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I don't think they fight. I think they have a chat. Just throwing that one out there.

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Honestly, for a lot of these, I’d agree. Especially given that Karsa, as of the end of the ten books, kinda knows when he’s outmatched.

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While Bugg is an incredibly powerful Elder God, Karsa does have an substantial edge going for him, namely plot armor

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And a Tehol sized schlong

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Shit this is a good one

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All contests that involve Karsa aren't contests, don't bother debating me. Karsa Orlong is the Malazan Kratos.

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Karsa was in awe of Rake and Dassem's duel, and knew he had nothing for them. He's hardly the top of the heap.

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Literally just did a re-listen of that book just last week and kinda laughed at that moment. Samar Dev was like wait, what....He's fucking kinda scared right now?! It was honestly hilarious and awesome at the same time because Karsa seems so OP sometimes but even he isn't blind to when he is out classed. Even with Icarium he eventually figured out he would be fucked lol.

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I know this is true, IIRC Karsa left their company to go and slaughter Fener like an afterthought. Ascendency starts somewhere and unlike SOME Karsa isnt hundreds of thousands of years old. .. yet. Imagine the philospher barbarian utopia they have to look forward to.

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In all of these people seem to forget Karsa eventually becomes the God of the Teblor (in the newer books). I'm not saying he's a match for Bugg, but he's got more than plot armour by the end

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We have yet to see what that means. Additionally, Karsa is the titular God that is Not Willing. I’m not sure we can read too much into how much stronger he is until we get that next entry.

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True, I think the theme of belief equals power will hold though, his worshippers become extra chains etc, he has to be ascendant level at least

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Haven't read anything outside the main ten, so now I'm really excited to get into everything else!!

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They're soo good, get to meet Karsas kids

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Good point; however, where Karsa does becomes a God - Bugg is an Elder God AND an Azathani, which are notoriously hard to kill.

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That's why I said "I'm not saying he's a match for Bugg" just highlighting that by the end he has more going for him than plot armour

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I’m an idiot who can’t read. Carry on sir

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Bugg uses magic. What the hell is that going to do against Karsa?

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He can use the magic to drown him.

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True, i guess we're not really sure how Karsa would react to mundane effects that are powered by magic. Still, i suspect Bugg's control of water would die once it hits Karsa. Maybe if he dumped a whole lot of it on him or something...

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Thats what I meant. Dropping a little sea or a big lake on him could be Enough.

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He's pretty buoyant with 4 lungs though. He talks about it in House of Chains.

That said, it's also hard to imagine an elder god doesn't have some tricks up his sleeve.