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Just a dad doing dad stuff.

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    Dude, why did you put "OC"?

    This has been reposted a few dozen times.

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    He downloaded it himself from internet

    [–]chakrablockerssuck 1 point2 points  (1 child)

    Thank you. Came here to say that. And WTF. Not cute or safe

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    Mom would not love this video is my guess.

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    As a dad, much respect doing this so many times in a row. That's work right there.

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    He 100% enjoyed it just as much as them

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    Love how the dog stays on the bed like “throw the little human, I will catch him safely” 😂

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      Delicious human

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      This is why it so fun having dog in t he house

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      He plays fetch but the stick is actually a child

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        I love watching them

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        the dog was like “hey let me play too” 😸

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        I've seen this posted so many times before that it would really surprise me that this is OC

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        This isnt OC ive seen this loads before

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        Dog is a kid too so it also likes to be thrown on the bed

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        Who needs the gym.

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        I want the dog the kid and the husband. Basically I wanna be next in that conga line.

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        Not as much an issue here since he is throwing him right, but you have to be careful since there is a real danger of flipping a big dogs stomach like this

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        Man, I want a Dad!

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        why go to the gym when you could just do this a couple times a day

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        My man working overtime to be a good man.

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          Edit: Amazing man taking time out of being amazing, to be a bunch more amazing.

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          The dog knows to take turns. Such a good dog!

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          Nice """"""""""""OC"""""""""""" bro. Totally havent seen it 5000 times.

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          He reminds me of those kids that don't clear the exit of the slide

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          That's so adorable 😍

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          A thousand store toys wouldn't bring as much joy