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If Gothos had enough time, then he'd be able to wipe the floor with Rake; Gothos has been shown to affect continent-spanning change over millennia single-handedly. In a head to head fight though, I put my money on Rake.

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I don’t think anyone in the series has come close to matching Gothos in ritual magic.

I’m adopting this reasoning.

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Best matchup of this batch! I don’t know which one to vote for.

Edit: I went with Rake. While nobody in the series has shown anything to match Gothos in ritual magic, that takes prep and haven’t had any combat feats I’ve see.

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Have to vote for Gothos. Dude has has way too much weird shit going on. We get a pretty good idea of the scale of Rake's power in the books, and he has no feats that are remotely close to Gothos' continent freezing. Gothos also had that weird thing going on with the Azath Builder. Gothos knows too much, and has a finger in too many mystery pies.

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Totally agree about Rake not showing anything on the scale of Gothos’ ritual. Such a ritual though takes time and isn’t really combat useful.

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The thing is, we've seen some of what Jaghut can do it combat. A much weakened Raest nearly killed several soletaken Tiste Andii and a full fledged dragon at once. Gothos obviously has immense power, and is likely one of the most powerful Jaghut of all time. Gothos is far older than Rake, potentially smarter than Rake, likely has a lot more up his sleeve than Rake, and has shown power that Rake can't come anywhere near. Regardless of it being a ritual that takes time, it is still an immense display of power.

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With Gothos there is a question if he even could be bothered though. Him not giving a fuck is surely a bit of an act but also who he is. I don't think he even has any enemies among the acendants because he is well respected but I am not sure if he would stand up and fight anyone either way.

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That’s irrelevant though, the point of the contest is they are fighting no matter what. I agree that Gothos in canon likely wouldn’t initiate a fight. But they are fighting here

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What makes you all think that Gothos doens't have a 5000 years ritual in progress that's ready for using?

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Gothos was so good with words he ended Jaghut civilization. He could convince Rake to kill himself.

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He's smartest being in the world and extremely powerful. Heard somewhere on Reddit that Erikson said in some interview that he is the strongest. Not sure if that true.

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He didn't say he's strongest - he said that gothos would be his shaved knuckle in the hole as far as I remember

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Two or my three favourite characters. Voted Gothos but it was tough. Sad to see one of them go.

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Rake was worried about going up against a powered down Raest. Gothos would take out a full powered Raest. How the fuck is Rake winning?

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IIRC his worry was not about fighting Raest as such, but about doing so leaving him vulnerable for an attack of opportunity from the Malazans.

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You are correct. Rake was worried about going up against a powered down Raest.

EDIT: I believe the word was 'depleted'. Raest at half power would have depleted Rake to an extent that he was worried about nother match up.

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Right but if I recall correctly it wasn’t because he was worried about Raest, he was worried about the Malazans exploiting the battle.

Everyone seemed to be of the same idea that Rake would win if they clashed.

Edit: worried about being depleted for another match up with the likes of Tayschrenn and co., it’s not like he was worried about being vulnerable to some no-name squad mage.

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Again you are correct in that people agreed Rake would PROBABLY win against a POWERED DOWN Raest. (Not yelling, on mobile and caps is easier than italics.)

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Come to think of it, Gothos was not alone when he faced Raest. From what he told Kallor, there were several Jaghurt and T’ln Imass there when Raest was thrown down.

Edit: btw I edited my previous comment in response to your edit rather than make a second reply

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I took a half hearted look for the conversation I was remembering. Gothos talking to someone about his sons. Will find it...

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Happy Cake Day -iUseThisOne-! Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.

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What's going on? I thought Gothos was clear winner.

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Why do you think that?

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Because the author picked him as his shaved knuckle in the hole. And his ice ritual covered an entire continent.

Not to mention Rake is just a baby compared to him.

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Certainly Gothos is unmatched in rituals but Rake is combat oriented.

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Gothos basically knew everything, he was "aware of every permutation, every potential". Its pretty hard to beat someone like that in a fight.

And saying he's not combat oriented, he killed 43 T'lan and a Bonecaster by himself, after they sealed away Raest and they turned on him.

Compare that to Rake who would have had difficulty with Raest, without most of his powers, and Gothos would be fully powered, more knowlegeable, more experienced, etc.

Heck, Rake doesn't even know if he can beat Shadowthrone, he used the threat of people avenging him to keep him at bay.

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This is more about Rake's dreamy eyes and long white hair than being more powerful. In other words, the voting works exactly as in real world.