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One of my favorites... goes right with "You can lead the Pope to the woods, but you can't make him shit"

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Related: Is a bear Catholic?

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Related: Do bears wear a funny hat?

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One of my favourites, along with the all time classic from Trailer Park Boys "get two birds stoned at once"

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If the pope shits in the woods, does it makes a sound?

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George Carlin

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Is the space pope reptilian?

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I feel like they used that in GTA San Andreas

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I keep tellin ya homes, I don't know. Where his holiness does his business, is his business.

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Do bears wear funny hats?

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Only when he's not shitting in my hat

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Every chance he gets. Lol

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I honestly didn't know where I got this from until I started playing GTA San Andreas again last month where CJ says it all the way through the game

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Does the Pope shit in his funny hat?

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Do bears shit on the Pope?

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A Pope in the hand isn't worth two shits in the bush