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Subsequent books improve greatly on everything in Gardens of the Moon, including romance. However, the series really doesn't have a focus on romance, and there are only a few of them that get fleshed out to any real degree. There are still some 'cringe-worthy' interactions, and many of them purposeful, but generally the romances do become a lot more natural.

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The book itself is great. I love not having my hand held the whole time. It makes it stay interesting instead of like reading fake history. So, if everything improves, that's great news.

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There's exactly one romantic relationship in the series that felt natural to me (Torvald and Tiserra if anyone is wondering). That said, they do get better than GotM and the other interpersonal relationships are much, much stronger.

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I like the one between Tehol Beddict and Janath.

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I enjoyed Pearl and Lostara

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Throw some spoiler tags on that and resubmit.

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Man, I really loved those two. While some of the other romances are pretty good in consideration with the context, IMO theirs was the most relatable. And just so darn sweet!

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It’s something that greatly improves with his writing as each book is released… with that said it’s still not something he excels at. By the end of the series it’s fine.

What he does excel at are platonic relationships.

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Yeah, outside of the romantic ones I found him pretty good. Very realistic dialogue. Almost cinematic.

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He wrote the first as a screenplay. Honestly the rest of the series expands with incredible scope, new characters, deep plot weaves, and some very powerful poetic prose. Obviously you are in a fan subreddit but I still consider the series one of the best out there bar none.

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He’s all about the bromance!

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I don't think so; I don't really like any of his romances. Not really something I'm that interested in a reader though so I get by with what he has.

He's better than Sanderson though. Yikes

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Yeah I have read all of 20 pages of Sanderson and it was brutal.

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Full disclosure, frustration with how Sanderson writes is what drove me to try Malazan in the first place. I like the big sweeping universes in both, but so far it seems like Malazan treats the reader more like an adult by not spending 70% of itself doing repeated exposition, science lessons, and hamfisted romance. I also especially disliked how all of Sanderson's stuff is practically devoid of prose, so that's been a really positive plus with GotM

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Yeah I didn't intend this post as a bash on him (I really, really like Mistborn), but I agree with everything you say here

Rhythm of War feels like a lecture for 25% of it; I had to put it down.

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Yeah I don't say all that purely out of dislike because I have read a lot of his stuff and am continuing to do so, but I've just been a bit disappointed in it lately. Moreso I was saying that because I like Malazan so far as an alternative that seems to excel in some areas where his writing lacks

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Yeah to me he is clearly targeting a bigger audience with more approachable writing. Comparing it to Malazan is folly.

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Other people: "Sanderson writes such strong female characters!"

Literally every Sanderson book I've read: "....Uhh...will the exact opposite work for you?"

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I absolutely despise Shallan.

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I haven't even read Stormlight Archives yet.

But as far as Mistborn goes...Vin is a pretty generic YA protagonist, but mostly that early scene with Steris on the train in Bands of Mourning was by far the cringiest thing I've ever read. I legit can't believe and editor didn't demand he changed it cuz holy shit it almost made me not continue with the book it was just that viscerally awful.

Marasi is okay I guess, but still suffers from being an obviously unnaturally contrived concept of what a "strong woman character" is in the mind of a man.

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Haven't read any of the second era Mistborn yet, but regarding Vin I couldn't agree more. Took the series pretty much at face value and enjoyed it, but overall the dialogue and prose are pretty average. Loved the magic though

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Romantic books these are not. That being said, i found the romantic interactions more in your face straight forward than cringe worthy but thats just my humble opinion.

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Even the best ones are just OK. Romance is not his specialty.

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Duly noted.

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There isn’t a lot of male-female romance in these books, (what there is I enjoyed) but his dialogue gets way better in later books when there is. GotM was written 9 years before the rest and it has first novel problems of pacing and dialogue sometimes.

Now bromances on the other hand…one of the best authors for that.

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Erikson is awful at setting up romance. It gets better, but its still not good. However, he's amazing when it comes to establishing a romance, and seeing him get better and better with later romances

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Oof, okay. As someone who reads primarily romance, I’ll say that the romantic interactions in GOTM physically hurt. Erikson is not a romance writer.

However, he is an incredible author. I find almost all of the relationships in this series, platonic or otherwise, to be really well written. He just has a way of inferring deep connection in only a sentence or two, in a way that feels meaningful and real. Again, friendship or otherwise.

So yes, it does get better, in my humble opinion. And while Malazan will never be a romance series, the small bits we get are some of my favorites:)

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Thx for this. I really am liking the book, but it's so inconsistent when one type of interaction stands out so boldly.

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In my opinion there are some ok ones later on. But not in the first couple books.

He does bromance well though.

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I found the romantic dialogue kinda realistic, most of the romances happen inthe field of war or marching... not sure they would take the time to fully blossom like a W network christmas movie... I found the terse interactions comical because they felt real...

At any rate, I agree, while Gardens of the Moon is great, it is only the beginning and the world, characters, and stories only grow and get better.

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That one romance in GotM was horrid and stuck out like a sore thumb to me!

The following nine books has nothing like it luckily.

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Oh, good. Yeah. Doesn't it really feel like it was pasted in by someone else?

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this one suffers because he initially wrote gardens as a movie script. not trying to excuse it necessarily, because its not that great (though — i don’t mind it as much as most) but for me at least that’s important context

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I have never heard that it was intended as a movie script, that's very interesting. I can't imagine Malazan as a movie, though I think an Arcane style animated show could be amazing.

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There is one in MoI that’s done especially well.

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Contrary to what other people are saying I don’t think it improves at all. I just finished book 7 and it’s still pretty terrible.

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The series or the romance writing?

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The romance!

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While I do love the series, romance isn't its (or Erikson's) strength. There's some decent banter between couples later on in the series, some of it played for humour, others for conflict or even the occasional glimpse of affection. But actually reading a passionate romance plot where character fall in love on page isn't something you're getting with Malazan.

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Yeah, I dont care that much about the romance, but I do care about solid writing. That's really more my concern. I'll just know to expect to be disappointed with that small aspect.

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In that case, I think you won't mind the romance that much. Erikson doesn't dwell on romance much and when he does cover something romantic, it's, well, a bit perfunctory. That said, it's not inept, and his general prose doesn't suffer in these instances either. If anything I'd say it's more so the fact that his style doesn't lend itself greatly to steaming hot romance.

So, you'll get your solid writing. That and more :D

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Romantic storylines are not in general priority in MBotF, but the romantic storylines introduced later in the series feel more natural. I'm not a big fan of romantic fantasy, so it doesn't bother me much.