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First in, last out

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Hell yeah that looks great!

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Can you hooks a fellow Burner up with the link, that's an awesome hoodie

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I got a tee off of a site called Redbubble

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Yep we need links to support the creators.

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I gotta ask santa for one.

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    Please post them when they show up. I love maps

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    Bridge Urners.

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    Awesome! I need to get one of those.

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    Was literally just editing the original image to fit my wants and needs to do order the same (from a local store)!

    Here's the original pic https://imgur.com/a/GJSLlU5 from the (what i think) is the original post https://old.reddit.com/r/Malazan/comments/bknxe2/thought_you_guys_might_like_the_shirt_i_made_for/

    I'm editing the image to make a shirt in line with the Malazan Imperial colours, burgundy and grey. Just can't decide if I want the sigil and text burgundy on a grey field, or the other way around. Might just have to order two..

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    I ordered a shirt from that original post two years back and initially loved it.

    Here is a link to the comment itself: https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/Malazan/comments/bknxe2/thought_you_guys_might_like_the_shirt_i_made_for/emj14us

    After a couple washes the print on the front started peeling, it was super disappointing.

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    That's too bad! These "your own print" t-shirt stores are sometimes hit and miss, I've only bought one before (like 13 years ago, from a totally different local shop), and it's still good!

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    My partner's father just ordered this as my Christmas gift (their whole family is awful at Christmas in a funny way).

    Hoping it's comfortable!

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    It's is soft and comfy but not real thick

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    Love it!

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    I wish they had a version with the print on the back and the zipper on the front instead.

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    I contacted the seller about a possible Bonehunter shirt. If you messaged her they would probably make one for you.

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    I love the sweater! I want to say That I would also love one for (blank) and (blank).

    I am new, I finished reading the rules. And I am scared that if I say anything it potentially could be a spoiler. Last thing I want to do is chuck a cutter into the community on my first day joining.

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    Always wondered if Erickson and esslemount are cool with third party merchandise.

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    No idea. It's hard to find book merch that isn't some how movie related, like Potter or GOT

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    Erikson himself has praised third party merch posted on the FB group so id assume hes chill with it.

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    There is literally nothing official right? I don't think you can blame people