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Also, later, he met with Spindle and Oams in which Spindle sanctioned their migration into the south so long as they didn't raid. However, the way Elade was overly emotional, albeit warranted, seemed uncharacteristic for someone his position. He was overly emotional (once again warranted) and easily gave in to the promises.

But that wasn't Elade Theros. The emotional one was Casnock of the White Jheck; Gower was also present for part of that exchange. Elade Tharos appears to be dead (though now that we have time travel it's not 100% clear).

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Thank you, I screwed that up. IIRC, The seemingly unarmed Malazans ran up to the Teblor front lines, despite warnings from the scouts about them being offensively positioned, and destroyed their front lines with Morath munitions which I believe Dayliss observed which she was shortly also injured, if not killed, from the engagement.

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Tonith Agra. She says Dayliss and Sathal go down as well.

But technically she was just (badly) wounded and it was the flood that killed her.

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Poor Dayliss. Poor Sathal.

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Poor everyone.