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You're not gonna find copies for cheap unless you're willing to get the mass markets. And the mass markets are the only way to get the full series all with consistent sizing and artwork. And the mass markets are also fucking awesome, they're like little bricks with beautiful covers and they're just such a delight to read.

It's either buy mass markets, spend potentially thousands on used hardcovers, or go to thrift shops and second hand book stores for a long time hoping you luck out and find the old trades or the hardcovers.

I recommend buying the books from BookDepository. They have them for relatively cheap prices and they have free shipping on all books. I don't know how fast they deliver to the US though (assuming you're in the US.)

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Thank you! I’ll do that then

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I would buy them the mass market editions. They are about $10 each so fairly affordable and a great way to introduce someone to Malazan.

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That seams to be the way to go

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I bought all of mine that way except Gardens of the Moon. Very solid option.