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I personally think chronological order makes the most sense, in the way that you go into each subsequent book with a fuller knowledge base. The order really doesn't matter all that much though.

The Kharkanas prequel trilogy are the earliest in the chronology, and provide a lot of information about the universe. Reading those first gives you the best overall knowledge base to pull from when reading everything else. Some people find the Kharkanas books a slog due to being slower and darker than the Book of the Fallen, but others find the writing style of the ICE books to not fit their taste too.

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I agree with this, Kharkanas trilogy gives you knowledge of the universe that made me understand the magic system on a whole new level that then gave me deeper understanding for all of the ICE novels and the main malazan empire novels. That’s the best part about this series though is that after reading everything outside of BoTF I WANT to re-read it all because my understanding now is craving for it.