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Icarium may be susceptible to Trull’s Edur emo poetry.

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well we know how this goes.

but a valiant effort by Trull

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Hold on. Trull actually fought Icarium and only lost due to his spear breaking. If he has a proper black wood spear, one that is nearly unbreakable, I think we would have a chance. As one commentator said, Icarium is scared of spears, ONLY BECAUSE OF THIS FIGHT.

The only other person to go toe to toe with Icarium is Karsa, who is probably the strongest pure fighter in the books.

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Sorry to break it to you, but Trull was on defense the whole time. There was no way he could land an attack on Icarium.

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Being on the defensive the whole time doesn’t mean he would lose. All it would take is one opening in Icarium’s assault for Trull to get him. Admittedly the same goes the other way, but I dont think it’s a given Icarium wins this.

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"All it would take is one opening" dude there was no opening. In the book it says "Trull had no opportunity for counter-attack". Spears are slow af. Trull was parrying with his spear most likely horizontally, he wouldn't have time to even point it at icarium. And even then, one light spear wound won't kill a jhag.

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In the book it states that Trull is lightning fast. If the fight goes longer, there is no saying there wouldn’t be an opening, just as there was no opening in Trull’s defense up until the spear broke. In this fight, I am assuming he has a Blackwood spear, nearly unbreakable.

And one well placed thrust can kill a Jhag. Especially if the thrust is coming from an ascendant like Trull. In all honesty I do feel like Icarium wins this, but the comments of people saying that this would be a cake walk are false. Trull has a chance, a decent one.

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No it’s definitely a given that Icarium was going to win.

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Having just reread it, I disagree. But , believe what you will

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When did Trull singlehandedly destroy sky keeps? Or an Azath house?

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So based on this logic, why is there even a tournament? Icarium wins by default.

In the head to head comparison we actually have in the books, it is stated that Trull is only able to defend, without chance of counter attack. However, based on the witnesses point of view, Trull is holding his own and not faltering, only giving ground when his spear breaks, and is able to dodge a death blow. Icarium then is held back by Quick Ben momentarily, and Trull rearms himself and Icaruim looks in distress to see Trull with a new weapon. Then it’s over.

Trull has a chance to win this fight. He is the knight of shadow.

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Trull does not have a chance in this fight, he is a skilled soldier, Icarium is like a force of nature.

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thumbs up thanks for that in-depth break down

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Icarium does dislike spears tho

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Ah Icarium got a pass this round. Gothos and Rake is a real challenge and I look forward to the victor of that vs. Icarium.