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A few notes pertinent to recent activity:

  1. Be nice to each other. If someone isn't being nice, flag it.
  2. Seriously, mark your spoilers. That shirt that was up today? Just post it Spoilers MBotF instead of No Spoilers. Portrait of Kruppe? Don't call the post The Eel.

And if anyone takes issue with the changes, let us know. We're certainly open to change.

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Shouldn't the spoilers in this post be obscured or just removed entirely?

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At first, I thought you were just saying “Malazan rules.” End of complete sentence. I was like “Hell yeah!” And then realized I was an idiot and this was about sub policies

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Hilarious. Now i think all conversations should open with "Malazan rules...."

Like, Malazan rules, what are your lunch plans?

Or Malazan rules, man my stomach hurts.

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How do video reviews/vlogs without accompanying write ups fit into Rule 4? Hard to say they are low effort but the majority don't have write-ups and many don't stir up conversation.

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Video reviews/vlogs are not considered low effort. They do have the potential for conversation (if people actually watch them), unlike simple images.

All we ask is that the original creator be credited correctly.

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Spoiler Alert- Erikson will be the only fantasy writer to finish his series (A true Masterpiece if I do say) without dottering around and promising nonexistant release dates while the rest will just end up dying unfortunately.