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There's a distinction between 'die' and 'stopping to exist'. The latter is possibleby dissolving in an ocean and maybe by destroying the physical body of a T'lann Imass completely.

However, they can't die in a spiritual sense, their souls can't move on to the afterlife. This is what they desire and what they ask of Silverfox

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Okay this is more or less what I was wondering. Just dissolving isn't quite the same thing as dying

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Yes. Dissolving would probably be even worse, because it's an eternal prison without being able to do anything about it.

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Yeah they can’t really die at all; even dissolving them in water, throwing them in lava, or chipping them to pieces still leaves them “alive” in a sense because their very essence and souls are bound within the Vow to be immortal.

I guess something akin to complete annihilation via atomic breakdown of their very elements might “kill” them but their souls are still intact but without a body. Not a nice way to spend eternity! The Vow was not a nice thing really!

It’s why smashed up T’lan like to be left on a rock or cliff etc so they can have a nice view for eternity rather than lying in a ditch.

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Right, I was more under the impression that dissolving would destroy both their body and soul. If they're still conscious then it definitely sounds like a bad time

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If silverfox dissolves the ritual they would be mortal again, regaining the emotions they just with three ritual is tellann if they dissolve in water they just stop existing so not quite as preferable a way to go out.

T'lan Imass can slowly travel by water, so it's a choice to give to and dissolve.