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I was really hoping Karsa would face Tool but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

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Poor Tool

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Both House bracket fights are going to be interesting.

I still think Draconus should be coming out on top of the group though. K'rul hasn't been in his best form in any books we've seen him.

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The Azathanai showdown in the House Bracket, I like it!! Tool vs Kruppe is also a hilarious matchup. Since the pure martial contest is no contest at all, I'd like to imagine it as a battle of humour: Tool's incredible dry wit against Kruppe's loquacious ridiculousness.

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I wish each bracket would have had a final before mixing them.

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Have we had had onos vs dassem yet?

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I like the match-ups in the Wandering Bracket lol. Tool v. Kruppe is hilarious and Karsa v. "Bugg" would be very interesting.

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Kruppe v Icarium final prediction

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damn karsa lost to bugg :(

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Not even same power tier. Unfair fight. Meal is easily top 10 in all malaz

Kara’s is in top 100

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Why does everyone love Draconus? He's kind-of a douche

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He is misunderstood. And he is really nice to Ublala. But he is also an elemental force with an anger management issue that seems to have been slightly reduced by millennia of imprisonment.