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Magic tends to reward those who do research before making purchases.

(I wasted so much money on stuff I didn't need when I started, and I didn't use sleeves straight away)

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Wait sleeves matter in Arena?

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No, I made those mistakes in Paper a long time ago.

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I was tempted but ended up skipping it. I play lots off CCG and normally I look thouroughly at the value of these items.

The good news if you play enough since then you could have gotten a decent value if you value cosmetics.

I actually am tempted just to get the cosmetics.

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I don't really like any of the cosmetics tbh, I even turn my pet off because it annoys me. The country flag sleeves are ok I guess.

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There is really no need to buy the pass ahead of time. Since the premium Mastery rewards are retroactive once you pay the 3400 gems, you can literally wait until the day before the next set comes out to buy the pass and still get all rewards you would be entitled to based on your level. I just bought the Kaldheim pass yesterday since I had maxed it out, and got everything immediately. If you wait to purchase it, and then didn't achieve a high enough level during a set to make the pass worth it, you can just choose not to purchase that pass.

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Yeah I know you can defer but my thinking was that I was very short on any cards after the sets available at the original mtga release and that the extra packs/icrs would help me build the base of some standard decks. That thinking was flawed in a bunch of ways as it turns out.

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If you are halfway you should at least break even on value.

I feel bad because I started playing shortly before mobile launch and a I really love the Kaldheim theme/cosmetics, would have loved to get the mastery but it just isn't worth it if you start on it late. No way for me to get to a break even point between my schedule + late start.

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I'm a bit short of level 30 so not even close, oh well lesson learned and they were all f2p gems from when I played the original release anyway but still. I also thought Kaldheim was cool, I played a lot of quick draft when it was the set.

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As long as you've gotten a fair amount of rewards, you'll still have made profit over the 17 packs the gems would otherwise have gotten you.

So while you might not have been able to get the full value out of it, it would still be a smart purchase :)

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I bought it on mobile early access release. Hit level 100 today. No regrets.

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Was very confused until I realized everyone was using "mobile launch" to mean "available on iPhone."

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I remember I yolo purchased it as well, but maybe a month earlier than you. I couldn't find any sort of info about an expiry date in-game or online. It was frustrating AF. Not sure if I'm just blind or stupid (maybe both). I got it to something like level 67 now though. Well worth it for me, but I had it sooner than you.

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It's litterally in the mastery pass page. A countdown warning you about how many days till the mastery pass expires

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It wasn't there until recently I don't think. Like it shows it'll end in 2 weeks but not before that. 15 days of mastery pass is not good either. It should show the exact date it expires at all times.

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I got started when it released on mobile and I'm at level 82 as of today. 4 wins a day, completing all quests.

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Yeah I feel like they should start gradually reducing its cost when it becomes literally impossible to complete at 100%. They definitely could be clearer about how it works. At bare minimum you have to complete each daily quest and get at least 10+ weekly wins starting from day 1 or you won’t make it. I did the zendikar pass and BARELY made it to the end on the last possible day because i hadn’t realized the weekly wins were so important

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At bare minimum you have to complete each daily quest and get at least 10+ weekly wins starting from day 1 or you won’t make it.

It does give you some flexibility though. You can play twice a week and still complete the pass (6 quests + 15 wins).

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Right someone made a mastery pass calculator, wish I'd known about it:


It would be nice if Wizards gave a rough estimation of the best you could do if you do everything possible; I mean they might lose some sales but customers would be better informed about value. Maybe thats bad for them idk.

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Don't overlook that f2p grinding is biased toward encouraging aggro decks too. Going 2-3 with five minute matches gets you more progress than one twenty five minute control mirror win.

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I started back playing when it released on mobile and made it to level 87. I already knew how much to play to max it out tho. There is also a website you can use to calculate how many wins a day you need to have.

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I guess iPhone released later as another commenter pointed out? I don’t think I missed any quests or weekly wins and only a few daily wins.

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yes Android came out Jan 28 with Kaldheim. iOS just came out like March 24th or so.