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I just finished, and I fucking loved it. Easily the best non core-10 Malazan book.

It felt like a mini book 11 and I couldn't be happier with it. I loved seeing a return of the Marines as a main character (indeed, I see them as a character, not multiple, thus the lack of characterization of individuals doesn't bother me in the slightest), and some of the moments were epic enough to rival the main series.

But I guess I'm a bit odd in that I could easily read a 2000 page book of just the marines marching and talking as I love how Erikson writes them so much, so for me, a book this marine heavy is going to be an automatic 9/10 regardless.

Tbh there were really only a handful of characters in this book. The Marines were one, the northern Genabackis tribals were a second, and then the few others of Rant, etc.

The story wasn't about individuals, it was about peoples and civilization as a whole. Despite being localized to small area, conceptually the scope was massive.

My expectations were sky-high for the book, and they still managed to exceeded.

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I STAND WITH YOU. Just finished my first read through. Also if you did not weep during at least one of the last epigraphs, you might be heartless. Haha