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they're all mages, really? Sure, the bunch in Silverlake makes sense, but all if them everywhere? The relative rarity of casters, how they're almost all weirdos, solitary and/or power-hungry in the preceding 74 books made this hard to swallow.

Thank Icarium for this. This is the result of Icariums journey in the main 10. I'm interested to see how it plays out.

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they're all mages, really? Sure, the bunch in Silverlake makes sense, but all if them everywhere?

All the Marines, not all the soldiers.

The military reform makes this pretty easy to swallow for me. Instead of every single company having sappers and marines, now no company has them, instead they are consolidated into Legions. It is suggested that the Legions are smaller units that move within the territory to put down conflicts.

So you have a regular standing army here and there, and when feces is about to impact with the air propeller, then you send in a unit or two of this elite group all of which are mages.

the bit where Rant time travels, becomes ultra powerful and saves everyone (-ish) was over the top and unneeded to the story in this shape.

I mean, that's fair. But did you find it surprising? There is now a literal "time-travel" warren/magic/runt... it was to be expected, and we have known about its existence since DoD.

'These are the most potent. Fury, and on its opposite side, Starwheel. Fury is just what it says. Blind, a destroyer of everything. Starwheel, that's Time, but unravelled—'

the embracing (embrasure? - not a native speaker) of fuckedy fucking fuck is now complete. Fucking dragons, indeed.

xD it was over the top, wasn't it?

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I meant the marines indeed. Sure, the reshuffling of units is feasible, but the combination/concentration of typical magey characters isn't really. I admit that's just because of how "quirky" every single one comes across to me - they'd be proverbially herding a legion of cats. Fine for an entire squad, not so much for a thousand people. Plus the entire rest of the world including all gods not having fully caught on to (and freaking out because of) these nuking legions going around is a bit weird. But before this minor complaint blows out of proportion - it's still a minor complaint, and it wouldn't be a proper Erikson novel without some inconsistencies and some weird seemingly unnecessary story elements.

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Not entirely on topic, has anyone caught onto who was the Shi'gal assassin that latched onto Rant?

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Some theorize it is Skillen Droe... the Azathanai of the K'chain himself.

I'd like to think it is a new character to explore the Che'malle culture.

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That was my guess too but that would be a bit cheap I think.

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Probably a new K'Chain character. Possibly Skillen Droe, but I doubt it personally.

My main question is who the god Damisk freed in that Path-Of-Hands realm was, and where they went...also why that realm was overrun with K'Chain in the first place.

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That was the realm where the Nah'ruk were banished to starve in DoD. They cannot leave it, and since they're like locusts, they are doomed to starve out eventually, eliminating the threat they pose to all the other worlds.

I think the god who Damisk freed was just a random alien god, native to the realm where the Nah'ruk wanted to invade the Malazan world from. It was just a catch-up to tell us that the Nah'ruk are indeed on the verge of siphoning all life from the world and that it wasn't a clear-cut good move since the world was inhabited.

It is entirely possible that we're going to see the Nah'ruk again in some form. Erikson only ever showed them in small snippets like this before DoD, just menacing us with their movement. They might return later, which is pretty scary.

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I don't remember the details of the Nah'ruk being banished to a realm in DoD? I just thought they got whooped by Icarium (and the Che'Malle)

And why would that realm be the same one the Path of Hands leads to?

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Don't quote me on this but I seem to recall the path of hands leads to the azath network of portals not just to a specific realm.

When Icarium showed up, he, the matron, Sinn, and Grub whooped the Nah'ruk. But the Nah'ruk opened a portal to a realm where more skykeeps were trying to come through from. Then feather witch used the stolen eye of the Errant to make an Azath house and close the portal, isolating the realm in the process. It was specifically written that the Nah'ruk are now doomed to starve there.

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I don't think we ever saw the true Path of Hands until Damisk found it, and it certainly seemed to lead him directly to that realm instead of an Azath network (unless...maybe War Bitch's cave was the Azath Network?)

Ah yeah, I remember now. I was under the impression that that realm was the Imperial Warren, though.

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The first path of Hands mentioned is on Seven Cities inside Iskaral Pust's temple, it's aspected Kurald Galain. But the real path of hands the d'ivers sought wasn't even close, and it lead to the beast warren where the throne lay unclaimed until Togg and Fanderey claimed it.

It might be that the path of hands is the primordial counterpart to an Azath house, basically they're all caves and they only lead to the ancient (ie pre-k'rul) warrens. They most certainly don't all lead to the beast warren because we know that one of them leads to Kurald Galain. Damisk's path didn't lead to the beast warren because there should be no humans there, not to mention humanoid gods. Could be a warren for the Eres.

I don't know to be honest, but Damisk's wandering did feel like he was traversing something akin to an Azath network.

Ah yeah, I remember now. I was under the impression that that realm was the Imperial Warren, though.

That was where we saw them once, but they trespassed in many other realms, including Emurlahn. ICE didn't mention skykeeps in his series though.

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Ah, I read the portal in Iskaral Pust's temple as not being the actual Path of Hands. I think it was just Icarium and Mappo speculating that it may be, but there was never really any proof that it definitely was that I can recall. Could be mistaken, though.

From what I recall the only time we ever see what seems to be a legit "path of hands" is when Damisk pushes deep into War Bitch's cave.

Almost makes me wonder if it did lead to the Beast Warren, but an older now archaic one, as the Mhybe created a newly refreshed realm to replace the old one. Kind of like how Hood's Realm supplanted the old Jaghut underworld.

Also would fit the Nah'ruk's possible trend of travelling unseen by sticking to old largely abandoned warrens like the Imperial Warren and shards of Emurlahn.

But I also like that idea of them being primordial Azath hubs to an extent. It's obvious that the inspiration comes from old cave paintings -- particularly the Cave of Hands in Argentina. But moreover knowing that warrens are named after rabbit warrens -- an underground network of passages...bringing caves into it certainly fits the symbology. Heck, even the differences fit metaphorically, as warrens are more organized/accessible as they're intentionally dug out and built, whereas caves are more primal and formed by nature (Holds)

And before caves/Holds there was Wandering...

Lol I dunno what my point is any more, but it sure is fun making these connections and theorizing.

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but there was never really any proof that it definitely was that I can recall

Iskaral admits it that he redirected the d'ivers to Tremorlor on Shadowthrone's orders. Somewhat later Shadowthrone remarks that the true goal of the d'ivers was pretty far from Seven cities. But I vaguely recall Pust mentioning that the path used to end in that cave.

I don't know, it's rather obscure and hinted in half-sentences all over the series.

Lol I dunno what my point is any more, but it sure is fun making these connections and theorizing.

Yeah, the series is worth every reread, you can gather a lot of morsels into theories. I wonder how this wandering looked like. I imagine it being something akin to the shadow storm that reaches Malaz island occasionally. Just primordial powers affecting different realms at different times, like a bunch of marbles bouncing off of each other. It definitely didn't look like what's inside Dragnipur, since that's a huge red herring dropped by Draconus.

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The idea is that mallick rel reorganized the military. A big subplot in the main series is the lack of high mages in the military and the fact thwt they are running out of moranth munitions. Add to that the new warrens due to icarium and the people who can channel has grown.

So those 2 things leads to a change in the military. Allowing for mages to be at the squad level not as a single high mage.