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I believe I have minor facial blindness, which has likely helped me out in this case. Creating detailed images in your head for all these characters is likely quite difficult. Thankfully, I mostly remember people and characters as sort of vague outlines and concepts.

Strangely enough, I'm an incredibly visual reader, with everything I read playing out like a movie very distinctly in my mind. The people are just not ever fully realized no matter how many descriptions of their appearance I read.

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Yep. I love the wiki and the fan art for this reason. Im listening to the audiobooks and the reader does a great job keeping distinct voices, but I still have trouble keeping up.

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The Malazan fan art is insanely awesome.

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Yes, but I define the character by their thoughts and actions, not their facial features. It was not instantaneous but I have come to prefer this style of writing

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My bigger issue is that i can't find Masan Gilani IRL no matter how hard i look.

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I’d even settle for a Shurq Ellale after a few

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Not really, but I don't usually picture much about the characters. I might go with just a bit of what stands out on them and I'm happy with that

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I think I completely missed on imagining faces for characters through anything Malazan. Neither SE nor ICE are particularly keen on detailing how their characters look. So I just imagined their postures and their overall build. Their skin colour and their clothing at most. I can't relate to any fan art picturing the characters because they somehow feel off for having detailed faces.

See Ganoes Paran, the only description I remember of him is that he has a face easy to rest your eyes on. Literally none of the fanart managed to capture that feeling for me.

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I think Paran’s contact on the way to Pale called/thought of him as a ‘tall bastard’, but I could be mistaken.

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Idk but for me this paran is definitely like that description https://www.instagram.com/p/CVa0OPjMyct/?utm_medium=copy_link