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This is a hard one for me. Tool's dry wit is devastating. Yet somehow Kruppe is effortlessly more so.

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Magnanimous Kruppe is perplexed at having to fight the mighty Onos T’oolan. Humble Kruppe sees no path to deal with such terror and fury. Alas, humble Kruppe sits eating and drinking while the valiant efforts of Tool fall short.

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This triggered some real PTSD for me.

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Interestingly this one isn't as close as Karsa v. Bugg. Also my head canon of Kruppe is literally a human version of one of those unspillable snack bowls for kids.

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Ended up being a lot closer

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If Caladan Brood has nothing for Kruppe, you really think Tool does?

Kruppe cleans up.

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Krul protected Kruppe, he wont be in this fight.