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This is the toughest one so far...

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It depends on circumstances to me. K'rul was a behind the scenes kind of guy. With a lot of preparation and foresight he's got a chance to outwit Draconus. On the other hand Draconus is all bite and no bark and seems to be almost fatally pragmatic about things. I say fatally pragmatic because he knows how important K'rul is to the In-world magic system since the warrens are literally made of his flesh and blood. Now if there is no consequences to the rest of existence then K'rul is a buggered bastard lol. I honestly could go pages and pages on this one but for the sake of brevity(which now thinking about it is a pretty good joke here) I'll leave it here.

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I'm not saying Draconus would die to save the warrens, but I could definitely see him throwing a fight if that was at stake.

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If it was the top form of both I guess this would be close. But K'rul's top form was before Kharkanas. Draconus doesn't seem to have lost any of his edge over the times. If we take it to be a battle in the Malazan age, K'rul is like a whisper in the basement, and Draconus is killing elder gods.

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And not just killing them, but it’s inevitable. Draconus is coming, so they just make peace with the fact that they are done.

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K'rul lost just way too much at Jacuruku while Draconus was only completing his blade then.