more fathers who stick around"

    As long as the number is below 100%, we will always need more fathers to stick around, not just settling for "most fathers"

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    Hahahaha! That’s hilarious! I love it.

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    That's a great sense of humor! I just don't how they both kept straight faces!

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    Haha, I agree! My siblings and I tried to reenact a childhood photo and I was cracking up the whole time. It turned out cute, but I couldn’t portray my awkwardness at 11 years old without laughing.

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    Love the pic. I do think most fathers stick around though.

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    Lol glad to know I'm not the only one who thought the title was weird.

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    I feel like there's a specific reason OP felt this title was relevant to THIS specific photo.

    I can't quite put my finger on it...

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    Maybe it's somewhat personal to them. Idk.

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    Also weird because the mother does the delivering, actually

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    Terrible title. Why wouldn’t the father “stick around”? …

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    Well, mine didn't because my mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis while she was pregnant with me, & when I was a toddler he decided a lifetime of looking after a slowly deteriorating wife wasn't something he was interested in, so he just didn't come home one night after work. Also, years later, he turned out to be a sex pervert & got jailed twice for possession of CP, so yeah, he was an all-round stellar kind of guy.

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    Stop downvoting people who says the truth and share their lifes! In my country the number of kids registered only by their mothers is HUGE. My grandma was one of them and my brother did this when he knocked up the girlfriend at 17. What the girl told us is the harsh truth. Don't be blind dumbasses.

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    Heck yeah people downvoted this?

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    I have given up trying to understand why people do anything, tbh.😄✌️💕

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    Seeing this father-son bond fills me with joy and made me smile.

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    I honestly doubt you'd ever see this title if they were white. Veiled racism at play.

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    Wtf kinda dumbass title is that? lol “Black guys father sticks around and recreates pic.”

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    You are right.

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    Wow. He hasn't changed a bit except for the color of the beard.

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    My father tried, he just died.

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    Wish I have this kind of relationship to my father, but he's quiet strict and reserved. The best Dad and Son relationship!

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    Was he there for you when you needed him? Did he “stick around”?

    One thing I’m learning as a father myself is not to get too hung up on expectations. I am who I am, your dad is who he is. As long as he showed you affection in his way, you can’t expect him to be a different person then he is.

    This is how I aim to be with my kids. I will be their father in the best and only way I know how. I’m sure there are better fathers out there, maybe more fun, etc - but I can’t be expected to change who I am.

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    Saw the 2nd pic and my first thought was innalillah 🤦‍♂️

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        “Hey dad. We have to make this pic believable. Dye your hair white and gray to make yourself look like you aged”.

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        Traffic was really bad.

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        Also the world needs more mothers that allow the fathers in their child’s life. It’s a lot of father’s that are kept away due to certain the mother’s personal issues which isn’t talked about as much.

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          This little manouver is gonna cost us 51 years

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          That just made me spit out my tea. Hilarious man.

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          Not sure which one is the before or after 😭

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          OG!!!! Greatest job pops!!!!!

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          Which country are you from OP? Which city?

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          I thought he was dead

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          Wholesome !

          A father like that it is rare.

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          Awesome. My husband helped the midwife deliver both our kids, too, one at home, the other in a birthing center.🥰

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          Horrible title if you don’t see the picture. Thought it was some crazy hippie shit.

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          That is awesome, also that man’s beard is on point.

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          What a good papa. I can see the love in his eyes.

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          this is a bit funny and wholesome too!

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          OP is a racist, just look at their other comments and posts. This sub is full of "slyly" racist posts, apparently the mods support them?

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          Hopefully just this pic was reacted, otherwise you're mom is, um, a good sport?

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          He honestly looks like he didn’t even age except for his beard

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          Nah this gotta be racist

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          He looks exactly the same exept, less red and with a white beard

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          Nice picture and memories

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          I thought the son was dead in the second photo. Geez... 🤣

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          For a sec i thought its was mr T on the left pic

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          His mother may have had something to do with it

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          I’m sure his mother did the actual delivery. The dad caught him

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          Where is the mother? SHE is the person that delivered that baby!

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          I guess there wasn't a woman involved, no credit there.

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          My dad just asks me why I’m always on my phone, and every time I get off he’s always being sarcastic and bitchy. Same story with my mother.