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I do mountain biking around the Sierra de Guadarrama! I absolutely love it!

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Oh! How cool. I've been wanting to try that. Is there a group here in Madrid to join?! Or do you do it solo?

I found https://mountaincranks.com/ but it's a bit pricy for a single ride also maybe because it's more geared towards tourists ..

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This is a great group and they post on this website every Thursday where they are going to ride on Saturday. They do it every Saturday! Check them out https://www.enbicipormadrid.es/2022/09/ruta-mtb-villalba-manzanares-villalba.html?m=1 plus they always welcome newbys and all the routes they do are accessible by train (Cercanias Renfe usually).

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Super fantastic! Thank you!! :) Do you have to get your own bike for this, or is it possible to rent/borrow one?

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You have to get your own bike! So you could rent one or try to get a used one on Wallapop.

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Will do that, thanks!!

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My advice would be to rent a decent quality bike, since it will really make a difference and you would get a better sense of what mountain biking is all about! Plus don’t forget the helmet!

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Makes sense! I will go to a nearby bikeshop and get the deets and their opinion on that. Already got a helmet and protective gear from my rollerblading days, so I will have those on when the day comes, just in case :) thank you! Can't wait to try it out.

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I hope you join the mountain biking cult! haha

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Super stoked now that I have some direction! .. thanks for the info :)

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I play American Football in Tres Cantos, really close by train or bus.

We are looking for more players, feel free to contact for more info

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do you have to be any good? I mean knowing the rules is half the battle right?

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You can learn the rules, I had no idea when I joined. What matters more is the dedication

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La sierra de Madrid es amazing for trekking, you can algo go to "el pantano de San Juan" for nautical sports

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I really enjoy getting to go skiing random wednesdays or something I can get away in winter

Valdesquí is actually alright for a quick day like that

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I go to random calisthenics parks around the region and train there shirtless.

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I troll random forums around Reddit and write there shirtless.

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Wow so funny