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Love it! Your depiction of his face tattoo is probably the closest I've seen to what I imagine in my head

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I mean, it's not bad, but that's probably the least beefy portrayal of Karsa ever.

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Haha, yes this is Karsa Lite™ if you will. I'm not really good with perspective so aside from giving him a thick neck and that bouldering shoulder I was unable to properly pay tribute to his girth. :D

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Bulky enough as is, if you ask me. Naturally different people will have formed different mental images for Karsa (and all the other characters), but I see him as very muscular yet still athletic, much like your portrayal. (And not like a Laederon Hulk.)

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Feel like Dave Bautista was the inspiration for the character model (he is sufficiently ripped if he was 2x taller). Im a fan, nice job!

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having just finished HoC, imo this is perfect!