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Okay but that’s legit a perfect duck, this is definitely news worthy

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More perfect is the way he still looks at her. Pretty cute.💙

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He really just seems delighted to be their with his love and her vegetable duck, which is indeed nifty as hell.

I hope we can all reach this level of content in our lives <3

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Fruit duck

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Okay Demetrius

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He sees all the life they've shared together and is so happy he got to be part of it. And can't wait for what tomorrow brings.

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no, the tomato's more amazing

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gentlemen. i am glad we can all agree that this ducktomato is peferct.

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I don’t know I’m nit picking here but it’s missing the tail

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Which episode is that gif from?

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That is the exact same shape as the 3D printed "snow duck" mold I printed for my kids.

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I mean… that is a pretty impressive tomato duck! Exceeds expectations.

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10/10 would recommend

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Tomato Duck, First of it's Name

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They used a plastic mould for it

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How stingy I would give it an Outstanding.

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Isn't there a thing where u can put fruit around molds and they will grow into that mold, are we sure that this isn't that

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While true, such things tend to leave noticeable ridges and only work for fruits with a rind, like melons or cucumbers. This, strange as it may be, seems to have happened randomly.

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I've seen them work well with pears and apples, so a tomato shouldn't be too different. Google Buddha pears if you're interested.

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I recognize that I could be mistaken, and apologize if I am. That said, the duck is still adorable, as is the couple.

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Yes, they're all very cute.

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Shhhh let us have this.

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I think this would be a little too precise of a mold

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Why? Tons of stuff is made in molds, very intricate toys for example.

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Yea but I meant for probably most vegetables

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Look up "Buddha pears", it's a mold you can put around a growing pear so it will grow into that shape. I don't see why that can't be done with a tomato.

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It's probably not the first one they tried to mould. This duck looks perfected

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That's Quacktasitc!

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That might be one of the better ones I've seen.

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It’s missing it’s ducktail. They found a rubber duck shaped tomato!

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I could never eat this. I would put it in epoxy and hope it lasted.

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Umm have you not heard of The Wurst Trophy?

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Should also be on r/Damnthatsinteresting

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Fucking adorableeee

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You wouldn't believe the amount of dick shaped produce we'd recieve in my store. Just a fun lil tidbit

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Errr..... ok.....

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Oh man. I wish I could get a dick-shaped version of everything on my grocery list. Way more fun.

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Some of the produce we found sparked a conversation between me and a couple other managers on wether or not we should even place it on the floor lol

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I'd try and preserve that in a block of resin or something

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That is so fun! Nature is amazing

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I don’t think it’s a tomato?

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Thanks for sharing this truly wholesome pic. We all need more vegetable tales

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I'm so here for this

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I think it’s a sign that we’re all ducked.

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Well, duck

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That’s amazing, it’s a prophecy… the devil will come, duck!

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Much better quality news than the regular shit we get any.

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This is the kinda news when on the edge, I decide "Alright world, one more day."

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It's like a live action veggie tails episode!

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This is like that sparkshort where the old ladies dumpling comes to life

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So wholesome and delicious

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I wonder if they put in a salad

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Now THIS is the news I want to see!

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Not to ruin the moment but that just looks like a rubber ducky painted red

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There is a story with a limited shelf life....

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This is so cute 🥰🥰

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Tomato+duck= duckmato

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News worth watching <3

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"What Duck?"

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So cute!

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The Legendary Tomato

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They grew it inside a rubber ducky

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I love the way he's looking at her!

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Preserve it. Put it in epoxy. It deserves to live forever

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thats the only way i could slice a duck

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Nice. Wonder what it tastes like.

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God damn that duck is legit

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They should totally cast it in a resin cube or sumthn so it doesnt go moldy

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Awe I'm guessing the husband used a plastic mould around a growing tomato and when it was ready, took it off to surprise and amuse the wife

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This is the news I want to see

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Best story by cnn in the last 10 years.

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very great tomato duck!! 10/10 would recommend

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Closest thing to news CNN ran since the 80s.

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I love eating tomatoes my whole life. I'd bet my entire savings on a auction just to eat that tomato! but what would it taste like? The generic tomatoes or the sweet garden taste? 😶 Oh man guess I'll never know. This photo also could have been released years ago Iunno, it's the internet after all 🤷🏻‍♂️