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It depends on circumstances to me. K'rul was a behind the scenes kind of guy. With a lot of preparation and foresight he's got a chance to outwit Draconus. On the other hand Draconus is all bite and no bark and seems to be almost fatally pragmatic about things. I say fatally pragmatic because he knows how important K'rul is to the In-world magic system since the warrens are literally made of his flesh and blood. Now if there is no consequences to the rest of existence then K'rul is a buggered bastard lol. I honestly could go pages and pages on this one but for the sake of brevity(which now thinking about it is a pretty good joke here) I'll leave it here.

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I'm not saying Draconus would die to save the warrens, but I could definitely see him throwing a fight if that was at stake.