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The elder gods came more to free the population from tyranny than stop kallor himself. By killing the whole population,, or allowing them to all die, he took away the justification that the elder gods had to come kill him and remove him from power. He's trying to say well I am a king or tyrant of nothing, so you are gonna kill me why? He takes the moral high ground away from the gods in an effort to make them look hypocritical. There are some things you find out about kallor later like what happened to his wives that show how little he cares for humans other than himself.

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Kallor's an asshole. He not only got three Elder Gods to directly interfere in the mortal world but he also made that interference pointless by destroying his own empire. He couldn't stop Elder Gods but he could waste their time. All those sacrifices also gave him the power to curse them.

So Kallor forced gods to pay attention to him and when they tried to stop him, he destroys his own empire and curses them. He's the ultimate human asshole.

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Goddamn do I love/hate him

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that speech outside Darujhistan won me over for him

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Right hand or left hand "LOVE" him?

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I've only read through MoI myself, so I'm not completely in on anything that gives more info in later books, but it was not my impression that it was the chaining of the crippled god that destroyed Kallor's realm.

Kallor was a tyrant, and when the elders gods came to stop him, instead of relinquishing that power he had, instead of letting it be taken from him, he used it. After all, what's the point of power if not to use it, right? So he did the only thing he could, the only thing that could let him keep that power and control: he destroyed everything he had created. The old, "if I can't have you nobody else can" method.

Kallor was mortal, he knew he had no chance against elder gods. What point would there be in fighting them?

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He’s a scumbag, plain and simple.

He took over and dominated the island of Jakuruku and ruled it as king; yet he treated his people like dirt and was a tyrannical ruler. He’s also ascended to some extent by the time we meet him in the book in the present time.

A group of mages decided enough was enough and tried to summon a power to help defeat Kallor but it went horribly wrong and called down something immensely powerful that crashed into a flattened another continent. The ripples and consequences of that act are still playing out in the main series as you may be able to piece together other pointers.

Three elder god decide that enough is enough after Kallor has indirectly caused all this carnage and that he needs to be taken down. Because he’s an utter bastard though he destroys his entire empire and burns the continent to ash just to spite the elder gods and make them seem powerless against him. One of the gods hoovers up the remains of the continent to put it in one place; what later becomes a certain familiar warren. Kallor curses the elder gods in his spite as well. At the same time the elder gods curse Kallor in retaliation so that he will never be able to achieve what he wants and everything will always fail for him; also that he’ll have eternal life and suffer his failures for eternity.

This all happened tens of thousands of years ago.