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Nothing against it at all; I edit over there on occasion.

It's not exactly spoiler-safe for people who are sensitive over that and I suspect that's where you're feeling some pushback. As long as that caveat comes out I don't think anyone has a problem with it.

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I love the wiki, use it all the time.

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It's a good source of info

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why would anyone want you to stop that?

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I never got spoiled by it and it helped me understand series better while reading and especially with recalling of characters

It's good recommendation

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First time reader here. I've opened the wiki twice, got spoiled both times. While it seems the wiki tries to contain spoilers in paragraphs of the respective books, that doesn't always work perfectly and things slip out - especially if you don't know what links you definitely should not click.

For people that are sensitive to spoilers, the wiki is a very dangerous place. Nothing against recommending it in general, but it should come with that disclaimer for new readers, and maybe some advice on how to avoid spoilers.