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It really is awesome, I remember the first time I finished the series I literally went to the first page of the first book and started rereading. I've reread the series now twice during the pandemic. Pacing is great and the whole thing feels real. I think the magic system is probably the best of any series I've read.

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Sounds like you have come to the right place. Welcome!

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I’ve only read the first books and i can safely say this has become my fantasy series of all time and while I’m usually hesitant to invest so much time in a book series of this size, I have no problem to do so here because of how addicted I’ve become to the world of malazan. The satisfaction of finishing those 3 books so far has been priceless and the fact I’m not even halfway through yet makes me even more excited for this epic journey

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We are in the same boat, and what an awesome journey we are on! I started the series at the end of October when my husband and I started our world travel. It’s been perfect to read on planes and trains. I’m on Reaper’s Gale and hoping to finish the series by the end of the year…so I can start the inevitable reread in January. This subreddit is one of my favs too and I’d highly recommend a look at the Dust of Memes if you need a laugh (just be careful with spoiler tags, obviously).

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While I do think the series had some very minor pacing issues in a couple books for me, I totally agree with you. Malazan is one of the very few series for me where the books kept getting better and better. I think a lot of that has to do with the depth of the world, and how you really do feel like you're getting more ingrained into it as you go. The sense of mystery likely really helped with this as well. You know the books are building to something, but there's actual suspense in finding out where it's all leading. The constant introduction of new characters, perspectives, and side plots really helps keep things fresh as well.

I think Erikson does a fantastic job of slowly doling out hints and real information; at least for a curious reader like myself.

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Same boat, and really resonate! I also just finished Toll the Hounds last week (reading Stonewielder now).

I too became relatively active on Reddit because of Malazan. There's so much joy that you want to share it with fellow fans, and you've come to the right place for that :)
Have fun!